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(PC) Disruption Expansion Feedback

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After playing each of the game mods a number of times I have some feedback on the given topic listed briefly below.

Mars is alright as it currently is. The spawns are working perfectly fine & consistent especially for lower mr players. It should be good for their difficulty level. It's well balanced from rewards to the actual mechanics.

Jupiter is alright I guess. I find the map tileset here great. The rewards on the other hand are sort of lackluster specifically because of the hexenon drops being included in the rotation rewards. The mobs on the map honestly spawn more than enough of it from drops to account for taking it off. 

Uranus being a midtier planet is fine imo regarding the credit drops that occur, the mobs spawn plenty although for a Darksector & for the amount of mobs the amount of polymer that drops is confusing as the survival should not drop more than a disruption mission with infested enemies. Especially when infested enemies have naturally just more spawns. 

20 minutes of survival on Uranus I can receive upwards of 18,000 Polymer(resource booster)
20 minutes of Disruption on Uranus with a resource booster & the 25% since it's a dark sector you get roughly 10k. 

Neptune is okay for its rewards as it's not an end game planet imo. Mob spawns were fine as well.

Lua is absolutely perfect. Only thing that could be better is wave 20+ there's sometimes a demolisher that doesn't actually spawn

Kuva - This needs to be either completely reworked to "randomly move with the fortress and other kuva maps) or alternatively rework it entirely. I'll explain below.
The spawns are very poor in numbers and needs a huge increase. 
The spawnpoints of the demolysts often are incredibly far away from the conduit, and if they are close they are sometimes increasingly further away than some of the farther spawns because the quick path to the conduit is a locked door so the demolyst needs to run down 5 hallways. In no way possible is this an efficient method to farm Kuva. It's by far, as of this moment, the worst possible method and it's completely inferior in every single way to the Survival variant(same as on Uranus). 
Spawns: it's almost 2 - 1 in regards to spawn numbers for survival
Map layout: Survival goes 3 in one room then moves to the next. Disruption is the same 4 conduits and they are often in very weird places that require constant parkour to get to or in general it's not in an ease of access both for the players and the ai. I've seen the ai completely bug out trying to go downstair cases and fall into the holes in the tile set because they were coming to one of the points. 
Gains: Survival I can get about 20,000 kuva in 30minutes along with a great number of resources. In Disruption it's almost half of that. 

Things I've tried:
Map nuking => this makes it not effective because you now need to run down the endless hallways for the kuva drops
Map nuking 2.0 => Kill everything, wait for cat buffs and then go pick it up to maximize gains. The kuva drops eventually despawn. (even waiting for booster it was still worse by far)
Waiting at conduit => Took too long because of the navigation issues I've previously mentioned and it's just not efficient in general.
Waiting at conduit and rushing to the demolyst => same issue
Speed starting the conduits => still much slower than survival
waiting to put all the keys in at the same time => the slowest method

I was originally of the opinion that if you added the Kuva drops from the demolysts to the end of round points(and allowed the booster to effect the drops(not the round reward) then it may actually be worth speed running it to keep it a bit better, but not by much, than kuva survival making both effective. Although further opinions regarding the tile set being a constant annoyance from their spawns has led me to think 3x3 in the same room is still more efficient.

I hope you consider moving it around as it would make it more efficient although if that's not in the cards, the kuva drops should be added to the end of round rewards to at least compensate the tileset, the team coordination requirements, the speed running, and more importantly to make it worthwhile to go. Until a change occurs I don't believe I'll be going back as it's not worth my time when kuva survival is just twice better. 


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Mars - while mostly fine for its level and place in the starchart, it does give new players an unusually early and efficient way of getting Neo relics, and getting to further parts of the starchart where they can drop has always been part of the incentive to progress. Seeing as getting Liths is downright impossible in disruption unless you fail on purpose, and after the first two rounds the same applies to Mesos, I'd say that Mars Disruption should be limited to Lith and Meso. That way the reward progression seen elsewhere isn't broken by this node, and we get a Disruption node that can be used to farm lower relics.

Jupiter - This one is an absolute mess right now. It's by far the hardest one due to Corpus' high damage, frequent nullifiers and the added challenge of amalgam units, yet the rewards are the worst. Hexenon and mods that everyone will have dozens of after a while just from enemy drops clutter the reward table, ensuring that no one will want to go there. Difficulty-wise, this one would be the most fitting one to offer Axi relics, but considering the presence of Amalgams, perhaps it should have some kind of unique reward instead.

Uranus - Seems fine. Consistent Neo relics and polymer drops make it a decent farming spots. Weapon blueprints are demolisher drops instead of diluting the rotation rewards, which is nice. Infested are the least challenging faction for this game mode, so I'd say the rewards are adequate.

Neptune - a good idea to offer more ways to farm credits. However, you seem to be missing one 0 in the rewards. It's a joke compared to even Low Index, which is a shame because it's more engaging and Corpus are strong enough to deserve having good rewards.

Sedna - at this point in the starchart, it really would be reasonable to start giving players Axi relics. Gauss' blueprints would get in the way of that, however. There are two possible solutions - either move them to be demolisher drops like the weapons, or make them rotation B rewards. When all conduits are protected, B is guaranteed for the first two rounds, beyond that it's C. So people who want to farm Gauss could just restart after second round, anyone who wants Axi relics would stay longer for rotation C.

Lua - Frankly, Lua Lenses are a very bland and uninspired reward (yet another marginal improvement in focus conversion that requires me to somehow have spare lenses of the previous on hand, how exciting. Also, isn't capping out the daily limit in ESO fast enough already with an Eidolon Lens?). Perhaps I'd feel differently if focus itself wasn't an underwhelming and arduous system, with the exception of a select few nodes, but it is what it is. As it stands, anyone would be better off spending time on Eidolons than this, as they offer meaningful rewards on top of focus (and the focus they give isn't subject to daily caps, unlike the one gained from lenses.) You mentioned wanting to make some of the oldest vaulted primes permanently - Lua, with its time anomalies, would be a fitting place to do so

Kuva - The idea is sound. The execution is not. There's no way around it - Disruption has to be more rewarding than Survival. Kuva Survival can be farmed at maximum efficiency by one person who's watching TV at the same time. Disruption requires you to pay attention and be proactive. It's common sense that the latter should be more rewarding than the former, yet currently it's the other way around.

Disruption in Arbitrations - Now this is just right, finally a viable alternative to Excavation. While time per rotation is similar, ultimately Excavation is probably still better as demolishers' tankiness is a hard limiter for extremely long runs, and besides Excavation also offers cryotic, in case anyone still needs that. No changes necessary.

Universal Medallion - Now this is a welcome and useful reward, unlike the Lua Lenses. However, at 5% drop chance per round, it'd take a lifetime to get enough of them to get anything done. And I can guarantee that what most people will want them for is getting the conclave rewards without ever touching conclave, so in the end they just end up tantalizing rather than helping.

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On 2019-08-30 at 12:03 AM, Midas said:

Solution 2 (Hard): Either remove the duplication of key drops or increase the key spawn rate. Either of these options will benefit the player's team for competitive play! Please provide more Kuva for 4 keys all at once on rotation C. (at least 1500). This will increase the amount of rounds as well as the scaling of enemy level.

You can pick up the keys and carry them over into the next round. It gets at least one node up and running straight away while waiting for other keys to drop.

It is also an anti-troll mechanism: if one player holds onto a key, but doesn't use it, then the round can't progress.

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2 hours ago, HypoTherm said:

You can pick up the keys and carry them over into the next round. It gets at least one node up and running straight away while waiting for other keys to drop.

It is also an anti-troll mechanism: if one player holds onto a key, but doesn't use it, then the round can't progress.

I see, the first part of this statement I utilize (holding keys into the next round). I agree on the trolling part but I rarely see another player trolling in warframe. Increasing key spawn rate will be a good idea (mainly for Kuva Disruption).

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Apollo, Lua is probably my favorite arbitration currently. Corpus are my favorite faction to fight in arbitrations for the challenge of it.
I'm not a fan of disruption thematically, how it's explained in-universe, but gameplay-wise I've noticed and appreciate that disruption has certain strengths over modes like survival, defense, and interception, particularly by taking their strengths and shedding their weaknesses. 

Observations regarding the combined strengths of Disruption, in comparison to other modes:


I'm pretty happy with Disruption on a mechanical level. Still uncomfortable about how it's justified in-universe.

Re: The in-universe lore behind Disruption: The conduits should probably be Tenno-tech, it should seem like something the Tenno want to do and that helps their cause. Helping Alad V with his dangerous amalgam research is strange enough on its own in its original Jovian home, let alone how it's across the star chart now with the same sorts of conduits. True to its name, it should probably be a sort of disruptive distraction for that background Tenno operative (from survival missions) that's always looting things for you. The player Tenno can be said to be getting comms ciphers from enemies (keys), plugging it into Tenno-tech disruptor/jammer conduits, and thus being a distraction. The buffs/debuffs could be a combination of background operatives pulling strings as well as enemies conspiring to sabotage the Tenno presence.

P.S. I also appreciate that Disruption arbitrations are more forgiving when squaddies go down, as you have the luxury of time to find drones and accrue revive tokens between conduits.

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On 2019-08-31 at 3:52 AM, Kwikwilyaqa said:

Stop suggesting that Gauss have his parts in 3 locations instead of only one. He's not accessible to "new players" either (need Cetus, Fortuna, Void and Jupiter grind).

Now, remove all parts from his disruption to a lesser disruption node? Fine. But moving each part to a distinct disruption you are just causing a filler reward to be added to that node - that will be avoided in the "future". I'll not return to his node because rot C is a dead spot with no rewards after you farm him. Do this with 3 disruptions and this update is ruined.

I would rather have 3 nodes slightly impacted by one 10% drop than a single node made worthless by 30% of the drop table being dead rewards.  Plus, it becomes frustrating to get every piece but on the one you need.  However...

On 2019-08-31 at 7:51 PM, squirrel_killer- said:

Move Gauss to be demolyst drops on Sedna, move his drop chances to be 5% for BP, 33.33% chance for each part and just call it a day. He will take roughly the rework relic tiering, and better explain the rotation mechanics to players in game or maybe just indicate this by just having a reward quality indicator on the HUD.

Rework Uranus to be the Endo node as a mid game endo farm.

This is easily the better alternative I totally support.  I've always considered Oberon to be a fascinating concept because he can be acquired without ever considering farming him.  Similarly, most players probably get a Harrow Chassis before they get remotely close to finishing the quest for his blueprint.  Ash is a bit worse than Oberon due to the conditional nature of Manics spawning.  Putting Gauss's parts into the drops of the demolysts, the mission objectives, sounds like a fine idea to me.  Aside from the new weapons on Uranus, I've never really considered paying attention to the demolyst drops.  Similarly to Oberon, having him as boss drops would just make it a pleasant source of surprise income when I get around to selling the amassed parts rather than an annoyance that I didn't get a reward I was aiming for instead.

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16 hours ago, Midas said:

I see, the first part of this statement I utilize (holding keys into the next round). I agree on the trolling part but I rarely see another player trolling in warframe. Increasing key spawn rate will be a good idea (mainly for Kuva Disruption).

Yep - same here. I don't recall seeing an issue in mobile defense either (except that one time I was so caught up in the combat that I forgot I was carrying the key).

Abuse of gameplay mechanics being what it is, it is good to be able to design around it though.

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On 2019-08-29 at 2:31 PM, [DE]Danielle said:

This thread will be used to house your feedback on the 6 new Disruption mode locations from Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0. Each feature new Debuffs appropriate for their setting, varying difficult, and new rewards throughout! They can be found at the following locations: 

  • Grineer Settlement - Mars, Olympus
  • Corpus Outpost - Neptune, Laomedeia
  • Grineer Galleon - Sedna, Kelpie (Grineer)
  • Grineer Galleon -  Uranus, Ur (Infested)
  • Grineer Kuva Fortress - Kuva Fortress, Tamu
  • Lua - Lua, Apollo (Corpus)

Before posting feedback on the expansion be sure to spend enough time in each of the new Disruption missions! Once you feel you have, and would like to share your thoughts, expand the spoilers below for a fast guide from a Dev side to write good, useful feedback. A well constructed and thought out post is the way to go! 

  Reveal hidden contents


1. Keep it simple
Write simple, directed points about the topic you feel strongly about. Remember to be constructive and to the point.

2. Back it up
Support your points with concrete points. X has better stats than Y. This ability is less useful when considering X. Provide in-game situational evidence or a solid foundation for your argument to rest upon.

3. Be polite

The best feedback occurs when two people discuss opposing viewpoints to find a constructive middle ground. Discussion is a natural part of feedback! Ensuring that it is polite and without personal attacks is key. We’re far less inclined to listen to feedback filled with personal attacks and rude speech. We are all trying our best!

The Forums can be an amazing tool when used correctly. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new Disruption missions! 


Need to report a bug? Visit the Saint Of Altra Bug Reporting megathread.

thanks for the update.

my thoughts are very simple.

all missions (not just disruption, but that can be the start) need to scale rewards.
enemies get tougher and more spawn as time goes on, but players are not rewarded as such.

If players are not able to choose the starting difficulty, they should at least be rewarded for sitting around for so long on the lower levels to be fair.

Grineer Kuva Fortress - should have 5/10/15 kuva at 1.5/1/0.5% chance added to all enemies drop tables (or at least some) (that work with boosters) (it is where all the kuva farming goes on and its only logical to have it in the drop tables)
making demolysts drop kuva was a good start
the reason for this minor change, is to alleviate some of the complaints about farming kuva

repeat rotation rewards should be increased (on all endless missions) exactly like relics opened.
stronger enemies should drop more resources
stronger enemies should have higher chances for drops (even if it is something like 0.05% per level)

when i spend hours in a mission, i would like to know that im getting more rewards or higher chances to get something, than to just repeat the low levels and suffer for an hour before things get interesting. this makes me less interested in continuing to play.

literally nothing scales like it should in the players benefit, and that is not really fair to the players spending years of their life playing and/or paying for virtual content.
people would be more interested in supporting with purchases if they are given a reason to.

i hope what i have said sheds some light on new ideas for improvements

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DE, it has to come to a stop. You have to accept that kuva missions NEEDS to scale. Disruption even more. You advertised it as a mode for end game players. Where's the end game rewards? Disruption as of now gives less Kuva than survival, which is absolute non sense.

Scaling level? Scaling rewards. How is this so hard to understand ?

Vets wants something WORTH. THEIR. TIME. kuva is the only thing left to farm once you did everything, and yet you still make it painfully slow for no. God. Damn. Reason. You'll have to accept that to make GOOD kuva rewards in endless, it needs both to be high, and scaling. TRULY scaling. It should scale at the same time the timer goes, and as enemies scales too. You need to stop hiding from the truth and admit it. It's about time.

"For end game players" yeah right... So how about getting end game scaling rewards, huh? The present situation is NOT normal. At all. Can you see it?

Exemple : after a certain number of rotation ( let's say 8? ) You start getting enough kuva to do one rotation of a riven that has been rolled 10 times. So at rotation 9, you start hitting a max scaling. Each rotation gives you 3550 kuva, or the amount required to roll a riven that reached the highest roll requirement ( I think it's this amount? ). THIS will make it worthy to stay, way more than Kuva survival, fir those who truly dedicate their time to it. We want a GOOD kuva reward, and until that point, it will never be enough. What I propose is away to reward players who really goes the extra miles. Making kuva earning as slow as a turtle is not a good way to incite players to interact with your rivens. Mature up, stop being stubborn, and embrace the true kuva farm for what it is, what it needs, and what it needs to be.

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I have mixed feelings about Disruption as a game mode. On one hand, the moment-to-moment gameplay loop is pretty fun, and I like hope your focus keeps changing from going on the offensive to generate keys and then grouping up to defend a point. On the other hand, the mode puts way too much focus on killing the Demolishers and they get so much health that it's bit of a gear check, which is something that was happily missing from most areas of this game up till now. Also, "intercepting minibosses" could be so much cooler than just shooting a beefed-up version of a normal enemy as he runs single-mindedly towards a target. Also also, it makes no sense - why can only Demolishers hurt conduits? Why do they only send one per conduit? Why can't normal enemies do anything to stop us? Why do they give the normal enemies keys? Why even send normal enemies? I can't help but feel like this mode could be much improved.

But leaving that aside, the rewards of the nodes we got in this expansion are just awful:

  • The unique reward structure has no appeal because Neo relics are available on rotation A of most Axi farming locations. Being able to get rotation C on repeat isn't helpful if it gives something that we get on rotation A elsewhere.
  • The drop tables are diluted by items like Gauss blueprints and the parkour-focused set mods which the player only needs to find once. This encourages players to abandon the node and never come back after getting them. Uranus Disruption has a good solution to this problem, Jupiter and Sedna should follow suit.
  • Relatedly, if Mars is meant to be scaled for newer players, why does it give better odds for a Neo relic than Sedna?
  • The unique rewards for Disruption are too rare and have too little value to draw people to the node. The medallions need to drop more consistently and should probably be worth more standing as well. You can't reasonably get more than a handful of them at 5% drop chance and you wouldn't want to try because they only give 1k standing each.
  • The Lua Lens is just boring.
  • Neptune Disruption's drop table is a joke. A 70% chance to get only 20k credits or less per round is not acceptable. This isn't even about being bad compared to the Index; Dark Sector Survivals award the player more than that on mission completion even when just running around for five minutes.
  • Kuva Disruption requires a lot more coordination and effort than Kuva Survival for basically the same return, only Kuva Survival also gives regular rotation rewards including Axi relics. Why, then, would I ever run Kuva Disruption?
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2 hours ago, Hera.Ci said:

Kuva Disruption requires a lot more coordination and effort than Kuva Survival for basically the same return

Correction: Kuva survival rewards twice the amount of Kuva for half the work/time spent in Disruption. I'm not saying Taveuni is good by any measure, it's not, but unfortunately it's the only place aside Floods that offers the charitable Kuva crumbs.

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I'm quickly getting burned out on this mode far more than any other mode in the game and yet I've not played it anywhere near as much as any of the other game modes.

The main problem is the demolysts and the 'threat' that they pose.  The only challenge to the demolysts is their health pool.  How much damage they do is irrelevant since they one shot the target.  So the only escalation of difficulty that happens in Disruption is that it takes longer to kill the demolysts.  The mode does not get more intense, it just gets slower.

Another problem with the demolysts is that, until you get to the point that a demolyst becomes too spongy, only 1 player is ever contributing to completing a console.  For the most part, it only takes 1 player to kill a demolyst, which means that the contribution of all of the other players is irrelevant.  You're either the only useful one because you're lucky enough to go where the demolyst spawns or you're everyone else, uselessly picking off ads.

Lastly, and of least concern, the key drops are horribly inconsistent.  I don't know if its the spawns of the enemy that drops the keys is inconsistent or if its the drop itself, but either way, the keys are either pouring out or are like drawing water from a rock.  I think you should just eliminate the keys, let players directly activate the consoles.

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To resume my feeling about disruption, as usual you are afraid to give us actual reward or any form of challenge without spending 2 hours in a mission.


Challenge :

First of all, yes disruption is not new, yes it was already like that on jupiter. But still its an expansion, and we still arent, like you say, rewarded on performance, we are rewarded on just completing the objective. Killing demolyst should be the bare minimum expected not some kind of bonuses. Getting c reward for failing 1/4 of the objective is not acceptable, getting b reward for failing 3/4 of the objectives is even less. We dont get reward when we get 25 control in interception, we dont get a reward when we defend 2 waves in defences, we dont get reward for surviving 1m30,  so why we should in disruption?


So instead of the actual system, put a time limit to get your bonus. Like killing demo in 20 sec (would need some tests to find a correct value) after putting the key to get a better reward.

The new rewards with this system could be something like that : 0/4 = b, 1/4 = c, 2/4 = c, 3/4 = b+c, 4/4 = c+c

So it would be a b reward for completing the objectives without bonuses and double rewards for perfect run. It could be too much but high challenge should provide better rewards. You could make 4+ rotations bcbc (considering c reward with one bonus is a c rotation) instead of the current infinite c. B rotation could be something like that : 0/4 = a, 1/4 = b, 2/4 = b, 3/4 = b+b, 4/4 = b+c

Starting with 4+ rotations could be good too, the system i suggest is really more about challenge and scalling reward, so we dont need a warm up for that.


But killing the demo faster is not such a big deal especially when conduit are just invulnerable, like we dont have anything to do outside of hunting the demo once we put the key. And demo arent that tanky and can easily be cc. So yeah making conduit vulnerable could be a good idea. An increase of key drop rate would be good too, i dont want nekros or any loot frame to be meta again, we should be here to protect the conduit and kill demos, not to slaughter 100 enemies to get a key.

Also allow us to spot the demo from a bit further.


Now lets talk about enemies level.

Why again starting mission level 40... Like we can S#&$ on level 200 enemy easily but we still have to deal with level 40 in new content...

So yeah start it higher, atleast 80 for kuva and also 80 for uranus, since it could be the best axi farming if you go for that and anyways its infested so it doesnt matter so much. Lua could require a higher level if you decide to buff the lens.


Rewards :

They are just bad...

We are already overwhelmed with neos, axi farming gives neo, hydron sedna gives neo a lot of missions already give neo. Just give us axi relics. Its not hard, everyone would be happy to have a good gamemode to farm them instead of afk xini eris. If you are that afraid to give us axi, mix them with neo.

Lua lens are almost useless (and actually easier to farm than eidolon lens). Being able to reach the cap a bit faster is just bad. Having a cap in a first place is bad considering eidolon shard bypass them. So make focus gathered by lua lens not capped. Thats the only way to make them good. Or atleast give them a very higher percent conversion.


Ressources from mars node are bad too, and really too low, you can get more gallium and morphic very easily at this point. Even neurodes arent that bad to get at this point. So yeah if i was a baby tenno i would be very disapointed to get theses rewards. Increase the amount, 5 could be good, and put more ressources : neural sensor and orokin cells. Or even put bigger bundle of more common ressources (plastids could be good at this point). Eventually a second node like that for more ressource later in the star chart.

Anyways im not certain to give a so easy access to neo relics at this point is good. Maybe removing them should be a good idea. So maybe put meso instead, or just more ressource. Some mods would be appreciated too, the rare mods we are supposed to farm in void containers or some nightmare mods, getting animal instinct at this point would be very good.


Now comes Kuva, its just terrible, disruption is far more demanding than afk survival, and yet its slower, like really slower. You need a very good group to be close to a random pub survival and you will still be bellow. And you dont have side rewards. So yeah, kuva survival gives more kuva and some relics. So whats the point to ever go in disruption?

Just increase the amount of kuva we can gather in disruption. Atleast 50% more or even higher (i didnt test it to know how much you should increase it), considering we dont have side rewards, getting more kuva in disruption than in survival is a bare minimum. Buff the kuva on demo kills so we still need a booster. You can eventually put all kuva on kills and give us other rewards in round completion.

Anyways kuva disruption is a bad idea in the first place cause there is a huge difference in effectiveness between organised group and randoms. And if im not wrong you dont want that.


Neptune credits farming is just way too low. Low risk index is 75k credits, why i would ever bother go in disruption for 20/50k.


Finally the last addition, the medaillons, they are just terrible, 5% chance to get 1K. Really? I understand its supposed to be a nice bonus but no, its just very sad to ever drop this, especially in kuva disruption. So yeah first of all, remove it from kuva and then buff it, like really buff it. Or eventually totaly remove it from disruption.


Bug :

All of them are in solo or invite only solo mode. Didnt group or pub any missions.

Demo are open to finisher with naramon dash, didnt test with warframe abilities. Still immune to cover lethality

Grineer demo scalling is bad, they are weaker than normal units

Nox demo doesnt have nox's special damage reduction

Enemies stop spawning or spawn far less in uranus


Conclusion : too easy, not the promise of reward based on performance, pointless rewards for a veteran and nearly pointless for most player, bugged, etc... It took me 6 hours to get everything in solo. Now i have nothing to do until the next mainline, again...

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Well Midas hit the nail firmly on the head with his comments.  DE I hope you are listening.  I have smashed the disruption modes as we really enjoy it but the Kuva rewards are just too low to use it as a Kuva farm, the Kuva rewards here need a big buff at least double whats coming out atm.  The other nodes are just really sub standard rewards and will be quickly forgotten.  Kuva is the required resource so let boosters and smeetas work and buff the amount so we can get a reasonable amount of Kuva..please 🙂

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On 2019-09-04 at 2:32 AM, Saravis said:

let players directly activate the consoles.

this i can agree would be a good idea, IF the consoles are closer together.
The reason being that i have played a lot of disruption and there is too many games that not everyone can deal the required damage, so people will run into problems were consoles are destroyed if too many are active at the same time and majority of the squad can not kill the demolysts.

this idea ASSUMES that everyone can deal the required damage, which is not the case unless its an organized squad.

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So since the universal medallions has been made completely worthless, disruptions really really need new and different rewards. Just copypasting the same relics tiers in each and every disruption is just a bad joke at this point since everyone and their mother is drowning in neo relics. If you want them to be relevant relic missions they need axi relics.

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I would like to address the issue of kuva disruption being inferior to the arguably easier and more rewarding mode of kuva survival. In kuva disruption you get less kuva per minute on average than you do in survivals (I do believe it is roughly 200 kuva per minute in disruption and survival is a bit more or is roughly the same however survival can be affected by boosters whereas the rational kuva rewards in disruption cannot, ultimately making the output of kuva in survival higher with many players using boosters themselves for the highest quantity of rewards like it should equally be in all modes), disruption arguably being a harder gamemode than survival aswell, making this an issue. My suggestion to fix this would to be to up the kuva reward from demolyst drops by 50-100 and do the same for the rotation rewards aswell. Since imo it is a harder mode I would allow the rotation reward of kuva to also be affected by boosters just like survival. This would be my more opinionated suggestion atleast on the topic of boosters and how i believe disruption being harder imo, should give it a higher reward I hope you take this reply as something you may take into consideration as the improvements to disruption were ok but I feel could still use improvements in the rewards department.

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En 30/8/2019 a las 13:33, Xaelroa dijo:

No. This does not need to happen. Disruption is already tedious and unfun for a lot of folks at current because the overly borked scaling of jupiter rework and orb vallis enemies resulted in "if you aren't meta you can't play" which in warframe translates to "can't drop 300 dollars on the top tier rivens and haven't spent every credit earned from your 600 hours in the steaming garbage that is index into every mod you own? you don't get to get to play the content then"

Level 40 enemies is fine. It makes the mode available for people who don't or can't waste money on being boxed into one of the four "always the meta" frames. It should stay that way for once rather than catering to meta crowds yet again. The problem becomes even worse if you are stuck playing solo because of previously mentioned issues.

If you don't like Disruption it is ok, but saying that lvl 40 are ok, dayum.

That would be like me saying  to DE to stop dropping fashion ,personally I would love that, but half of community would say " how dare you saying that", and also I don't know what is good for DE in that aspect.

This is the same thing , just because personally you don't want something it doesn't mean nobody else wants it, at least let DE try.

Also I have made a +1hr Dusruption in Sedna with a Nyx ( no formas, no adaptation ) and an unrivered Tigris prime, what  I am trying to say is that you don't even need the "Meta" or the Godly Rivens to make it far, at least from what I know Nyx isn't meta.

Also there is not even a point in doing +20 min in this gamemode, just the difficulty that scales faster than MOT and it is actually fun, and if you don't like that you can simply not play that gamemode.

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On 2019-08-29 at 10:14 PM, Grey_Star_Rival_Defender said:

Please remove the mission fail timer on Syndicate Disruption missions! It's a Syndicate mission, I can regularly take upwards of 20 minutes to look for all 8 Medallions in solo without an Ignis with punchthrough / Limbo. I got 6 before the timer kicked in and I left.

In addition the 20% Rotation C reward of the Neptune Disruption node rewards less credits than the 25% and the 50% or something rewards according to the wiki. The other two rotation's lowest chance reward gives more credits than the higher chance ones, seems like a bug.

do all the conduits then don't extract, the timer wont start that way

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Do you really have to make the universal medallion even more useless??? It pathetically gives 1K standing per piece and now what?! can't even exchange for conclave cosmetics?  The disruption drop table is already underwhelming and now even the rotation C, 5% drop chance, super rare universal medallion is also garbage? You might as well just remove this garbage totally and give us an axi relic if it cant be truly  "universal". 

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