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(PC) Gauss / Signature Weapons Feedback

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So if I am understanding the intent of DE correctly this is the message I'm getting.

The Acceltra is the signature weapon of Gauss, Gauss is a frame built around sprinting really fast.  The Acceltra reloads faster while you are SPRINTING.  Brilliant, that's great synergy, except that it's not.

From the Wiki " To provide safety for its user, the rockets arm after traveling 7 meters in midair. Uniquely, this weapon reloads faster while sprinting, and reloads even faster when wielded by Gauss."

So to provide safety to the user, the rockets arm only after traveling 7 meters, that's great, except it's not.  You are safe if you stay in one spot and fire the Acceltra because the rockets don't arm until after 7 meters of travel from where they were shot, okay so if you stay in one place and don't move too much you are safe  But, if you are using Gauss, you want to be sprinting, and if you want to reload the Acceltra, you want to be sprinting, except, if you are sprinting you catch up to your rockets in a very short amount of distance, 7 meters, and if they hit something any time after that, you can kill yourself super easy.

But wait, doesn't the weapon reload faster if you are running, yep, it sure does, so long as you don't also kill yourself right before.  You see, you are shooting until your weapon's clip is empty, then you will sprint to reload faster if you are not already sprinting and while trying to reload faster, you have a very good chance of killing yourself.

Am I missing something?  Is this intentional?  Is this an intentional mechanic to force people to use their Redline with Kinetic Plating, while dashing, firing the Acceltra and then reloading so they don't kill themselves?

To provide any safety at all for the user, specially considering the weapons specific mechanics, that being it reloads faster while sprinting, there should be no risk to the user of killing themselves.  The weapon really should not be used with any frame that cannot mitigate the damage in some way that is caused by the exploding rockets because you catch up to those exploding rockets easy.  Or, if you are using this weapon with any other frame, do not shoot while sprinting, do not try to use that weapons game mechanic. 

The weapon is awesome, fun to use until you kill yourself the 100th time, then it just becomes very annoying.  Forget about using cautions shot on this weapon, nada, cannot. 

I really hope DE realizes how silly having a weapon reload faster when running when it will also kill you, and hope the Acceltra is changed, it seems that it comes into direct conflict with it's own mechanics, encouraging sprinting but also dramatically increasing the chance that you will kill yourself trying to reload faster.

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Gauss visually is incredible, hands down the most intricate and beautiful frame to date in my opinion. But when it comes to his performance... It is severely lacking. When fighting level 40 and below enemies everything is great, but going into higher levels evereything falls apart. The biggest culprits in his kit are kinetic plating and redline. I'm not even going to mention his 3rd ability as it is utterly useless. Kinetic plating at higher levels basically does nothing, as taking damage from higher level enemies that use automatic weapons drains the battery in under 1 second. It seems like a single bullet takes away 10% of the bar, so imagine getting hit by 30 enemies firing assault rifles at you constantly. The only way Gauss can survive high levels is by turning on kinetic plating and then constantly spamming his mach rush to refil the gauge, but then you don't have any time to actually fight the enemies. And if you try to use redline in conjunction with kinetic plating then the battery will essentially always stay at 0%. Bottom line is Gauss is fun to use at lower levels but falls off extremely fast in higher level content. Trying to keep his battery at high levels(to maintain damage reduction and redline buffs) is extremely difficult in the middle of combat when you need to constantly spam mach rush, especially in tighter maps, which is 70% of the entire game. 

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I haven't played with Gauss a lot so I don't feel as if I can give good feedback, but from what I have played his energy consumption is just crazy.

For the weapons, I think they're great, if you mod them properly. Using the Synth set makes them pretty fun to use but only if you like quick switching weapons.

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I have to agree with a few things folks have been saying.

1. It feels like it takes a lot of work to keep Gauss going and the effort feels too great.

2. Move Gauss's energy regen from Kinetic Plating to Mach Rush. He should gain energy based on targets damaged by Mach Rush in any way. This could even still require Kinetic Plating to be active. I think this would make Mach Rush more satisfying. 

3. Give him a passive that allows him to fire his guns from the hip while sprinting. He should be the ultimate run-and-gun frame. 

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Hello there, 
I really like the ideas that went into the making of Gauss overall except for his 3 and his passive. Health>Shields

1. Mach Rush imo should be faster or allow the speed to be moddable not only with sprint speed (or redline). A max strength volt with sprint speed (only mods) is still as fast as gauss if not faster, which is quite dissapointing for a frame about speed being beaten by a electricity frame.

Here's evidence (not my footage)


2. Kinetic Plating I thought was going to be a really good ability. In the end the damage reduction is unreliable as it is tied to his passive and the energy conversion of 5% is not helpful as it is not moddable. Quick Thinking and Hunter Adrenaline could have made it really strong and fun to use but it's not.

3.Thermal sunder left me really confused first being shown off. Feels like it doesn't fit Gauss because it's about elements. Chroma would have been a perfect candidate for Thermal Sunder, making him able to combine any element he wants like ivara chooses her arrows as a replacement for Chroma's first ability.

4. Redline offers powerful buffs to Gauss and it is fun to use and to look at. 

"The term Redline is an automotive term that refers to the maximum revolutions-per-minute (RPM) that an engine is designed to withstand without damaging its own components. It can also be used as a verb to refer to running an engine at or beyond its maximum safe RPM (e.g. "to redline")."

As I mentioned before about the Mach Rush not being fast enough. Redline "supercharging his Abilities" as stated in the description of Gauss in-game is dissapointing on Mach Rush. Mach Rush is his most iconic and fun ability to use. That's why it should get a speed buff by Redline, or maybe make Redline buff sprint speed by a noticable and significant amount.
Reaching 100% on the battery takes too long as well.


*Acceltra* is a fun weapon. Rapid fire AoE is nice but ... the ammo economy is terrible (3 magazines). Sadly it is very hard to hit consistent headshots because almost every weapon gets a initial nerf of it featuring impact damage. Impact is Acceltras Achilles heel even more so than on any other weapon.
Even the wiki of acceltra says it under "Advantages" "Rockets have a guaranteed  Impact proc". You can't even tell if you are hitting the body or the head due to the explosions.
Impact and puncture in general are very bad status effects. Rivens with *negative* physical damage buffs make every single weapon significantly stronger but that's a different problem.

*Akarius* also features terrible ammo economy. I think the homing rockets should home in on enemies within 25 degrees (20 degree at least)instead of 15. 

I really hope you consider my points into making him and his weapons better.

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4 minutes ago, SosseBargeld585 said:

1. Mach Rush imo should be faster or allow the speed to be moddable not only with sprint speed (or redline). A max strength volt with sprint speed (only mods) is still as fast as gauss if not faster, which is quite dissapointing for a frame about speed being beaten by a electricity frame.

To be fair, the new intro cinematic shows volt running fast enough to slow time around him. I think Volt is just speed, whereas Gauss is weaponized speed. Well supposed to be anyway.

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While a lot has been said regarding Gauss' performance, my chief issue with his UI; in particular, the interaction between his battery and his powers, and most specifically his interaction between his battery and Redline.

Firstly: the game does not make it clear that the Redline limiter (80%) represents only a portion of Gauss' battery, and that this limiter is released (100%) when Redline is active. The design of the UI element appears primarily decorative and does not adequately indicate its value after Gauss' limiter is released.

The battery is represented as a bar with no numeric element. Redline's bonus is represented as a numeric element with no HUD feedback. The way Redline UI element appears suggests that its number, not Gauss' own battery charge, is the crux of Redline's function, when the bonus is just that--a secondary, unique feature of the power. The x% display does not help a player distinguish between what Redline does and what Redline will do. The implication of the design as it stands is that the longer Gauss remains above the Redline, the better he performs, when this is not the case; his performance increase is based purely on battery, and the Redline bonus is there to preserve the battery.

Moreover, it is not clear what Gauss' battery will do when Redline expires, and nothing in the game indicates this potential cost nor explains it.

Compare and contrast Nidus (whose UI element revolves around a visible number and a clear, distinct, and segmented visual element to indicate progress) and Baruuk (whose UI element is purely a reactive bar that nevertheless offers meaningful feedback). Gauss is the only warframe who combines indefinite (visual) and definite (numerical) UI elements in this way.

For the sake of clarity, UI styles should not be mixed in this way. All other warframes with unique HUD elements are very distinct and clear about what these HUD elements do and mean. Gauss' battery and the Redline bonus should be represented in a way that is contiguous with this design.

Edited by LysanderasD
ED 1: Replaced Saryn with Nidus for a better example. / 2: More feedback re: UI design.
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I don't think I have much to say that hasn't already been suggested but I'll put in my feedback as well. As almost everyone has said: the abilities that use the battery power drain it way too quickly for the benefits it provides. If you are going to keep the whole dynamic of duration also increasing the time needed to charge the battery, at least make it so the battery also lasts longer, i.e Redline draining battery at a much slower rate, Kinetic Plating consuming less battery power, etc.

Mach Rush should have some tweaks, like an actual reason to barrel through groups of enemies. Because it's his iconic ability and his "bread-and-butter" so to speak he should accelerate over time in the rush. In Redline mode the acceleration should increase dramatically. Damage should scale with his acceleration along with some other incentives to rush, my idea would be that rushing into enemies charges the battery and releases blast element shockwaves, also the shockwave released rushing into obstacles should have the range increased and maybe cause impact and puncture procs.

In Redline mode the full impact of the rush and shockwaves cause slash and blast procs and maybe a bit of shield recharge for more incentive to rush into enemies.

The synergy of rushing with Kinetic Plating on should remain mostly the same with the only real change being having a large amount of damage resist while rushing and for maybe half/quarter of said damage resist for maybe 5 seconds afterwards that can't be increased by duration mods with a cooldown of maybe 10-20 seconds so it can't be exploited too much.


Kinetic Plating is a hard cookie to crack for me because there are several ways to go about it. I'm thinking that Kinetic Plating should provide resistance to status procs, not full immunity mind you. Keep the knockdown immunity because it helps keep the momentum going and keeps those annoying knockdowns at bay. Also like I stated above, decrease the amount of battery drained from damage.


Thermal Sunder is another thing I can't really figure out how to make work but I'll try. First off, don't make it decrease in size as time goes on, otherwise it provides no other purpose than to spam the 3 key to charge the battery and we don't want that. The cold version should do more than just cold damage, maybe decrease enemy resistance to abilities (unless under the effects of an ancient disrupter/healer obviously.) Keep the same mechanic of while in Redline the enemies freeze solid. For the fire version we could decrease enemy resistance to elemental damage. While in Redline mode the chance to proc status on an enemy increases. Finally, combining the two doubles the range but this time it actually decreases in size afterwards (but not as fast as default.) Keep the mechanic of stripping armor from enemies while in Redline but make it decrease shields as well along with increasing the amount of armor and shields stripped.


Redline should mostly remain the same with the exception of not having the battery drain as fast or make it run entirely off of the battery and the synergies I suggested above. The "arcs of electricity" should be actual electricity but only at a short range that can't be increased. Finally once the duration expires it should release- you guessed it, a shockwave that increases in size and power with the amount of battery charge remaining.


The weapons are mostly fine, the low ammo pool is the caveat that comes with having loads of power, that's kind of the nature of the beast but they could use *some* more reserve ammo, maybe just 2-3 more magazines/reloads worth of ammo for both.


That's all I have in my head for now, I hope this doesn't sound too overpowered. I'll edit this if I can come up with more/better suggestions.


EDIT: One *tiny* thing I would really like it just the ability to jump in mach rush. Going to run into an obstacle? jump over it to keep the speed.

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Gauss is currently mediocre and disappointing, while he's supposed to be the speed frame there are several frames that are much faster while also being better in general on top of that.

Mach Rush: Recasting Mach Rush while in Mach Rush should allow you to instantly alter your course to where you're aiming, even allowing for vectors along the vertical axis so you can use it to hop over gaps and/or fly as well as quickly reaching the ground while airborne. Since you only need to hold forward movement after a hold-cast of Mach Rush, pressing it again during is available for control mapping. Recasting it in this way should trigger the explosions normally caused by impacting obstacles and provide a larger temporary speed boost compared to tap-casting outside of Mach Rush.

Redline: Redline should be a toggle skill, with increasing drain based on the Redline percentage similar to Valkyr's Hysteria.

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I'd really like it if you could maintain your momentum after tapping mach rush for an instant mid-air. Considering, you know - you're midair. There really shouldn't be anything slowing you down when you come out of it. That's the same problem I have with air rolls though so it's no surprise to me the "problem" (as I see it) is recurring in this movement mechanic.

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Not much to say about Gauss as of yet except that the fact that more duration makes redline charge up slower is a big turn off for me. I don't understand why more duration should negatively impact your abilities. It's not like narrow minded already takes a big chunk of range away.

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i'll just be honest i prefer if guass has no benefit to the team as honestly even though every frame has the potential to have a team supportive buff i just prefer that gauss doesn't or at least shouldn't need one. as i don't want other players to expect they can use gauss players as a stepping stone to boost their. i had one case and that even thought it was just one case i had it was with a mesa player wanting me which i was a chroma at the time to be near enough so that she can use my  vex armor damage buff which i would reply my vex armor buff requires me to receive damage to be useful and i rather not us a weapon with self damage as i see in my mind of that being an exploit on a mechanic that DE made to curb explosive weapons.

gauss can ever be fine with a bit of improvements to the redlines speedometers ability charge mechanic to charge faster, kinetic plating energy recoverly/ damage migetion against mobs that use any damage type that gauss doesn't have. some nice bit of synergy with his 3rd ability and his 1st. his over all damage scaling ability with his abilities that deal damage. and at least allow you to deal some damage to enemies when you directly run into them. also maybe have gauss benefit a bit more with strength.

in all honestly i am not totally against having gauss having a boon for teams as i'll accept it either way, but i just don't like the idea because of my paranoia of it encourages players to use other players as a crutch, or expect someone to willingly help them even though there is a chance they wont return the kindness. 

sure it is in the lore that tenno protect each other but there is the problem, we the player's don't entirely fallow that code. just look in public instances it's an all for one scramble to see who kills the most, who gets to the objective faster, with there being often cases of people just either completely ignoring what others in the team feel. and any attempts at creating things that require team work causes troubles at times. so adding team friendly effects to gauss not something i would truly like to see.

ps. this is editing but i thought i'ed say it. but it also denounces the use of support related frames if all frames can preform some form of support.

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So some early gameplay feedback on Gauss with what I've done so far, there are a few issues that need to be smoothed out with him and in general I think he needs some buffs, I'll go through each ability first then general problems later.

1. Mach Rush

While Mach rush is a fun ability to use in open world, it suffers from very little QoL in many aspects of the ability. Firstly, for some reason there is a large delay of about 0.5 ish seconds between consecutive Mach Rush casts, and if you hit the ability in this delay time frame the ability doesn't go off at all, this both feels bad in open world and corridor gameplay, but ESPECIALLY in corridor gameplay, where many times you will want to do short bursts of mach rush, stop, turn, and then mach rush again for those tight turns that Mach Rush can't do, but this delay between casts stops you from being able to do things like this smoothly. Other than this, ragdolling is still not a good form of cc (it's actually one of the worst kind), and while thematically it makes sense, gameplay-wise its straight up detrimental. The damage of the slam isn't much either, but at least it works for lower levels below 30, alongside kinetic plating slashes.

2. Kinetic Plating

Now this is the ability that I think severely needs some number tweaking, and that would be the end of it, mechanically the ability is sound even if it only blocks certain damage types, it blocks the most common ones outside of the infested, and I think that's ok that some frames are better against certain factions and some are worse. Now heres the big problem with kinetic plating, IT DRAINS TOO MUCH BATTERY. While at lower levels the drain per hit can be as low as 1%, the maximum cap per hit is 10%, which is a LOT, and is easily achieved by enemies around level 100, or sortie level, especially corpus. 10% drain per hit is a big issue, not only does the damage reduction decrease as battery gets lower, you also only cap at 80% energy without redline active, meaning all it takes is 8 shots from enemies to completely deplete kinetic plating, easily achievable by most enemies with guns, especially grineer. IMO, the maximum cap needs to be lowered to at LEAST 5%, as that would mean you could take 2 shots per mach rush or thermal sunder cold cast, instead of 1 (they both replenish 10% battery).

3. Thermal Sunder

There are some big problems with this ability. First of all, the base range is too low to reliably cc enemies with guns unless built max range, the fire mode consumes too much battery, and the cold mode doesn't replenish enough battery for its cost in energy. Theres also the fact that the combination mode ALSO ragdolls enemies, which I feel is completely unnecessary, and the ability would work much better if it just triggered a blast proc without the ragdoll. Double fire also doesn't do as much damage as it really should for its cost in both energy and battery. Also, it is the one ability in Gauss's kit that requires him to stop, which is very counterintuitive of the rest of his kit which wants him to always move.

4. Redline

This ability also has some issues, first of all, the passive drain when its active alongside the on hit drain from kinetic plating makes it REALLY difficult to maintain battery levels to get your redline buffs if you are fighting higher levels, unless you are spamming Mach Rush (thermal sunder cold isn't very viable due to twice the energy cost, unless max efficiency build). Since you have constantly be Mach Rushing every few seconds, you are both running low on energy but also not utilizing the redline buffs to their full potential, since you have to stop shooting to Mach Rush. Change the collective drain of kinetic plating and Redline so it better matches firing weapons empty, and reloading while inside Mach Rush, because currently you must Mach Rush too often to maintain redline, losing out on shooting uptime.

5. General Problems

1. Mach rush scaling off of only sprint speed makes Gauss's speed for open world mediocre, not because scaling off sprint speed is a bad idea, only that there aren't enough practical spring speed mods, and they all have very low values (sprint boost=15%, speed drift=15%, rush=30%). Compared to power strength mods, the values are much lower, and this ends up with Gauss only being a bit faster than the fastest K-drives, and slower than every single Archwing if he doesn't have any external speed buffs. Ironically, because Mach Rush scales off a small pool of weak value mods, the speedster frame isn't particularly that fast. (Still fun tho)

2. Mach Rush collides with steep hills on the plains of eidolon, making many seemingly smooth routes not work, he also gets stopped by the small fallen branches and trees strewn about, this lessens the fun value running around with him on the plains.

3. His movement sucks in corridors, this ties back to the Mach Rush delayed consecutive casting, since it makes it literally impossible to do sick 90 degree turns by stopping and instantly starting back up Mach Rush because of the large delay in between the casts.

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After playing Gauss for a while, more feedback about his abilities:

Mach Rush

  • Knockdown alone on passerby seems lackluster. Consider adding damage to his knockdown radius.
  • For a Warframe that has such high speed and ability to travel long distances quickly, his damage doesn't seem to capitalize on that. I feel that damage (on shockwave and hopefully the radius around Gauss) should scale with distance traveled up to a cap.

Kinetic Plating

  • I feel that battery drain per second seems unnecessary given that hits Gauss receive already drain his battery. Any stagger or knockdown effects it prevents are usually accompanied with damage as well, so there is inevitably going to be a drain on hit. Combined with Redline the battery drain(s) makes it extremely difficult to maintain with parkour alone.

Thermal Sunder

  • Range at base (12 m) is acceptable, but the way it quickly shrinks to <50% the modded range makes it gimp itself from affecting more enemies coming into the area.
  • The damage per second has low to no chance to further proc status effects in the area, and its damage value decreases when the area shrinks, making the lingering area portion of this ability merely just a setup pad for Double Cold/Heat and Blast combo.  A tad disappointing considering that there is the potential to create more procs/refresh the proc duration on enemies still inside/moving into the area. Nevermind the damage being negligible, as Thermal Sunder is a debuff/CC ability mixed with some damage (though it would be highly appreciated if damage on Heat is at least on the strong side).
  • Please add Redline Blast's armor strip percentage to the ability UI page for clarity.
  • I think there is potential to create synergy between Mach Rush and Thermal Sunder if there aren't any already. These Coldspots and Hotspots feel like they could be speed pads you commonly find in racing games, wink wink nudge nudge.


  • Hoping that battery drain per second being affected by Ability Duration is a bug.
  • All the synergies between Redline and the other abilities are nice additions.
  • Interesting how the speed buffs are affected by Ability Duration. Neat.
  • Redline's projectiles are too chance based. I noticed that they rarely hit enemies if below 80% battery, and hit more consistent above it. But the damage on them are low, and the Impact proc with the guarantee stagger on hit are redundant, the Puncture proc is ok. Maybe change Impact to Electric with increased proc chance, keeping the stagger on hit.
  • The Redline ending explosions should deal a Blast proc to knockdown enemies.
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I've really been enjoying the mobility of Gauss and could definitely see him replacing Zephyr, but there's a couple of ways his kit doesn't work together.

The increasing charge time of Redline based on higher Duration build just has to go. The abilities Duration should be increased, not it's cast time.

Gauss also seems to want to be built for either his 3 or his 1, 2, and 4. Not only does Thermal Sunder not thematically fit with Gauss and his dynamic movement but it performs best if you're static. Trying to maximize Thermal Sunder also ends up having you sacrifice having a good build Gauss and his other abilities. However, you can build Gauss for his 1, 2, and 4, and these abilities synergize quite nicely.

As an ultimate ability Redline is disappointing in it's current implementation, and the holster speed buff is useless.

I suggest a reworking of Redline, more in line with what the idea of Redlining a vehicle means.

Make the Duration of Redline static, so it's a set 35/40 seconds where Gauss takes exponentially increasing unavoidable self damage, but in exchange the self buffs are massively increased, FireRate starts at 100% increase and with power strength you can increase it to 200%, same with Reload Speed, and in the last 10-15 seconds of Redline you have unlimited ammo. For Attack Speed in Redline start with 75% increase and let power strength scale it up to 120%, and in the last 10-15 seconds of Redline let Gauss be invulnerable to melee damage. He's moving so fast he blocks all incoming damage. Redline ends either when Gauss sustains sufficient self-damage to kill himself (like keeping a car redlining to too long) or when the player ends it, but the battery is completely drained and they have sustained that self-damage during it, so they're in a potentially vulnerable state.

Let Gauss have his thematically fitting god-mode Ultimate. Just ensure he's not going to be spamming it forever. 

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so: Gauss is a wonderful frame, but in the interest of me never having to swap off him in favor of other frames I have noticed something that's a might problematic and could potentially be easily fixed.
I want to go ahead and preface this to the community at large as: this is a request, he is fine as is, this would be a QOL fix and nothing more.
So: right now most people sleep on range on Gauss. and you might ask why? well for one, min max buffs calls for stupid high duration, and that narrow minded eats on your range and for two his 3 doesn't see a lot of use. this could be because the visuals are obnoxious, but its more likely because we ate his range to gain them buffs.
here' s the issue. not all missions are created equally and many MANY maps have us sitting still more than I'm comfortable with, particularly because I want to Redline harder than that tent I'm pitching in the backyard but using his Mach Rush on these maps [defense, interception, mobile defense etc.] has us on a single point where its not beneficial to the group to have us face slamming into whatever we can to generate that delicious throttle bar.
what I'm getting at is that his 3, which should be great in this situation, particularly for how his thermal sunder ice generates throttle [or whatever that bar is] is struggling to prove its worth, I would suggest lowering the base return on the throttle for casting, and making it instead increase via enemies that run into/are effected by it. it has little to no effect on him in the run and gun missions, while helping immensely in cases where he has to sit a little more still, likewise thermal sunder fire could drain based on the bois you're lighting on fire.
doing this would heavily influence people to not gimping their range as hard, give benefit to actually using the third ability, and help Gauss in situations where GAS GAS GAS GOTTA GO FAST isn't a viable strat
as a side note: could we get a number/percentage for the interactions of thermal sunder with Redline? we see from the tooltips that it removes armor when you blast proc, but we have no idea how much, if its percentage or base armor or anything like that.
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I think the general overarching bit of feedback I can provide for Gauss comes down to: Ease off the brakes on Warframes. 

While weapons get new additions like the Cyanex, which outputs enormous AoE damage without requiring aim, while simultaneously easily applying lots of status effects, and the Acceltra, which also outputs enormous AoE damage without requiring much aim, a new Warframe releases and everything is undertuned to err on the side of caution. 

For Gauss this means...

1.) Mach Rush has too high energy cost

2.) Mach Rush does nothing for offense unless an enemy is standing next to a wall

3.) Mach Rush has very little damage and impact radius

4.) Kinetic plating has too short a duration

5.) Kinetic plating doesn't generate enough energy

6.) Kinetic Plating consumes too much battery.

7.) Redline is too difficult to charge, which also leads to

8.) Redline having too short a duration


Also, if I understand this correctly, thermal sunder does damage based on the amount of battery charge. If that is the case, does Redline's overclocking, which basically doubles the battery capacity, also affect Thermal Sunder? If not, it should.

It makes sense to apply brakes when a Warframe has abilities with massive AoE, like Saryn's spores, but Gauss really needs to have the restraints loosened. Mach Rush in particular should, under no circumstance, be the only channelled ability in the game that -isn't- affected in its energy cost by Ability Duration. It's his harmless bread and butter, and he should be free to spam that thing as much as possible to keep his gameplay flowing, as opposed to grinding it to a halt every minute on account of running out of energy. 

Redline mostly feels good, but it does need to be said that its also a bit of a struggle to get it running. More than it deserves to be, anyway.

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I'd like to make an update on my previous post:

1. 3d ability is terrible. It's not even the question of elemental damage. Freezing enemies solid is actually good. But 12 meters at rank 20? Seriously? You can't even cover a small room with such a low radius. It's way tooooooo small for CC. And especially on frame whose mechanics are all about moving around fast. You cast it. One rush — you're out of range. It is a stationary ability with such a small radius that a sole cast of 1st get you out of there. This is not simply inreliable, this is just stupid by concept. This is the only CC that Gauss have and it's really bad just because of the radius.
I suggest you make its radius at least 20 meter at rank 30.

Design: it is bad as well. This is stationary ability with small radius. And it requires two casts to be effective. You give it to a frame who must be constantly running around. You give it to a frame whose survival and effectiveness (Redline is extremly long to fully charge) depends on movement. And you make it useless except you cast if twice. This is just bad by design. I could understand if you'd be able to freeze enemies with single cast while running. It might be great in some cases. But as it is implemented now: you have to stop, perform 1st cast, perform 2nd cast, kill enemies. All this takes a lot of time and is disadvantageous considering battery mechanics. Not to mention pure elemental fire damage which is completely useless and consumes your battery. No one would ever want to use it.
It could be a CC in cases when you actually need to stop, but its radius is insufficient to rely on that ability, its only useful mechanics is freeze, but again it's too long and cannot be performed on the run, because it requires 2 casts to do something.

All together this is badly designed, badly synergised and barely useful.


2. Acceltra. Self damage as it is implemented is bad. We've been saying that. But here it's been taken on a whole new level. You make a weapon with deadly projectiles becoming extremely dangerous to player on 7 meters range. And you make it a signature weapon for a frame who is constantly bound to rush forward surely overtaking these projectiles? Should I explain why this is stupid? I've been really careful while using acceltra on Gauss. Once this S#&amp;&#036; is in your hands running forward and ramming enemies is the least thing you want to do. It can simply one-shot you no matter how much armor you put.
What were you thinking? Is it fun to be killing yourself by design?

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My Gauss is still crafting in the foundry, but I do have some thoughts on his two weapons.

Acceltra: for the most part I like this weapon a lot. Fun to use, good AOE, looks awesome, deals good damage. The tiny ammo pool surprisingly didn't bother me too much, and I found myself quickly settling into the rhythm of clearing out a group of enemies, running in to get the ammo they dropped, and shooting another group. One thing I do notice is that the explosion seems to push enemies away. This doesn't seem to be an impact proc, enemies are physically moved away from the explosion while not being stunned. This makes it hard to land consistent direct hits because enemies keep moving away from your crosshairs in random directions. Whether it's a bug or a feature, this pushback effect needs to be removed.

Akarius: these weapons look amazing. Seriously, the arcing laser effect is the best-looking weapon projectile VFX I've seen in this game. HOWEVER, the reload time as it stands is absolutely intolerable given its effective magazine of 5 shots (2 rounds per shot). Even factoring the sprinting mechanic, the % uptime of this weapon just feels bad. Also, I actually feel the small ammo pool in this case, because of the tiny magazine size. Wasting even a single shot feels extremely punishing because you are one step closer to that long reload, and because that one shot represents almost 7% of your entire ammo pool.

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Gauss and his weapons admittedly look bad in paper, but out on the field his set might not be the most viable but you sure as heck will enjoy using him and his tools.

The only downside for me is the forced use of carrier to just keep the ammo pools up and running, and on high end survival you will struggle to get more ammunition compared to the amount of damage dealt with the weapons.


As for suggestions for the 3rd ability, id turn it into an aura on which he absorbs/releases ambient energy from the atmosphere rather than a stationary AoE. It has already low range and it gets even smaller overtime as well as the short duration, which lends it to not be very effective in locking down areas... So it might as well be dragged along with Gauss, making full use of it with his speed and vast area coverage.

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Pro's and Con's of using Redline

   - gives you a variety of buffs
   - gives arching bolts of electricity when above the red line for extra CC
   - makes Gauss look cool
   - buff gets stronger with power duration instead of strength

   - costs way too much energy for a simple buff and little bit of CC
   - short duration, you can't use it to it's full potential, even if it's about to run out
   - you can't extend/refresh the duration like you can do with Chroma's Vex Armor
   - battery drains hella fast if your not constantly moving or spamming Mach Rush -> meaning it will reduce your damage reduction from Kinetic Plating, without it your f*cked in high levels
   - long cast time
   - you need to keep the battery charged to keep the buff at it's maximum
   - trades vital damage reduction for fire rate, attack speed, reload speed and holster speed
   - feels bland and doesn't have a "punch" to it for an ultimate ability
   - is like a worse, knock-off version of Volt's Speed ability
   - "Push Gauss' battery beyond the redline, supercharging his Abilities" where is that so called "supercharging" because I don't see it

Gauss compared to Volt, he has damage reduction and is faster, but that is it. Volt can speed up the entire squad, he can CC like a fothermucker and grows in strength the more enemies there are and he can deploy a shield that negates all damage and can be picked up.

The only thing Gauss has is speed, that is all he has which is reminding me of Burter and it's kinda sad. (DragonBall Z Abridged: Episode 21 - TeamFourStar (TFS) 6:45)

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