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(PC) Gauss / Signature Weapons Feedback

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For those players who are against increasing Gauss' mach rush speed to be on par with Itzal's blink, I wish to protest that us speedsters are not asking for a one speed, but a toggle speed so players can choose to go fast or slow. Also, I just tested Zephyr with max power duration, and her tail wind ability is just as fast as blink, thus there is no excuse not to buff Gauss' mach rush speed. Please DE, let us speedsters have fun on POE and OV. Thanks. Also, I understand that Gauss is as fast as blink if you have other buffing speed frames in the party, but that is a few and far between scenario that us speedsters rarely encounter.

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This weapon is great fun. Feels decently strong, enjoying using it. The ammo could be better, but it doesn't feel too bad as long as I'm killing lots of enemies. My main complaint with this is just the visuals and audio. It feels kind of puny when it just fires these thin blue beams and makes a "pewpewpewpew" sound. I want to see actual rockets firing, hear booming explosions as I carpet bomb the area, and see actual explosions and smoke appearing. That would be far more satisfying.


Unlike the Acceltra, this weapon just feels horrible. Slow fire rate, small magazine, dreadfully slow reload speed, horrible ammo. I just run out of ammo with it quickly and don't get drops to sustain it. Terrible weapon.

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My Experience and Full Feedback on Gauss and his weapons:

1. Gauss


- Passive is okay as long as it is used by his skills


- First Ability - Like it a lot with two problems tho: Running INTO enemies directly doesnt deal damage and if it does Its really so low i cant notice, same problem with hitting a Surface. Damage is very little, I think his 1 could have like a volt passive - more he ran, more he deals on imact/run. Or if you consider it pure CC ability and it was the intention then I would say its okay despite some collisions like doors not opening fast enough or Gauss running OVER the thing you want to collide with.


- Second Ability - Works well~! Tho... why Cold, Heat, Blast at particular? How many enemies Deal these damage types? Why making it so situational?


- Third Ability - Decreasing. Range. Sucks. This ability either feels like - cast to do quick damage - which is too low. Or cast two times to deal more damage or CC - CC works, damage not really. I think range decrease should be taken away and Double Fire cast should be rewarded more. Cuz double cold is worth a lot, double fire is... not so much.

In conclusion:

- Tweak numbers

- Buff double fire cast

- No. Range. Decrease.


- Forth Ability - Well... Building up the red line is hard in a closed space and rockets that shoots of him seems so random - can we make them less random?

Also I think it should be channeled ability - you dont really want to switch off this thing.

ANIMATION IS TOO LONG. What is the reason of making "im speed WF" if you gonna throw in a 2 sec animation? Every 40secs?


In conclusion:

- Rockets should find targets and lock on them

- Rockets should deal more damage, more % he has


- Some other way of building up redline in closed space, like impacting surfaces more.




2. Gauss weapons



- Too low ammo pool

- Good damage and stats


- I often got it stuck on my back after i was playing on the new instrument emote or while falling off the cliff.



- Ammo. Pool. Come. On.

- Reload time... giving it 20 ammo and 20 years reload time?

- Too high self damage.

- Good damage and stats

- Looks cool


In conclusion for weapons:

Primary: Ammo pool needs to be buffed.

Secondary: More ammo pool, less self damage, faster reload


Overall opinion:

Gauss turned out pretty weak if it comes to damage, His kit feels overloaded sometimes, chain of diffrent effects, how his ability works together etc. There is so much of it and none of it really gives the warframe the boost of damage he needs. Numbers needs to be tweaked and 3rd ability needs to be worked on especially Fire aspect of it. Reducing randomness on 4th ability would be nice too. But despite these problems Gauss is amazing. Im having a blast playing him and cant stop, He does feels unique and thats what counts. Fix the numbers and buff the fire tho ;3

Weapons are cool but stop thinking that low ammo pool changes anything balance-wise... it is purely iritating and pizza wasting. Just stop.


Love ya all ;3

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Gauss is still cooking, so I got to play with his weapons only for now.


Pros: It's a decent low-to-mid tier crowd clearing weapon, possibly even a bit better with a really good Riven. Rather fun to use, too.

Cons: Self-damage. This is something that should NOT exist in Warframe. Either we're playing a 3rd person Diablo-like and we can detonate anti-matter orbs right under our feet for fun, or we're playing space ninjas by the D&D Core Rulebook settings and kill ourselves with a misplaced Fireball. Choose one, don't mix.  It's simply not fun. You know what is one of the most fun things about Acceltra? Hovering in aim-glide while yelling "Death from above!" in a literal, rapid-fire carpet bombing run. And one of the least fun things is landing into your own explosion and dying. Ammo reserve is non-existent and flow-breaking. How about a charge clip with faster recharge/lower recharge delay on sprint? Oh, and this gun needs its own "Epilepsy warning" sticker. Explosion is way too bright. 


Pros: Uhm, it looks cool. If it were a dual pistol/pistol skin, I'd buy it for plat in a blink. 

Cons: Everything else. Abysmally low ammo, DPS is too low to warrant self-damage and it's a status-based IPS weapon with no S, so no slash procs. That, and it actually steers projectiles AWAY from enemy heads, so fewer headshots. It's like a Twin Stug, but worse. Just no. 


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An idea for Redline; since it buffs up fire rate/reload/melee speed/holster speed, let all of those contribute towards raising the Redline "Speedometer" when active. I hate that I quickly deplete my meter simply because I stopped to shoot or melee a group. Don't punish me for playing the game plz

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I think Gauss could use some tweak in his battery consumption. I feel that the current battery consumption during Redline is too high and sort of unmanageable, I spent a lot of time using Mach Dash or Thermal Sunder just to maintain the battery level, rather than actually taking advantage of the speed buff and fight back, which kind of defeat the entire purpose of using Redline. The long casting animation didn't help either, the whole point of Redline is to make your tempo more fluent, but the casting and battery issue really just cancel out the benefit. In the end I would say it's better off using other warframe's hastening abilities, which are generally much easier to take advantage of.

I also feel that Gauss has too few tactical advantages, namely just damage absorption and speed. Kinetic Shielding is excellent but suffers from the battery isssue mentioned above, while his speed isn't really an advantage in many cases. The enemies in Warframe can always pinpoint your location no matter how fast you go, while the players can get disoriented from it, and his speed is barely useful in many complicted tilesets.

Overall I suggest that Gauss needs more than just QoL changes. He could really benefit from either more raw strength in his current specialties or more tactical options.

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1st: great ability. I would love to be able to dash in any direction.
Double tap A: rush left/Double tab D — rush right. At least. That would be great.

2nd: Decent ability. Like it.

3d: Kinda meh. Radius is extremely small, so it's not good as CC in general. Elemental fire damage is extremely weak. Don't worth casting it, except filling the gauge. Please at least make larger radius and yeah PURE ELEMENTAL DAMAGE IS BAD in this game. Also, make it faster to fill the gauge for each enemy frozen.

4th: Too long to build up. Once I filled the gauge and I can finally benefit of full potential of this ability — timer is already gone. Thus, I'm simply not using it. It's really underwhelming in terms of time management.
Also: please make duration work this way: Gauge fills as fast as without duration mods, but it decays longer. Seems logic right? Duration makes battery more durable. Not longer to charge.


Overall impressions: Great frame for high-level speedruns. If you've got bored of Nehja, pick it up. Extremely fun to play, but no real benefit for the squad and no role except speedruns.


Good weapon in terms of performance. Just what we needed, but...

1. Ammo maximum is a bit small.

2. Sound effects and reloading. It does not sound as powerful as it feels. It really sound like a toy-gun. That's disappointing. I want to hear more punchy shots, and explosions it makes. And reload.... What the hell is that animation? You're gently petting your gun... I mean... How is that supposed to reload it?

3. Sadistic self damage.
You basically make a weapon which projectiles become MORTAL to player after ~10 meteres of flight and make it a signature weapon for a frame who's main gimmich is rushing an exact same distance.... I mean... Are you just trolling us? I have nothing to complain about if it's the case. You have the right to be funny. I really hope it's just an another big joke from you guys, because you cannot be serious here.


By contrast, cannot say anything positive about this one. It already looked useless on devstreams and it is still useless ingame. Slow fire rate, slow reload, slow... Everything is slow when it comes to this weapon. It has extremely small magazine size and it just does not perform well. I knew it even before testing just by the look at the stats.

And I don't like its reload animation as well.

Unfortunately, I cannot make any suggestion here, because I have no idea how to improve it except reworking its stats and concept entirely. 

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I was waiting for this frame for quite awhile, and questioned if I should even reply to this thread since it usually feels like veteran feedback isn't weighted any differently.
But Gauss is so disappointing that, on top of a few other reasons, I'll be on hiatus for awhile. His problems aren't even with his numbers per se, which is rare when it comes to frames.
So I'll be dropping feedback here as a 6+ year player, then disappear for awhile.

Just for ease of understanding, I think Wisp/Saryn/Mesa/Wukong/Gara/Oberon/Nova, etc. are all great frames more or less.
Meaning my balance philosophy is to have all frames be around their level of viability in their own unique ways.
I'll also be saying "you guys" to just refer to DE as a whole, and to not target specific devs.

0. The first issue is with his passive.
Since you guys gave up on shield gating instead of trying to make it work as hard as possible this passive is useless, even with DR (damage reduction).
It's not even the fault of the passive itself, shields are just terrible. Even the shield focused tank Hildryn isn't taken to Arbitration en masse where tanks shine.
I would suggest this just giving more movement speed based on the battery level.

1. Next up is his 1st ability.
Draining energy per distance traveled is to put it bluntly, awful. It just punishes you for building movement speed. Keep it the same as every other frame and change it to per second.
As for the Kinetic Plating synergy, it just feels like you guys threw another slash proc on something, whether it makes sense or not, just to have an ounce of scaling.
So as a side note, please god just finally give impact and puncture procs scaling that's on par with slash. This meta was already stale even 3 years ago.
Giving melee mod scaling to this ability would be all it needs to scale if that's truly the goal here.

2. Time for the 2nd ability.
Kinetic Plating outright needs to not drain any battery if I'm not being hit. It's frustratingly asinine.
Gauss already has to spend his energy for a fluctuating DR buff that doesn't even block all damage types.
Whereas other frames have consistent DR buffs that block all types of damage.
Being able to reach 100% DR doesn't balance it out when it's not all damage types (many toxin based enemies exist) and when high fire rate enemies constantly have you at half battery at "high levels" (60). There would need to be a buffer window between getting hit and the battery draining.
The only way you can even stay at 100% DR is when using Redline, however then you have Kinetic Plating and Redline both draining your battery at the same time, even whilst taking no damage.
Then there's the energy restore conversion rate. It's much too low, especially when it's applying to the damage dealt after calculating the DR. Even if that's a bug, 5% is too little.
Having to recast Thermal Sunder and Mach Rush many times, on top of energy drain effects being more prominent in the game than ever makes the conversion % very important.

3. Thermal Sunder.
This ability has quite a few issues, but it's also the easiest to make better in a way.
The base range is too low, but this goes for many Warframe abilities, so it's nothing new.
Having the AoE shrink, and not having the lingering heat/cold/blast field proc heat/cold/blast per second makes this ability unworthy of its energy cost.
Only proc'ing heat/cold/blast on the initial hit is quite mediocre, even more so with the base range that it has.
It's already a bit awkward to use this on a frame that's supposed to be constantly moving.

I would suggest removing the capability to re-cast cold onto itself for the freeze and heat onto itself for more damage, while keeping the capability to combine them into blast.
That way you can balance it with a non-shrinking AoE field and even proc'ing heat/cold/blast all at the same time per second to all enemies within when combining heat and cold.
Then while using Redline, the secondary effects Thermal Sunder used to have in this scenario on the base ability would still be available just like they are now.
Such as only needing one cast to freeze and so on while Redlining.

-On a side-note, heat procs still don't scale (the true reason Ember is still bad, not entirely her kit).
Thermal Sunder's heat variant also drains from your battery, which you need maxed at all times in areas with real enemies for Kinetic Plating's DR.
Thus, I don't think this will ever really be used. Mach Rush already has AoE CC and even scales over Thermal Sunder due to the weird slash proc addition with the synergy.

4. Finally there's Gauss' ultimate, Redline.
The obvious thing to say here would be, why doesn't this also give more movement speed? I personally would also add a flight-speed buff onto this ability as well.
It would really help up flight-speed weapon's viability, and it would even go along perfectly with his signature weapons.
I think the idea of using duration to scale his percentages is great personally. However the downside is you time gate us out of reaching 100% battery the more duration we have.
It's punishing us for building the frame correctly, and not in a fair way that has more varied controllable options like trading power strength for range.
Even an ability similar to this in the way it works, Energy Vampire, lets us build more power strength to counter Energy Vampire taking longer to dish out the full energy amount.

It seems like everything battery related is just a shambled mess, and I assume it's because it's an entirely new "energy bar" that you guys aren't used to working with yet.
You cannot reach 100% while playing conventionally, especially if you're using any melee that isn't just sliding around like a bot.
Which is odd, since added onto the Kinetic Plating + Redline synergy is buffing melee damage and melee stagger.
As a slight jab, I thought you guys wanted us to chill on the sliding? This will definitely encourage slide meta to the maximum if anything.
To be fair it would happen regardless, but at least it wouldn't be as heavily weighted in the slide meta's favor.
The energy costs are huge even with efficiency to maintain the fastest possible time to hit 100%.
All I see are people dashing at nothing just to maintain battery, and it looks ridiculous.

As for the "bolts of arcing electricity", unlike the others I think it's fine and doesn't need to deal more damage.
It has some issues with tracking and maybe the range/amount of bolts per second, but overall the permanent stagger on enemies along with the buffs is very useful.
Those that understand DPS will realize that Gauss is in the weapon reliant category of Warframes. The buffs on Redline are all the "damage" he needs.
Lastly, the Redline animation takes way too long. Never would have thought the "speed frame" would ever have a slow cast time.

I saw some other interesting suggestions from others, such as applying Thermal Sunder to Mach Rush itself, but my changes are just meant to be mostly number changes that can be applied quickly to make Gauss viable.
Offering insight as to why the way things are calculated and scale matter to veterans, and why some things are meta for a reason while others aren't are also sprinkled in here.
The wild and cool ideas are for the other posts in this thread to come up with.
Thanks for reading.

Tl;dr: Scaling matters greatly, as does the way numbers in every form stats-wise are calculated.
Sometimes you don't even need to change base numbers, and just change the equation instead.

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Why does running into or near enemies with mach rush not damage them? Getting hit by a high speed object would knock you down, sure, but it'd also cause some damage. If anything getting hit directly would cause more damage than the shockwave.

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Hello fellow epic Gamers,

Gauss is amazing. But, there are some things I'd would personally change.

Mach Rush:
   - though fun to use, it is hard to steer it, a bit more freedom would be nice.

Kinetic Plating:
   - actually good as it is, does one thing and does it good.

Thermal Sunder:
   - a ability I barely use, but would like to use more.
   - maybe increase the radius from 12m to 15m just to give it a dash more range, plus I like the number 5 more then 2.
   - also instead using energy, how about a battery charge? Like on cast it drains like 10% of the battery for cold and like 20% for fire.

   - though it is fun to turn any weapon into a bulletspewing monster, the "ultimate" ability is lacking a bit of a "punch" it feels more like a fancied-up version of volts speed ability, actually now that I think about it Gauss' 1 and 4 is just volt's speed split into 2 parts.
   - maybe instead of draining the entire battery it will just drain back to the red line
   - the duration also seems too short, 30 seconds to charge the battery and keep charging it so it stays above the red line and doesn't drain your entire battery in 10 seconds just for a buff? Because the bolts don't seem to do anything or at least I haven't seen them doing anything.
   - Again, nice buff but the ability is lacking a certain punch to it

   - there is a small drain on the battery, which I don't understand yet do, but it is annoying that I have to run, speaking of when do we get the perma sprint thing that was talked about in one of the devstreams? Because that would really help with Gauss.
   - how about battery reserves? Like when you charge up to the red line it will switch to another battery and that one will get charged to a maximum of 4 batteries total and maybe even combine that with the idea on Thermal Sunder, that it should use battery charge instead of energy.

   - his noble animation makes the loop very obvious and is one of the main reason why I'm not using it.

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Why doesn't his redline work like barruk? Ability costs no energy but needs to be filled beyond red line to be used. which makes kinetic plating combo even better since it no longer drains it. And as long as we keep it above the redline the ability stays on.

Also kinetic plating should work based off on how full the meter is instead of it depleting the meter. 

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I have a bit of a suggestion in regards to Gauss having very little tools to support his team with, outside of dealing damage and mild CC with his 3.
Mach Rush could produce a windtunnel that speeds up frames moving inside it (maybe also bulletjump to account for aerial movement) akin to Titania's passive ability to create bulletjump-enhancing dust patches. This would both give Gauss slightly more function in a team, while also avoiding potential problems with Gauss players running off and being unable to keep up without the right frame. 
The downside is that this cannibalizes on Volt's teamwide Speed-buff niche, as well as it not being an optional boost that can be turned off (outside of actively avoiding the windtunnels but that is massively inconvenient). Maybe worth considering as an augment instead.

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Feedback about Redline

Holster Speed and Reload Speed buffs feel out of place and very tacked on. And don't fit the playstyle that great imo. 

Frankly, who actually tries to shoot things when they are running so fast they can barely see where they are going, which is what Gauss is themed about?

Most people that use Volt for Speed favor melee too (I know people also build him for the shield and for AOE nuke but I am talking specifically to the speedster part). If Gauss is trying to cater to speedsters, then melee should be the focus of Redline buffs. Yes, we have Attack Speed buff but I think more can be added there.

Perhaps include Melee Damage buff that scales with battery charge. And also Melee Reach buff that scales with battery - think of it as you are going so fast that even when the reach of your sword ends, the wind that is carried by that swing itself does damage, thus extending your range further.


Feedback about his signature weapons

Also, as Cephalon Shy pointed out, his self-damaging signature missile launchers are kinda counter intuitive with Mach Rush. Yeah, let's shoot missiles forward, then race my missiles in the same direction towards the enemy and catch them just in time as they explode so I may die. To use his missile launchers, you have to use his Mach Rush less, and stand still more to aim and point and things. Standing still and aiming feels antithetical to a frame about speed and charging into things. 

I feel he should have gotten signature parring weapons - with a sci-fi mecha vibe, with kicking animations that play along his theme of speeder, with strong legs to kick hard and fast. 

But since he has gotten rocket launchers instead then I propose his Mach Rush again should be in all directions, and I repeat what I said in a previous post:

Feedback about Mach Rush

Turn Mach Rush into a toggle mode. No energy cost to toggle on or off. 

When it is turned off, Gauss movement is similar to all other warframes in terms of sprinting and rolling.

But when it is turned on, he lives up to his name.

Press roll (shift or whichever button you have for rolling) to have Gauss perform a Mach Rush in that direction. He can mach rush forward, mach rush sidestep to the left or right, or backstep, etc. These Mach Rushes will then cost energy. Sprinting when Mach Rush mode is on, will accomplish what holding down 1 does now. 

As an additional feature, when Red Line is active while Mach Rush mode is on, Gauss gains a pseudo-teleport when you hit roll in whichever direction. He can basically flash step, or "shunpo", like in anime when the character moves so fast they appear to be teleporting to the location... so you could perhaps do something like this

Image result for bleach shun po gif



Combining the new mach rush with the rocket launchers, now you can safely speed-strafe from side to side while launching missile volleys.

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Seems like a good number of players here share the same sentiments I do (particularly, gauss' redline taking too long to charge).    So instead of adding to that, I would like to say something else.  Thank you DE for Gauss!!!  I know he just came out and could definitely use a few tweaks, but He is exactly the playstyle and (mech) design ive been waiting for in warframe.  On top of feeling like an anime speedster, he is tanky as hell.  Again thank you for this warframe, Im enjoying him as much as I enjoy playing my most played frame, Volt (also thank you for his CLOTH PHYSICS!).

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A lot of comments saying that direct hits with Mach Rush should deal damage. I'd like this very much. Currently, Mach Rush just knocks down enemies within 4m. That part is perfectly fine. But in addition to this, I think direct hits from Mach Rush should ragdoll enemies, and deal a large impact hit, scaling with both melee mods and sprint speed (not power strength). For example, maybe 1000 impact damage, multiplied by sprint speed, and then scaling with melee mods. This base damage can of course be adjusted for balance.

I also very much agree with comments saying that Mach Rush should work in all directions. This change makes sense, as it's just a player control feature. Gauss himself would still only be running forward, but it would just be decoupled from the camera angle. Think about how the animations already are in Warframe. If you hold S (backwards), you don't walk backwards, you actually turn around and run towards the camera. There's no reason why Mach Rush shouldn't be able to work in all directions just the same.

This would also make his signature weapons much more fitting. Using rocket launchers and then running forward into the explosions to get killed by them doesn't make any sense. Running away, though? That makes a lot more sense. I actually find that I'm enjoying the Acceltra much more with Volt, because I can turn on Speed and then shoot while running backwards away from the explosions.

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After playing more wanted to post my opinions again with better feedback.

His 1 is pretty good but should damage enemies when you hit them.

His 2 is kinda useless. It works like intended but you never know what type of damage is coming so you can't trust it. 

His 3 should freeze people on the first tap or do more damage, tapping it twice isn't fluid during a fight. 

His 4 is OK but not worth it really. Doesn't feel like a '4' ability compared to other frames I regards to strength. Maybe add a damage buff or rework it to be a cool high damage ability.


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Gauss is pretty good. I like him a lot. But there is one thing that really ruins him. And that's the 2nd ability. It makes sense on paper that it defends against certain damage types but actually it doesn't work. There are so many enemies that deal other damage types it always makes his ability useless. Especially against enemies that have resistance against CC. Like the new NW enemies. They deal toxic and they are also immune to CC and with that Gauss becomes significantly weaker than other frames with damage reduction.

Everything else seems fine to me. Maybe it would be nice to make his 4th easier to charge up. It takes 90% of the duration to get it up to 100% which is not great. It takes too much effort for an ability that gives some buffs.

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What if we changed Gauss' 3 so that it becomes a channeled aura surrounding Gauss which can either be used for heat or cold whilst limiting the skill to a single instance. 

Creating a cold field should passively increase the speed bar and/or the red line rate whilst pulsing a cold proc (range is reduced as the bar gets higher). 

Creating a heat field reduces the bar passively but also increases the damage Gauss deals whilst pulsing a heat proc (range is also reduced as the bar gets higher also the higher the bar the bigger the damage bonus). 

Swapping between these two damage types creates a blast proc. 

What do you guys think of this idea? 

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@[DE]Danielle Thanks for coordinating feedback!

I would absolutely love to see the Mach Rush ability scale acceleration over time. I was running around Orb Vallis and once I hit top speed with Mach Rush I was able to keep it going for an extended period in the overworld. It was great for a bit but then I kept wanting to go faster and faster. It would be really awesome if there was a constant acceleration over time that didn't cap out. Or perhaps tapping 1 while the ability is in use by holding W gives you some speed boost? I'd really like something that would make it feel like I was gaining speed while I did a 2,500m - 5,000m sprint.

Also, thanks for making Redline not interrupt Mach Rush!


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Gauss's battery takes way, way too long to charge when in Redline.

I feel like I'm wasting half my duration just trying to get it charged. It also seems to take this long regardless of applied duration. So it's not really a duration problem. 

Finally. It takes you out of the action. I can only speak for myself, but knowing that the goal is to charge the battery as soon as I hit 4 makes me feel like I have to hit %100 to accomplish anything. So I start spamming 1&3 over and over again to feel like I've gotten the most out of his Redline ability. 

 I just ask that you all at DE take another look at this battery mechanic. You don't have to make it too easy to his the max but it also shouldn't take as long as it does. 

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As a lot of people have said, the 5% energy return on kinetic plating is really lackluster. You have to be taking absurd amounts of damage to get any energy return, and by that point Gauss has probably splattered into a fine red mist. Sure, arcane barrier helps mitigate some of that, but battery drain per hit + damage types that go through the shield makes the ability seem like it tries to do too many things at half-tilt. I did a few hours worth of build testing to see if anything made it work better, and the only thing that made the energy return feel even semi-acceptable was max str + highish shield.

Maybe consider making it moddable?

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