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Can we disable or ban Excalibur Umbra from Index?


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Good thing im not one of those ego tripping rhinos, i bank when i have about 15.. but i always play high stakes. I main rhino, and depending on the situation, i'm either iron skin, or a roar rhino with decent dmg bonus for about 60 seconds. I don't have the umbra set maxed though i'm using all three on my rhino. But i haven't maxed out the umbra mods yet, for where they're at now, they give my iron skin a little over 10.2k iron skin.. more than enough to do 2 rounds of index without any issues, or recasting. In index I'm usually running a iron skin rhino with either a ignus wraith using heat and magnetic... or the fulmin with magnetic and some type of other damage dealer so you don't over strip and take longer to kill an enemy. I don't like point bearers that hold over 50 and don't bank though, just prolongs the index run over a petty troll flex. I don't care about picking up points and banking them though. I can run it solo, but running with rando's just makes each index faster most of the time, cause the specters are just derp slow. But it hasn't stopped me from running solo, and most of the time I end up doing so, cause the 200K credits in about 5-6 minutes is still greatly faster than any defense mission using chroma's effigy, and the secura lecta for the extra credits upon the melee kills. I haven't used umbra for index, my OP just isn't that great on their tree to sit in invisible for long periods of time while babysitting my umbra specter, for me thats counter productive, and takes the fun i have from melting the enemies with my weapons and giggling like a school girl when they die nearly instantly from my kitgun. But if you're set up to run Umbra like that, by all means.. if you can kill faster than me.. I'll bank the points, if it makes the index go faster, I'm game for the runs. I wonder though... if you would complain if the entire party was wukong primes.. and they also didn't pick up the points. If it makes the index go greatly faster, pick the points up and bank them.. get the 200k, rinse and repeat.. or stay for the higher levels and a little more credits. I just don't see why the big fuss, it's not like you're actually picking up the points and running 2 miles to bank them.. just a couple flicks of the finger movements on a controller and bam, you've picked them up and banked them. makes the index much faster when you don't care about the "afk" mode you don't completely understand. Now what DE could do is if those that hold more than 30 points start getting a debuff that scales on each point accumulated after the 30 actual points, not the added bonus points you get by holding more to their abilities and weapon damage and run speed, forcing them to bank the points or loose damage and possibly fail. Would make more sense than to ban certain warframes from specific events just cause of their mechanics.

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