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Shred And The Lanka - Broken


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Hi There


I dont know if you are aware of this already - you probably are :)


I'd just like to raise that Puncture is not working on the Lanka. I dont have Metal Auger to try testing this with both Puncture mods, only Shred, but after extended testing there is very definitely no Puncturing going on.


Hopefully this can be addressed as the poor Lanka is now feeling left out as the only projectile weapon that didn't get Puncturability... and it's a shame because the Ion Cannon is really a lot of fun!



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I have the same issue with Lanka, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Also seems to only affect the puncturing of enemies themselves, haven't had any issues of it going through objects (doors, walls, railings, etc..) Some have said it's a Host/Client issue, but same thing happens even on Solo missions.

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