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(PC) Gauss / Signature Weapons Feedback


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5 hours ago, XaoGarrent said:

No longer converts energy on hit. Instead... Builds energy for each enemy YOU hit! This ability now returns 2/2/4/4% of total energy for each enemy you bowl into with Mach Speed.

THIS IS A GREAT IDEA! getting energy for bowling over enemies would really help with the energy management of his abilities and let you cast all of his abilities more frequently.


Building the gauge to 100 over redline eats up so much of the modded duration( i had 70 seconds on the ability and half of that time was used blowing through energy on mach rush to build the gauge to 100%) which takes you out of the fun and speedy style of Gauss. i don't think the speed of how fast you get to 100 should slow down the more duration you have but the opposite, instead decreasing maybe? or maybe reduce the gauge drain on his 4 as it becomes very hard to manage with enemies hitting you with kinetic plating active.


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People already suggested lots of good changes on his abilities i agree with so i'll just say my take on why he most definitely needs these buffs, so far this warframe doesn't fulfill any distinctive role in the game and isn't worth picking over any other warframe (unless the most important factor for you is fun and style i guess)

  • not that great of a speed runner on spy/capture/sabotage/rescue, there are other frames that u can more easily control in tight spaces like volt, wukong, even wisp, nova wormhole build if you're crazy enough, and all can finish faster than him because they got such an easier time on their momentum they never have to think about bumping into objects or walls
  • not a support frame, he doesn't share any sort of buffs or any significant crowd control and i don't want to wait for a redline augment that has a 15m radius that shares his buffs and nobody would use, harrow can outdo him in these areas
  • not a DPS frame, definitely not with his abilities at higher levels, and his speed buffs that he doesn't share with his team isn't enough when the game has other frames that speed you up and give you more on top (harrow btw)
  • he can tank a little but still doesn't offer good trade offs compared to other tank frames, he's a fast rhino that cannot roar
  • in the open world it's fun to run around because of all the sound effects, visual effects, the running animation, it's all good aesthetics that feel satisfying to us but if people really want to complete bounties fast then he's not gonna do better than a mesa on an archwing, he really is a fish team warframe, out there catching fish and mining, running out in the wild where nobody can see you crying because you run so fast but your third ability has the range of a noodle. 
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After 2 solid days of play and a forma later. I could feel i could give solid feedback on gauss


Gauss is a fun frame with a fun niche, he's fast and zippy and really compliments gun play. He requires various micromanagement his battery level enrgy pool and the skills that require either. I'm all for micromanagement but the reward for maintaining these skill imo does not meet the effort that it requires.


Mach Rush

His bread and butters, zip from point A to B, marathon in open areas. It's probably the most fun mobility skill in the game. My issue with it is that all it is, a mobilty tool. And not a practical one in most cases.


  • In enclose spaces Gauss will be slamming into walls and object constantly, causing the impact it's known for, however the damage this does is extremely low borderline negligible even at midlevel foes and it's damage type [impact] doesn't aid it It provides excellent CC which is great for closing the gap.
  • In Open Areas it's fun to run from point A to B however at the point which you receive Gauss players would've obtained an Archwing, which allows more convenient/faster travel. Gauss shouldn't be faster than AW but he should be able to compete with them with heavy investment being obviously slower but remain a fun and viable method of travel.

Possible Tweaks

  • Mach Rush's slam needs a form of scaling,;whether a multiplier based on battery level (Enhanced by Redline),  Mod scaling [Primary, secondary, melee ect) or  % based on enemy HP ect, If the slam aspect is integral to his toolkit, Mach Rush's slam should feel rewarding and not a by product of being clumsy.
  • After a period of continuous running (5s as an example) Mach Rush's speed slowly begins to ramp up, draining increase energy the faster he goes up to a cap.


Kinetic Plating

The skill does it's job as protecting him from my experience, the bonus protection against stagger and knockdown is an really good addition that helps him keep on the move. 


  • The skill gives energy back to guass based on being hit, however Guass' entire kit revoves around movement which in most cases preventing him from being hit. Even  on hit, the energy return is very small and negible given Guass' energy hungry skillset
  • The % reduction is based on the battery current level however since it is drained per hit Gauss can easily end up losing his entire battery under heavy fire and the DR it provides 

Possible tweaks

  • Either Kinetic plating should reward energy based on enemies hit with Mach Rush or Increase the % of energy return by the skill potentially affected by mods.
  • A short delay (1-2s) should be added between Guass being hit and the battery drain, this prevents guass from losing his entire battery too quickly in heated moments and allows him to regroup/perform counter measures.


Thermal Sunder

It's a good form of CC and an addition way for Gauss to regan his battery outside Mach Rush. 


  • With how valuable his battery level is, the fire sunder is very lackluster to use. The slow's Freeze is not only excellent CC but helps top up the  battery level, the fire Panic okay however continually stacking it is rarely advised as it will heavily deplete his batter level and energy.
  • In Redline, the Armor strip may as well not exist as even at 200% power strength it takes well over 5 blast procs to strip a level 50 Bombard. That's over 10 thermal sunder casts. While the utility is appreciated, it's current state the boon is very, very minor.

Proposed tweak

  • In addition to increase the fire DoT enemies continually hit by the Fire Thermal sunder should take increase damage ( 20%, 40% ect ) while within the ring of fire
  • The Blast Proc should strip a flat % of armor, around 40%-50% so that Guass can strip armored targets enemies in 2 Blast thermal sunders, which would be  4 casts to accomplish.


My favourite skills and a great self buff at that.It's charge time is abit on the long side but I conisder it a trade off for the massive boost to gunplay.


  • It's area damage for an ultimate is pretty minor, while it does provide good passive CC in staggers it's damage is very minor.
  • Teammates should be able to benefit off Redline when Guass is near.

Proposed Tweaks

  • It's AoE sparks damage potential increase as Redlines meter increases
  • Teammates within Affinity radius of Guass should feel the benefit of Redline's effect.







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Tried out the secondary and personally I think it feels horrible. 

Damage was fine it was just ugh, the 10 round magazine that consumes two bullets per shot effectively making it a 5 shot magazine with what felt like (I didn't actually look but I'm guessing) four second reload? No thank you.  

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Gauss himlself is interesting, sadly he has low health and high shields but we know shields are irrelevant without shield gating.

Small QoL suggestions.

  • Mach Rush - When held can be cancelled by jumping or shooting, while I would rather have him shooting at high speeds I wish I suggest the ability be able to seamlessly cancelled by sliding and rolling too, I tried it before and he just crouches so you end up crouch walking with no momentum.
  • Kinetic Plating - is OKish but doesn't seem to return enough energy, not to mention he certainly can't take any sustained fire even when the battery is maintained properly.
  • Thermal Sunder - Third ability as mentioned by a lot of people has poor range and doesn't do enough damage to compensate, it doesn't even keep the procs for very long with increased duration mods, something I really don't like is the fact that it also uses energy when you cast any version, battery is almost irrelevant as a second resource, I would have expected it to work like Nidus where half his kit consumes the new resource and stops the frame from being too energy hungry, why not consume battery for either of them but the ice version refunds battery per enemy hit?
  • Redline - Kind of underwhelming even with overcharged battery, yes, it gives you some energy discounts but it should at least give proper buffs to the rest of his kit, considering it drains battery it should at least maintain maximum protection for Kinetic Plating and no cost for Thermal Sunder, Redline's final effect is barely noticeable, no CC or any significant amount of damage.


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I feel Mach Rush and Thermal Sunder should interact further in terms of synergy, considering that his 1 is bread-and-butter and 3 is mechanically versatile.

  • Using Mach Rush when Gauss is passing through a Thermal Sunder spot adds additional status effects to the shockwave.
    • Mach Rush through a Cold Sunder adds Cold status.
    • Mach Rush through a Heat Sunder adds Heat status.
    • Mach Rush through both Sunders adds Blast status.
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Gauss 1, Mach Rush, even with 2+ sprint speed feels really slow on PoE and OV. Maybe add a bit of channeling sprint speed scaling into the ability so the performance on small tilesets stays the same but he gets more out of it when actually running across the Plains. (Kinda weird how he would still rely have to rely on external Speed Buffs when he seems more of a "selfish" frame)
e.g. After 2s of channeling Mach Rush he gains 2% Sprint Speed up to a maximum of 20%

Other than that: Why doesn't Redline also have a Sprint Speed increase? Kinda like a 5% - 40% Sprint Speed base scaling (might be too much but that can be tested). Also, considering that with how things are one needs to spend more than half the time of Redline actually charging it up:

- (Lazy solution) Give it more duration or increase charge speed
- Make it work like Vex armor, where triggering the ability before it runs out drains the energy required, refreshes the duration, and probably for balancing removes 50% of the charge acumulated the refreshing the ability.

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While I love the power itself, Mach Rush so far seems...Underwhelming? Ramming enemies does seemingly nothing at all, can't we at least do a significant amount of Impact Damage on contact with enemies? It would be getting hit by something going highway speed, to be simply ragdolled and made harder to find and kill doesn't really fit when we could be smashing them like bowling pins.

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11 hours ago, XaoGarrent said:

Alright, so here's my suggestions for changing Gauss, and not just in terms of making him more powerful, but making his kit more cohesive, synergistic, and functional as a real speedster.

New Passive: Silver Bullet 

  • His current passive is dropped completely, because it's just bad. Name could be something different, this is just what jumped to mind.
  • Gauss can fire weapons while sprinting, and activate abilities while running in Mach Speed! (The latter he can already do, now it's just listed here)

Ability 1: Mach Speed

  • I don't believe this is currently being fully multiplied by sprint speed modifiers. Well, guess what: It now is.
  • Mach Speed's damage is now enhanced by mods equipped on your melee weapon!
  • This includes crit chance and status chance.
  • Has a base crit chance and status chance of 0. This will come into play later!
  • Does NOT gain any benefit from, or build combo multiplier. This is Atlas' cheese.

Ability 2: Kinetic Plating

  • Now has a very short cooldown on how frequently battery can be drained by incoming damage.
  • Now protects against all damage types, but caps out at 80%. 60% of this bonus can be gained normally, the last 20 requires Redline.
  • (Alternatively) Do what D20 said and make the damage reduction completely dependent on how fast you are currently moving. That's actually a cool idea.
  • No longer adds slash to his 1's collisions. Not that this even matters. Especially as this is being replaced later.
  • No longer converts energy on hit. Instead... Builds energy for each enemy YOU hit! This ability now returns 2/2/4/4% of total energy for each enemy you bowl into with Mach Speed.

Ability 3: Thermo-Kinetic Engine 

  • This ability's design makes almost no sense with the rest of Gauss' kit. It's getting a partial overhaul.
  • Tapping this ability now swaps between heat and cold mode.
  • Holding creates the AoE damage field we have now, and also swaps to the other element.
  • Always confers a bonus of either 25% crit chance (Cold) or 33% status chance (Heat) to Gauss' 1 depending on current element.
  • Always confers all status effects and debuffs of the current selection to Gauss' 1
  • Enemies effected by either the damage field or Gauss' 1 take either 40% more damage (cold), or have 40% of their armor stripped (heat). These debuffs are doubled when in Redline.
  • *Optional* Damage done by Gauss' AoE patches is now percentile. Shouldn't be enough to do most of the work, but should be more than enough to soften enemies up for his guns.

Ability 4: Redline

  • This ability is actually great. 
  • The only thing that changes is that duration no longer confers ANY negative effect to it.


So in a nutshell, what is this? Improved synergy, improved reward for playing Gauss... Well... How he's supposed to be played, and making even more sure that there are very few reasons to EVER STOP MOVING AT ABSURD SPEEDS. Buffs, but ones specifically targeted at keeping him doing and being what he already seems meant to do and be. While this *does* give him more damage as part of his abilities, the greater intent is to push him further towards being a frame that debuffs and cripples with his abilities and does damage with his guns.

ABSOLUTELY ALL OF THIS. I really want Gauss to be my favorite frame but he's just so energy hungry that it's nearly impossible to play him.

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As someone mentioned elsewhere, Gauss should be able to Mach Rush in different directions.

How I'd like to see that implemented would be: turn Mach Rush into a toggle mode. No energy cost to toggle on or off. 

When it is turned off, Gauss movement is similar to all other warframes in terms of sprinting and rolling.

But when it is turned on, he lives up to his name.

Press roll (shift or whichever button you have for rolling) to have Gauss perform a Mach Rush in that direction. He can mach rush forward, mach rush sidestep to the left or right, or backstep, etc. These Mach Rushes will then cost energy. Sprinting when Mach Rush mode is on, will accomplish what holding down 1 does now. 

As an additional feature, when Red Line is active while Mach Rush mode is on, Gauss gains a pseudo-teleport when you hit roll in whichever direction. He can basically flash step, or "shunpo", like in anime when the character moves so fast they appear to be teleporting to the location... so you could perhaps do something like this

 Image result for bleach shun po gif

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On 2019-08-30 at 1:04 PM, -QUILL_PETER- said:

Possible Solution: What would encourage me to keep moving even when dropping/using his 3 would be if there were some benefit to Mach Rushing through it. Perhaps if enemies are Frozen by 3, they'll take true damage from direct hits from Mach Rush. If they are being affected by the Heat charge, perhaps Mach Rushing through the zone could 'fan the flames' and not only refresh the heat proc but seriously overcharge its damage on tic.

-More 3 Feedback: I get that the auras need to stay to allow the blast function to work, but if you're going to make the aura linger, why not let it keep procing as long as enemies are in the aura? Why is it only one proc on the enemies in the initial cast? Why not make it affect enemies that enter it's radius as long as it's there, like Nyx's Chaos Augment. Please do not make this an Augment, this needs to be part of the ability.



6 hours ago, KaizergidorahXi said:

Ability 3: Thermo-Kinetic Engine 

  • This ability's design makes almost no sense with the rest of Gauss' kit. It's getting a partial overhaul.
  • Tapping this ability now swaps between heat and cold mode.
  • Holding creates the AoE damage field we have now, and also swaps to the other element.
  • Always confers a bonus of either 25% crit chance (Cold) or 33% status chance (Heat) to Gauss' 1 depending on current element.
  • Always confers all status effects and debuffs of the current selection to Gauss' 1
  • Enemies effected by either the damage field or Gauss' 1 take either 40% more damage (cold), or have 40% of their armor stripped (heat). These debuffs are doubled when in Redline.
  • *Optional* Damage done by Gauss' AoE patches is now percentile. Shouldn't be enough to do most of the work, but should be more than enough to soften enemies up for his guns.

I think having gauss have the aura around him, as he moves around, fits his theme better of always being on the move. It just feels clunky moving around all over the place then stopping to activate thermal sunder. Having thermal sunder being used with mach rush to spread status is a lot more effective and it just seems more cool for his theme.

Instead of having him mach rush through it (which has the clunky problem of moving around a lot and then suddenly standing still to activate thermal sunder) have him carry the aura with him as he moves around with mach rush.


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Gauss. Gauss is a lot of fun to play, smashing into walls, bowling enemies over, its all good. It feels good to play him.

Pros: Everything in his kit feels like you are a speedster in a vibranium suit, you feel fast, your pretty tanky, and overall it feels very different from Volt. Overall, I think Gauss is a welcome addition to Warframe.

Cons: His turn radius, while necessary, is god awful. His damage in comparison to other frames of a similar nature is nonexistent, and because of this his reliance on guns for damage slows his game play down... a lot. His stat to ability scaling feels weird, like duration and efficiency don't function quite right. Outside of a few frame combinations that aren't actually viable, I genuinely believe that Gauss is not designed for team play as nothing he does directly benefits a group, outside of a few pitiful cc options. His ability costs also don't feel very good. With a maxed flow, and around 400 energy, you can only get a few three's off before going broke (which in turn discourages use of the press then hold mechanic to blow things up).

Possible fixes:

  • Improve his turning ability, if only slightly. I think that turning with him shouldn't be almost impossible, it should be hard. Balancing out his turn so his speed feels real, but in a way that allows for skilled players to pull some incredible "hero" moments when they coming blasting around the corner knocking everything down to save a team mate which at the moment can't happen on most maps.
  • Improve his abilities damage scaling. As it stands this 6 foot tall living statue of flesh and metal sprinting at mach 10 into an enemy feels like you have just slapped them with wet spaghetti. I know that he's not a dps frame, he's more of a tank, but at the moment the run fast frame whose entire premise is to move at all costs doesn't actually feel like he should run, and instead strafe around with his rocket launcher.
  • Improve his energy economy. Not by much, but specifically in regards to his 3 it just costs far too much. Coupling that with his wet noodle strength, and I found myself almost ignoring his ability to blow things up or light them on fire.
  • Improve his ability to ragdoll enemies. When Gauss sprints through enemies, its like they slipped on a banana and fell over. This is a personal feeling, but I feel like body slamming someone at 300 miles per hour should do more drastic things on average. Sometimes they go far, but its mostly up and not away.
  • Decrease his 1's initial speed while levelling, but scale it up just a tad higher with the right stat investment. I think that Gauss is so fast its hard to notice his scaling as you level him, this would help mitigate that feeling.
  • Do something about his passive. Its good, but it doesn't do much. Maybe something like increasing its effects, but also forcing Gauss to move to recharge his shields at all. Its small beans though.

Y'all did a good job here on this one, he just needs a small pass over to really shine like he should. He doesn't need to be the best damage dealer or the healthiest tank, but gosh darnit he should be fast and be the best at being fast. Playing him with a Volt, a Nidus and a Wisp should tear reality asunder... or so I think, at least. He is unique for sure, and fun to play, but he does little to stand out outside of SPEED. Just a thought.

EDIT: ALSO, Redline feels really bad. I don't notice ANY of the changes it applies at all, outside of my Soma Prime becoming a bigger bullet hose then it was and the reload being decent. Feel's weird to me that turning Gauss limiters off would make him rely far more on guns.

EDIT EDIT: ALSO ALSO, kinetic plating is hard to see. Maybe its my energy colors, but I would like to be able to see where I'm being impacted at.

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Gauss is VERY energy hungry, especially if you want to push him past the redline effectively. To alleviate this a bit, how about making Mach Rush give back energy based on enemies hit while using it? Maybe enable this functionality only when Kinetic Plating is active or make it more effective when past the redline. Quite a few possibilities here.

Battery management past the redline could also be improved a bit: I find myself reluctant to even slow down to fire at enemies when building up to 100% redline because the battery drains so quickly (and lower battery means slower 100% build up) which only gets worse because when you slow down you are more likely to get hit and Kinetic Plating then drains it some more. Because more modded duration makes it take longer to reach 100% I often end up with hardly any time left on Redline before it runs out after I reach 100%. E.g. modded for 155% duration: Ideal similacrum case I had 20 seconds left, but in a more realistic combat situation it's 15 seconds tops, propably more like 10 seconds, which feels a bit stingy.

Now, when looking at Mach Rush and cold Thermal Sunder, both give their battery boost instantly, which is beneficial when the battery is not maxed. But when trying to keep the battery maxed in a realistic combat situation where you have to slow down to shoot or swing a sword, a battery gain over time would be more beneficial. As it stands currently, the fire version of Thermal Sunder is underperforming in my eyes (and from what I've seen othere people say I'm not alone of that opinion); it's just not worth paying the battery cost for the damage or other functionality it provides when you could cast cold instead. So, how about making fire Thermal Sunder give also back the same amount of battery charge as its cold counterpart, but instead spread over its duration. Now you have options when you need a quick battery boost or when you just want to counteract the different sources of more constant battery drain.


Suggestions TLDR.:

  • Mach Rush -> Grants energy based on enemies hit
  • Thermal Sunder -> Fire version no longer drains battery but instead grants it over time
  • Redline -> More modded duration doesn't inhibit 100% buildup or at least not quite as much as currently
  • (Does the redlined blast Thermal Sunder even remove armor?)


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After playing more I slapped his ass with adaptation, and just put everything into endurance and efficiency. It's fairly effective as long as I keep moving  (which is kind of the point since his kit scales more off his battery than anything). Only real issue is still energy, just not as big of one. Redline is great to use and I need to stop thinking of it as an ult and more of a "Gear Shift".


Also someoen should tennogen a "totally not Kamen Rider Kabuto/Faiz" skin as well.

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Suggestions for a better feeling Gauss. 

Match the maneuverability for normal sprinting, allow Gauss to turn on a dime when using his 1. This would make it feel better to use in smaller and more dense maps.

2. Gain enegry every time you hit an enemy using his 1.

3. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I believe Kinetic Plating's damage reduction only effects shields, if we could lower the reduction to 95% and have it affect his health as well, that would be great.

4. Have redline be instantly cast, or at the very least have it be instantly cast once you reach the redline mark before casting.

5. If you cast 3 while using his 1, it should empower his sprint and allow him to apply 3's effects to every enemy you hit using his 1.

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Gauss' main problems seems to be redline just being too slow to reach its full potential and its full potential can be underwhelming compared to Wisp unless you're running a max duration build, and this is my alternative for it

Perhaps merge the firerate with the attack speed (similar to Wisps attack speed buff) so that they both get the same bonus. This frees up an extra buff slot which you could then add a buff to his movement speed (Again, like Wisps first ability but he is a frame based off of speed).

The other issue with redline is that it takes too long to charge up with duration mods. This could be changed be making it recastable (This could potentially be too powerful working along with kinetic plating since that means kinetic plating can be at 100% damage reduction and you'd be basically invincible so to counter that you could either increase the strength need to reach 100% damage reduction for kinetic plating or make it that once you reach 100% redline his battery still drains but it drains significantly slow compared to if you were to not be at 100% on redline.)

Or it could be changed by adding more ways to charge the redline faster (Such as slamming into enemies with mach rush increases redline by x% + power strength)

I feel the mach rush increasing redline based off of hitting enemies could be one of the most significant impacts to him. This would give more incentive to use power strength mods on him and it would allow players to reach that desired redline faster since you’re usually about halfway finished with redlines duration by the time you reach 100%

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After playing Gauss some more, I've noticed a few things that would really make him better:

1. Add damage on impact with enemies to Mach Rush, PLEASE. Ramming into crowds of enemies is awesome but if it does no damage at all than there's really no reason to do it, especially in wide open areas that Gauss seems to have been designed for. Even with this change though it's still so incredibly energy draining to use Mach Rush in the first place that you can only use it for about 30 seconds if you want to have energy left to use the rest of his abilities. I and quite a few other players agree that a simple solution for this is to grant Gauss energy for every enemy he hits, and bonus energy for kills via ram damage. 

2. Incorporate Parkour into Mach Rush, Wallrunning at Mach speed would be awesome, and doing dodges and rolls while running could drain battery or maybe fill it as we do cool moves. 

3. PLEASE give him a way to refill his energy pool, similar to how Hildryn can refill her power pool. Gauss is an incredibly energy hungry frame just like her, except where Hildryn works despite her high energy cost because she can refill her energy at any time. Gauss almost requires you to run either Zenurik to use properly or to carry 1000 energy pizzas. Maybe a solution to this would be to only have Mach Rush cost energy, and the battery gauge fuels the rest of his abilities, similar to her shield pool? That way you're encouraged to ram enemies with Mach Rush to gain energy to then use to refill the battery and fuel your other abilities.

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i really liked gauss and his weapons but there are 3 problems about them imo.

First, gauss' 3rd ability range feels a bit short, for that kind of damage/cc ability

Second, gauss' 4th ability takes a loooot of time to charge up to 100% even while running super fast around with his first ability active, and it can be annoying to reach 100% when there is only one third of the ability duration left

Finally, about the weapons, i really enjoyed them but i immediatly saw one big problem : the ammo pool is just TERRIBLE and having only 2 extra magazines worth of ammo is extremely annoying

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My main issue with gauss is redline isn't worth it I spend most of my time slamming into walls trying to get the meter up. Meaning I cant make use of its buffs and it goes away really fast at higher levels you have to use kinectic plating or you will die so I end up ignoring redline which is a shame because it claims to boost melee damage and gun fire rate. Redline might as well not exist.

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Something that doesn't seem to be coming up much, but it's pretty much impossible to tell the Cold and Heat versions of Thermal Sunder apart. If there was a notable difference in their visuals or if there was a split in Gauss's Energy color to allow different colored AoEs (or if it just went off of Emissive) then that would help a lot more than trying to tell one hazy visual effect apart from a nearly identical hazy visual effect.

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