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(PC) Gauss / Signature Weapons Feedback

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After playing him for a while I've made my conclusion and got a few suggestions..

Passive: let us build his battery up with melee swings (because you currently lose gauge when meleeing, when the other abilities are active) Actions like activating life support or hacking shouldn't drain his battery. (I already know you changed it for reviving, being locked in place makes it unfair to lose gauge)


Mach Rush: Fine as is.


Kinetic Plating: battery drain seems harsh sometimes, especially when going melee or aiming with weapons


Thermal Sunder: I wouldn't be against a range increase by 1-3 meters. 😉 


Redline: I currently have +50% duration, and I find myself often losing over half the duration to build the battery up. I think it should be changed so you have a set, unmoddable duration for building up the gauge before the actual duration kicks in.


Signature Weapons: The Ammo economy is really, not that great.. if you don't use at least Carrier, or even ammo mutation, you run out of ammo constantly and just after a few seconds when you fight a bit higher lvl enemies.. I've seen the suggestion to change them to be battery based (which fits the theme) and let the recharge delay be increased while moving (so the passive is still relevant).. I wouldn't be against it.


He's extremely agile and it's definitely a new take on gameplay, thanks for that!

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7 hours ago, (NSW)ToadBlue said:

Upon further play  I've noticed that with full-rank Sprint Boost, Rush, and Armored Agility on Gauss, simply sprinting normally is enough to keep his battery charging up while in Redline.

but not when you have kinetic plating and sadly the bar doesn't have a grace period so as soon as you start killing things its going to quickly fall back down.

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12 hours ago, (NSW)ToadBlue said:

Upon further play  I've noticed that with full-rank Sprint Boost, Rush, and Armored Agility on Gauss, simply sprinting normally is enough to keep his battery charging up while in Redline.

I've noticed that while sprinting you don't kill plebs, so the boost you get are kinda underwhelming. So far :

Mach rush : pressing mach rush is a nice boost but nothing great when you can use void dash, it's "just" a void dash that charge the battery. I was surprised how holding mach rush was just for PoE / Vallis meme, it's too fast for closed area. Even in PoE / Vallis, it drains energy way too fast compared to just using an archwing. tbh it shouldn't drain that much energy. crashing into ennemies should increase the batterie

Kinetic plating : m'kay resistance buff with additionnal small effects. why not

Thermal sunder : I mostly use the freeze one, the CC is better and it charges the batterie. Fire damage / CC are not great and draining battery for that make it not appealing. Edit : I didn't saw that casting twice heat is a damage buff, I will try it.

Redline : too complicated for what it does, and keeping it up requires not shooting or meleing, which is kinda weird for a buff. IMHO it needs a rework for simplify its use and make it more consistent.

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Gauss rewards going fast but punishes doing anything else, especially attacking, too much.

The battery drain while Redline and Kinetic plating is extreme. So stopping to do anything but running means you suffer a massive hit to your battery.

Shooting and meleeing are the 2 things that this game is expecting you to do, and Gauss punishes you for doing both of these. Shooting is less of a problem but Melee is the real kicker. Charging into a group of enemies and meleeing them drains far more battery than it’s worth. And it’s even worse when you remember Kinetic Plating + redline = more melee Damage. You are literally punished for trying to take advantage of Gauss’s mechanic.

My proposed idea is for Melee attacks on enemies to grant Battery while redline is active. So you don’t get punished for trying and needing to actually hit the enemies means you can’t just sit in the corner and spam melee to keep the meter up. 

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11 hours ago, Raqiya said:

but not when you have kinetic plating and sadly the bar doesn't have a grace period so as soon as you start killing things its going to quickly fall back down.


7 hours ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

But is it enough to keep it charged when Redline and Kinetic Plating are both active?

No, but after another day of play, I've come to the conclusion that Thermal Plating and Redline should not be active together unless you're in an emergency about-to-die situation or you've hit the 100% infinite battery zone.

Redline is built for hit-and-run tactics, I've also concluded. You empty your gun at enemies, Mach Rush to somewhere else as you reload or switch to a new gun, start shooting again, rinse and repeat. Cast Thermal Sunder if you're surrounded by enemies, cast Kinetic Plating if you mess up and start eating bullets and zip away, deactivating it when you're safe and free to go back on the offensive. You really should never ever stop moving as Gauss, at least while in Redline; never stand still to make accurate long-distance shots, close the distance and spray them instead, then back off to reload/switch weapons and find another target.

I think my biggest complaint so far is his UI. The battery meter looks cool, but its fancy design makes it a little hard to tell how full the battery is while it's above the redline, and Gauss is a fast-paced warframe that requires a good deal of focus on what you're doing and where you're going, so glancing down to look at the battery gauge and the % meter is inconvenient while Redline is active. There really should be a clear audio cue for when you've hit 100%, so instead of glancing down to look at the meter while I play, I can just keep shooting, Rushing, and Sundering until I hear the sound that tells me I'm at 100%. Likewise, sound cues for passing/dropping below the redline could be useful too, but not nearly as QoL as a distinct little "ding" for hitting 100% would be.

Kinetic Plating being 50 energy is way too much if you ask me, I'd knock it down to 25, and I'd knock Mach Rush down to 10 energy; I decided to put on Streamline and Flow just to keep Gauss from running out of gas all the time. I also wish Mach Rush did do damage to enemies on direct collision, it wouldn't have to be a lot but it would be nice to soften them up a little while CCing them at the same time before I start shooting.

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15 hours ago, (NSW)ToadBlue said:


No, but after another day of play, I've come to the conclusion that Thermal Plating and Redline should not be active together unless you're in an emergency about-to-die situation or you've hit the 100% infinite battery zone.

Unfortunately at higher levels you need Kinetic plating up in order to survive. So only triggering it at 100% redline isn’t really an option.

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Cool. So i've finished crafting, leveling, forma, and releveling my Gauss and testing out different mod combinations. 

The Disruption farm wasn't bad, the crafting costs are fine. No complaints there. 

No issue with his passive, except it would be nice if movement charged his battery a little more (only because of the horrible resource balance of his other abilities - may not be necessary if my other changes are considered).

Mach Rush is fun, but i swear it doesn't seem to make a shockwave half the time it hits obstacles when i use the tap activation instead of the hold, even when giving it enough distance from the object when activating. I don't like that it's energy/distance rather than per second... but whatever. This ability isn't one of his major issues.

Kinetic Plating costs energy, and drains battery per second AND battery per attack. Why? It's effectiveness at protecting depends on battery level, sure, but it decreases with the battery as well instead of snapshot at the moment of casting. Why? It converts a small amount of energy. This part isn't terrible except for the issues with the next ability more than canceling it out making it pointless. Just cap the resistance at 90%, only affected by the battery at casting time, and make it only drain battery over time and not from damage received (since it doesn't even block half of the damage types at all). 

Thermal Sunder is an an awesome ability. The idea of combining the 2 elements to strip armor and either push or pull enemies depending on the order is beautiful. But... he has to double cast cold or double cast heat in order to get their minimum individual usefulness. Why? Cold should just flat out freeze, and heat should do the higher damage on a single cast because in the top half of the game they're not useful on a single cast alone, and take too long to double cast safely in a high level missions, and considering he's literally built to not stay still. It also shrinks in size AND damage over the duration and are dependent on power strength AND battery level. Why? Pick one. Increase the energy cost to the typical 75 energy, give them both the current Redline bonus by default, and let the new Redline bonus just increase their range and damage instead of being needed to make them useful faster. 

Redline is probably the worst ability. It creates an additional resources to manage, and forces you to spend even more energy to avoid having it steal the battery power you've already spent all of your energy earning. The final Why? 

      - How about: By default, reduce how much the battery is filled from all of his abilities. Remove the Redline counter. Redline requires (X)%<  of the battery before being castable. When Redline is activated, it automatically reaches 100% and stays there for the full duration, removing all battery cost of his abilities and giving the Redline benefits of all the abilities and buffs. When it wears off it fully drains the battery and requires reaching (X)%< of the max battery before recasting (this % depends on how little other abilities would end up contributing to the battery). Having over the required battery % minimum upon casting gives stronger stat buffs.

He's an insanely fun frame, but you guys went overboard on the resource management and ability requirements. For all that you would expect him to be able to literally instant kill all enemies. Many frames are far more effective with far less effort. 

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after further testings : he's not fast enough (without additionnal buff) to use his 1 in open area instead of archwings. You can't go straight forward to avoid obstacles and you're not cast enough even in straight line.

the main "use" if found of his kit is to cast his 4, then cast his 3 (cold), and some dash, it's OK but underwhelming.


-> remove energy drain when holding mach rush : this ability is barely useable appart from PoE/Vallis, and it's really not even that usefull.

-> rework redline : removing battery drain could be a quickfix (keep battery drain from kinetic plating... perhaps)

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Here is my feedback on Gauss: A Warframe of Limitation. I really like Gauss on aesthetically design wise; but I pity Gauss on ability/mechanical design wise. While everything he does is related to speed, all he has is speed only.

The unique battery system not only isn't helping much, it made his capability worse. Gauss is similar to Baruuk in the sense of when you mod him base on one ability, the  other abilities quickly lose their effectiveness, but Baruuk is still better than Gauss because battery gauge brought Gauss's potential even lower than that.

Before talking about his abilities, take a closer look on battery gauge system:

Battery level effects Gauss's entire ability sets' effectiveness and power level. In other words, while general warframe ability is affected by mods and dependent on energy as spending resource, Gauss's ability potential is further controlled by battery level as both an extra mod and spending resource. While all other warframe ability can always give a 10/10 full output, Gauss's ability power will vary between 1 to 10 depends on battery level. A full battery gauge without redline active is 80%, which would mean Gauss is performing at 8/10 output on full battery normally, and has to use redline to achieve a 10/10 output on ability compare to others. On top of all the limitation to Gauss, when ability drains battery level, it lowers the next ability's effectiveness and strength used next if you don't charge battery back. The battery gauge system, as it is currently, is complete disadvantage to Gauss.

Now for ability:

  1. Mach Rush: It's an okay ability. Great for travel.
  2. Kinetic Plating: Annoying limitation on damage types consider there are so many types of damage exist. Damage reduction is okay, but not so much on sortie level and higher.
  3. Thermal Sunder: I have a lot to say here. This is so bad.
    • Heat AoE initial damage is very low. Can spam it to stack damage, but has diminishing return on damage and is depend on battery level. The more you use, the less damage it does.
    • Cold and Heat status remove each other. The ability's strength is snapshoted base on current battery level. You can alternate between cold and heat to maintain battery level, but heat status damage stack will get reset by cold status.
    • First cold aoe only slows enemy. To hard CC via freeze enemy, you need to hit them twice. Without efficiency mod, it requires 100 energy to freeze.
    • Basic AoE range is pathetic.
    • AoE shrinks by duration. Even with high duration modding, it still shrinks very fast. Anyway, why does it have to shrink???
    • Status effect lasts 4 seconds on empty battery. It means without battery, you have 4 seconds to stack your aoes, otherwise cold aoe won't freeze and heat aoe won't have damage added.
    • What a hell of limitations.
  4. Redline: I use this ability to make Gauss look even cooler. Yeah, that's it. Also very bad.
    • Entirely duration dependent, but battery gain in general is so little to the point when you finally achieve 100% battery level, your redline duration is almost over, making you work for almost nothing
    • Did you know if you stack too much duration, it actually lowers the amount of battery gain? Crazy.
    • To maintain 100 battery level, spamming mach rush is inevitable, make it energy consuming thus even harder to achieve.
    • Too duration dependent results in low stats on every other aspects in terms of modding. Ex. Not enough range, efficiency, or strength.

I don't want to be mean, but Gauss is entirely inferior to every other warframes available (Okay, maybe not Ember right now). He can run very fast and that is literally it. It's like playing a warframe without any real ability. This game is called "Warframe", not "Gun" or "Weapon" for a reason. Gauss is grade A on the look, and grade F on the rest.

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After Danielle tould us on Prime Time #261 to send in our suggestions for Gauss possible augment mods, I thought I join in on the fun 😉

So after he released on Ps4 and i got my chance on whooshing around the plains I came up with these 2 mods:

  • First one is a augment for Mach Rush = Endless Rush Endless-Rush.jpg

Note: So that Mach Rush basicly funktions like in captura mode. Its the ability Gauss was made for so he should be able to use it anytime just how he wants with no restrictions. Also because Redline´s ability to half of the efficiency of Mach Rush is no longer needed, I say we double Gausses speed while in Redline. For the record: DE feel free to go nuts on that part. Quadruple his Mach Rush speed in Redline if you want. Have fun 🙂 . But I would at least double it.

Also a nice toutch: when you activate Redline whilest  using Mach Rush I would highliy and strongly apreciate you guys adding in an animation for a sonic boom.

Hands down the coolest part of beeing a Warframe centerd around speed would be accualy breaking the soundbarrier ingame. A very empowering move based on real phisics  and just a great moment ingame for us players^^

But if that sonic boom is just an animation ( with sound and/or lack there of afterwords of course) or even a damadge dealing ability, brobably dealing explosive or punkture damadge to nearby enemys is also something I leave up to you guys at DE.


Now for the second one:

  • An augment for Redline = Battery Unleashed Battery-Unleashed.jpg


Note: This one´s the kicker. This augment changes his 4th ability to enable us to have it always on. Otherwise Redline stays the same. Meaning on 100% Redline no batteryreduction and no energy cost. As the name "Unleashed" emplys, Redline becommes some sort of super state of being for Gauss. Enableing him to always have a 100% damadge reduction on his Kinetic Plating for the types of damadge this ability shields Gauss for. Basicly becoming untoutchable for these specific types. Greatly increasing his tankpotential and of course improving his entire kit. The shockwave after deactivation completely strips enemy armor and on top of that gives enemys a heat proc. That proc could be excanged for a different damadgetype of corse.

Edit: I realy like the thought of it also changeing his speed increaces, besides Mach Rush in combination with Endless Rush, to empower all players not just himself. Its a gerat idea from the community I agree with. I was accualy suprised after playing him for the first time that this was not the case form the get go. Not to be mean to DE.Just my observation.

As you can imagine from me accualy making Augment mods for Gauss (sorry for the bad quality xD. I usualy dont do that kind of stuff), he has basicly become my favorite frame after seeing him in action for the first time. Even before that, because I always wanted a speedster with tankpotential in the game.

Strangely speciffic I know, but that accualy makes it that much more awesome and more funny that DE accualy made a frame like him xD.

For real DE. I thought you guys were creeping around  my profile lol.


So yeah, here is my suggestion and with it my question not only to Danielle and the ones in charge for augments/reworks at DE, but also the community: Can wie do that? Is that a thing? Please? Pretty please? \(^.^)/

(I of course would also just love if that would become a rework for Gauss. He will be stronger if thats the case. I mean in that case they wouldnt take 2 mod slots of space away^^)

anyway, a nice relaxing week to everyone reading this post and have a great time!

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Mach Rush is remarkably disappointing.

I can go faster for less energy with Zephyr, Speedva, or (except PoE) an operator*; but that's not the sad part.


If you jump or turn quickly, Mach Rush ends. You just stop running immediately. This makes it all but worthless for running indoors. It's so sad when you rush to a corner, turn to face the door, and then just stop.


*Gauss can move faster in Orb Vallis, but he has to take the long way around.  You'll get where you're going faster with void dash & slides.

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Here's some of my thoughts after using Gauss:

Mach Rush: Definitely his best ability. Its suffers from a few things though. Its good for bursts but not really for traversing large distances (POE & Orb Vallis) due to its energy consumption. I also feel we should be able fire our weapons while using Mach Rush without it slowing us down or stopping the ability. The shockwave radius and damage needs to be increased as well. Dashing into enemies past a certain distance should also produce a shockwave on impact.

Kinetic Plating: The lack of Buff Indicators makes this ability hard to keep track off during intense engagements. Definitely needs a louder or more noticeable Sound Indicator on ability deactivation. The energy regen needs better implementation as the on-damage function is pretty pointless when you're getting one-shotted by bombards higher up. The energy regen should also be duration based and not a flat amount based on damage type. Its needlessly complicated. The main issue with the ability is that Gauss(constantly moving) needs the ability to survive but needs to take damage(stop moving) to regen energy to recast it. The logic is flawed.

Thermal Sunder: Honestly I still don't know what this ability actually does.I mean I've read the Wiki but I don't get it. The effects are only noticeable on low levels so maybe it could benefit from an overall stat increase including base range. Maybe get rid of the Heat and Cold effects and have Gauss issue a Thunderclap in an arc in front of him that Stuns enemies and Reduces enemy Armor and Shields. It could also be a radial pulse Stuns enemies and Reduces enemy Armor and Shields.

Redline: I love the FX. The stat buffs are ok but maintaining the battery level above the redline is too much work honestly. You end up having to to spam Mach Rush, thus having no energy for Kinetic Plating unless you're constantly using energy pizzas. How about Mach Rushing with Redline active gives you a few seconds of Invulnerability.

Acceltra: For me the only thing this weapon needs is the Cyanex's Homing Capability minus the self-damage on projectiles within the 7m safe-zone.

Gauss is a fun frame with massive potential. The constant energy management however is frustrating and high level matches quickly become a frantic affair.

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Ok so after further testing

Gauss lacks any self sustainability, and sustainability is important for him, he needs a lot of energy to maintian his battery 

Kinetic plating is a bad ability for his kit, it drains battery and you need to get hit to get little amounts of energy, while also draining battery each time you get hit


So i would highly suggest to make kinetic plating drain battery like usual but give you energy overtime 


Also another thing is the redline percentage, my suggestion is each time you reach maximum battery capacity and use abilities that would rather increase battery the percentage gets increased by 5 or 3%

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I like the idea of being able to drift with the slide button while using match rush, which was mentioned on. Page 2 or 3.

Gauss is interesting. I play him as a melee frame, dash in, murder, dash to another group, murder, rince repeat. I basically never use his 3 or 4 because I they feel useless, though is suspect I could mod the 3 into something fun. 

Augment for his 1 could be like that focus ability that drags enemies with you. 

2 is basically fine as is. 

3 needs a rework badly. As toxin procs keep killing me as Gauss while helping farm his weapons, maybe the heat could act like rapid resilience? It 'burns off' status effects. 

4 needs an all round buff. 

Passive feels bleh. 

On to the weapons: 

I was meh on the idea of the acceltra and hyped for the akarius. I was like, ooh, straffing runs with homing rockets!

In practice it's the reverse. 

The acceltra is splash soma. Yes, bad ammo economy, that's what vigilante supplies is for. Down side is to make a good build you're going to be lucky if you can fit one element on. Also the fall off feels off. 

The akarius is... Combining the pox with the cyanex and making it bad. It's impact and blast status weapon. Putting a ton of multi shot on looks cool, but in practice it only homes in on one enemy, if that, and is not useful. 

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7 hours ago, (PS4)DragonGamer123 said:

I like Gauss but like most people have stated, he blows through energy like no tomorrow. Why not have his abilities fueled solely by his battery?

I'd prefer if it was more like Nidus where he uses energy to create battery and then uses battery to use abilities. Mach Rush costing energy is fine. Kinetic Plating costing energy, not so much. The Thermal Sunders are a little more complicated, and I'm not sure about Redline.

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Compilation of my favourite bits of feedback in the forum so far, and also linking to my post because it took like 2 weeks for me to get around to finishing and probably no one has seen it finished (sorry for the shameless self-promotion). There are plenty of other good ones but it starts getting very repetitive since lots of people point out similar flaws and similar potential fixes. Which is generally rare so... hopefully these changes can get noticed and implemented.

My Post on Page 17


PsiWarp Pg2

SSI_Seraph pg 2

Renzo pg 3

Lone_Dude pg 3

Modus-Pwnens pg 3

vFlitz pg 5 - great posts all around

Buzkyl pg 6

Varagonax -pg 6

GreyEnneract pg 7

PsiWarp Pg8 - often gives great suggestions

AnFangs pg 9

vFlitz pg 10

Evil_Sam_Rye pg 16


MixtheBlender - pg 19

YatogamiOdin - pg 20 Awesome post

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My current build gives me about 46sec duration @ 130% efficiency for Redline. However by the time the Charge reaches 100%, I only have about 12-15 seconds left. This is about +- 30sec of Mach Rushing into objects to maintain the battery above the Redline. Its even worse with Kinetic Plating or Thermal Sunder active and not worth the effort.

My suggestion would be to have Redline start at 100% battery and gradually drain down to zero. No duration would be needed as the drain rate from 100%-0% would be affected by Efficiency and whether or not Kinetic/Thermal are active. Power Strength would affect the Buff values as well as the synergy effects of Thermal Sunder. Redline would then enter a cooldown stage after it deactivates but the player can still charge the battery to the normal 80%. When the cooldown is over and the battery is at 80% the player can then recast Redline if they have sufficient energy. 

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I'll preface this by saying I've been having an absolute blast with Gauss. I take him wherever I can, especially out on the open world maps. I haven't had as much fun with a frame since I first discovered Rhino, and that was years ago. However, he does have a few hangups that keep him from being a truly great frame. I've skimmed through the feedback on this thread, and I agree with most of what's been shared. That being said, I'll risk redundancy for the sake of being thorough, and go through my thoughts on each of his abilities in turn.

Passive (Electrokinetic Battery)

Overall, I quite like the effects bundled into his passive. Only minor tweaks are needed here.

  • Battery UI needs a digital readout for the 0-80% range.
  • Melee attacks, or possibly only channeled melee attacks, should help charge the battery. Given the high attack speeds some weapons are capable of, this contribution should be low. However, it would still encourage and prolong the use of Kinetic Plating with Redline. Only attacks that hit enemies should charge the battery.
  • Battery drain on falling out of bounds should be reduced or removed.

Mach Rush

Gauss' signature ability, in my opinion. Workable as-is, but plenty of room for improvement.

  • The inability to jump during Mach Rush hurts his ability to navigate terrain. If you jump, you lose most of your momentum and have to recast the ability. Jumping during Mach Rush should not cancel the ability.
  • The addition of a "handbrake" (i.e. planting his hand on the ground and using it to pivot) via the crouch/slide button to allow Gauss to make hard turns would add fantastic imagery and functionality to the ability.
  • Direct impacts cause knockdown, but no damage. This needs to be fixed. Direct damage should be equal to or greater than shockwave damage.
  • Distance per energy drained should also be affected by ability duration.
  • Mach Rush would benefit from a combo counter mechanic, like those of Atlas' Landslide and Rhino's Rhino Charge. Ideally, the combo counter would tick up both on repeated casts and at given intervals during a sustained cast. Increasing the counter should improve the damage and range of shockwaves, and improve the distance per energy drained. Increasing ability duration should lengthen the combo window for repeated casts and reduce the check intervals for sustained casts.
  • Alternatively or in addition to the above, Mach Rush should have an acceleration component; the longer the ability is sustained, the greater its rush speed, to a cap. This would help improve Gauss' mobility on large maps without interfering with his mobility in tight quarters. Ability strength should improve acceleration rate (i.e. reduce time to maximum speed), but the maximum speed should be dependent on rank only (e.g. x1.10/x1.20/x1.35/x1.50 speed at ranks 0-3, respectively). Redline should minimize time to maximum speed.

Kinetic Plating

Very close to perfect. Just needs some minor tweaks.

  • Battery drain per second should be affected by ability duration and/or ability efficiency.
  • Battery drain per hit should be affected by ability strength, and/or reduced in general.

Thermal Sunder

The fact that the heat version consumes battery energy means that I rarely use it except for stripping armor under Redline, and even then that doesn't happen often. Aside from general range and/or duration buffs, I'd like to see a couple changes to make the ability more appealing and easier to use.

  • Battery charge on cast for Thermal Sunder (Cold) should be affected by number of enemies hit, e.g. +1% per enemy.
  • Battery drain on cast for Thermal Sunder (Heat) should be affected by ability efficiency or else removed.
  • Thermal Sunder would benefit from a combo counter with increased range and decreased energy cost (and battery costs, for the heat version) on consecutive casts, as this further incentivizes its existing combo mechanics.


I don't like the throttling on the battery's growth during Redline. It really holds Gauss back. The projectiles are a bit underwhelming, too, but for me they're not the main focus of the ability anyway. There's only one change I think this ability needs.

  • Time to maximum battery should be decreased from 2/3rds ability duration to 1/2 or 1/4.


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