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(PC) Saint Of Altra Bug Reporting


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Many cinematics are still unskippable, making me fall behind from the very beginning in many missions with other players. Not game-breaking, but definitely sours my mood when I'm desperately trying to literally keep up for the rest of the mission. Would be nice if we could just disable those in settings or something, since I don't really need to watch a frame dropping through a skylight for the f000th time :P

Love all the work you've been doing lately! This game is amazing, and so are its devs <3

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Equinox's Mend affects the Operator, even active (friendly) Operators. I got a max overshield of 500. ~~Too OP, please fix.~~


Operator kills something: Gains overshield

Can be healed by Mend.

Gave *my* operator overshield, albeit not being active.

My Operator, along with Player 2's Operator has Overshield. (as you can see, no overshield bar.)

Edit #idk how much lol

Solo mission report:

Killing stuff whilst in Equinox gives Operator shields.

Killing stuff whilst Mend is active and Operator is out, gives <shield amount per kill listed in Mend because Ability Strength>

Deactivating Mend also heals the Operator.

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I got more details on the Acceltra bug I've noticed the other days.

The crazy-fire rate occures exactly on this specific situation: Jump, keep spacebar pressed, fire.

It's having the spacebar pressed after a jump that produces the crazy-firerate, but you can do that after any jump type, and even during an aim glide.


Here is a video capture: 


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Previewing skins for some Warframes got messed up after this update.

Trying to preview skins in the helmet selection for some Warframes renders it incorrectly (Mirage and Limbo to name a few), combining the skin's helmet with the currently equipped helmet.


...But most other Warframes render correctly:


Also some Warframes display only the helmet of the skin if you're previewing it in the skin selection...:


...but not in the helmet selection:


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Not able to apply an Umbra Forma to anything but a frame. Thought it would resolve itself with having no other Forma in my inventory. After applying the excess forma in various ways to deplete my inventory, was asked to buy Forma when trying to again place the Umbra Forma in a melee weapon. This is happening for all melee weapons including Exalted Melee.

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Thanks for fixing the invisible decorations!
But the decoration scale up/down button still does not work, or it works for a few scales then it stops working.
The only way to scale all the way up/down would be to hold R + mouse up/down (but this is very unreliable).

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Sorry about the size, I'm terrible at everything.  But, shouldn't this damage be 15.9?  Is it rounded? The game doesn't round off on primary weapons, I just checked.  This is an unranked Tazicor, no formas.  Max rank serration.  Please don't make fun of my unranked primed mods there. I'm embarrassed.

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Good evening @[DE]Danielle I am getting a lost connection to discord host/service error message when trying to launch my usual way, through Discord. It allows the launcher to open and I verified download cache however no fix even after restarting my computer. I played earlier this morning and it was working fine. Bug report sent in with similar information WAR-2508100.
If there is anything I can do to fix this myself that I haven't already tried please let me know! this is extremely frusterating.

Thank you for your time!


[Edit] It crashes after I click on play game and just moments before letting me enter in my account information.

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There is a spin attack bug with all melee weapons not performing the slide spin attack when facing the enemy directly, face-to-face. As if pressing the CTRL(default keybind) to slide, doesn't register at all, it just does normal E attacks. But if you're at least 1 meter away from the enemy, the spin attacks work just fine.

  • To recreate this bug: Simply spin attack right into an enemy as close as possible.  Try with OHMA against high lvl Demolyst in Simulacrum

It's very annoying that I can't use my favorite melee weapon OHMA to it's fullest potential because of this weird bug.

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I was put into a glitched state while playing Chroma Prime.


While in this state, I was unable to move, activate abilities, shoot, crouch, go into operator, jump, use gear, or even use emotes.

"How was I able to produce this bug...

I was standing on the cryopod, toggling my first ability rapidly,  When I noticed Vex Armor(3) was about to time out. When trying to re-cast 3, I instead cast both abilities 2 and 3. When re-pulling out my weapon (Tonkor),  The animation froze half-way through.

...and can I do it again?"

I have not attempted to recreate this bug, as I was unable to get out of the glitched state for the rest of the game. I am also hesitant to try, as I am not sure if it was caused by using the Tonkor, standing on the cryopod, or the way that the abilities where activated.


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I want to start this off with the premise that I think I understand two-tone energy. Isn't it supposed to be consistent across the casting of the ability and integrated into the ability itself with both of the aforementioned instances and not just one?


I'm not too sure if this was an intended change but Mag's two-tone energy colors for her Magnetize and Polarize abilities don't appear to be functioning properly. The two-tone for her 2nd ability appears to only work inside of and not on the sphere itself, while on her 3rd, it only appears to utilize it on the lining of the field. Mags Pull and Crush abilities appear to be working, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

Since it's sort of weird how you have this magnetic bubble and you get to see only a small portion of the dual energy at work, if it is intended, can it be changed to work on both instances of the ability instead of just the one?


I noticed another bug, if you link an item and then a mod config, it breaks the first linked item. Like so:


This also appears to happen with linking a weapon and then a corresponding riven. If multiple items are linked, all things prior to the riven mod will be unlinked.



Hydroid's Undertow ability toggles off sprint when exiting the ability. This also happens with Wisp's Sol Gate. Throwing the fishing spear while having sprint toggled on causes the user to jog whilst moving until shift is pressed again.


When downed and using Synoid Gammacor and presumably the regular variant, while firing and moving backwards without moving the mouse, the character will begin to rotate. This occurs both as a client and host.


Sorry about any confusion, and thanks!

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