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(PC) Gauss / Signature Weapons Feedback

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23 minutes ago, (XB1)bigsnake84 said:

Really I'll take any optional speed boost for Mach Rush at this point. We shouldn't have to get set up with arcanes or specific maximized builds that require certain actions to have true speed with the speed frame. His potential to go extremely fast should be an innate capability.

I fully agree with you.

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Kinetic plating is good, but in arbitration he suddenly dies because some enemies use elements which pass through the damage reduction.  Adaptation cannot help it as such element damages are usually high per a hit.  The Hallowed Flame event is a good example how he is squishy against the infestation. It's almost impossible to survive in that endurance mission.

That's the last part I concern.

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Mach Turbo: mach rush scales speed 120% more effectively based on battery level (means mach rush scales off of sprint speed stat 120% more at 100% battery) PLEASE JUST SCALE IT BETTER

Drifting rush: 150% turn speed (it's time to drift)

Redline race: gauss leaves a red trail behind him while in redline...allies within 3 meters of the trail and 15 meter of gauss receive 100% of redline buffs



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Since this topic got bumped I'll leave my MachRush augment ideas here.

[Augment: Gear Change] <- My Fav idea
+40% Sprint Speed/Movement Speed
While in Mach Rush pressing the sprint key drastically increases speed at the cost of Battery without cap. (Think of this like how [Razorwing Blitz] works but sacrifices battery instead of energy to increase the %).

This'll give a way for Redline to indirectly buff Gauss' speed something that has been asked for since release.

[Augment: Drift Boost]
+X% Sprint Speed/Movement Speed
Allows for Gauss in Mach Rush to make tighter turns, upon making a tight turn Gauss gains a sudden burst of speed ( think of the Mario Kart Drifting mechanic).

[Augment: Free Run]
+75% Sprint Speed/Movement Speed
Converts Mach Rush into a channelled movement buff (Think of Volts Speed ability).

[Augment: Mach Slip Stream]
+40% Sprint Speed/Movement Speed
For-each enemy hit by Mach Rush Gauss gains a duration % Movement Speed Increase (think of this a bit like that one Rhino Augment).

[Augment: Over-Charge]
+40% Sprint Speed/Movement Speed
Holding Mach Rush key down drains Gauss' Battery/Energy but on release Gauss' MachRush speed gains a % increase based upon how long he held down Mach Rush(think of this like a sonic Spin Dash). 

[Augment: Channelled Sprint/ Comet]
+40% Sprint Speed/Movement Speed
Mach Rush now quickly builds up speed the longer it is used (Or by holding down the sprint key during use) upon ending Mach Rush Gauss retains the speed increase for X amount of time and can be continued as long as he uses mach rush again before the timer expires. If Gauss doesn't use Mach Rush again before the timer expires he loses all his Energy/Battery.

Using Fire Thermal Sunder expires the timer without loss to energy/battery.

[Augment: Feather Steps]
+40% Sprint Speed/Movement Speed
Grants the ability to run in the air for a fixed duration(or expends battery) before falling down (like in those martial art movies and wuxia stories). After expending the duration and landing Gauss gains a movement speed boost. 

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