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Helmet Stat Fix, "hotfixible"


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Dear DE,


I would like to address your latest stream in the most respectful and upright way i can pertaining to helmet stats.


First: Do not remove them from the game, they already play a large roll in a persons personal selection of a Warframe as they are both cosmetic and functional.


Second: Upon buying for finishing a craft of an alternate helmet; give the user the option, though a pop-up window, of choosing from a list of stats that are already in the game. This serves two purposes.

     1. The player picks their permanent non-revertible stats.

     2. DE will not be held responsible for the players choice and it will allow the continuation of stat infused helmets to the game along with more customization options.


Thirdly: Each stat would originate form the predetermined stats we already have in the game : IE: Trinity's first alternate helmet stat of +25% Efficiency  / -5% Health


Visual example:





Thank you for reading.


Diction of the Black Steel Brotherhood Clan.





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Steve already said (I  think in the stream before the most recent one) that the current set of helmets wouldn't be losing their stats, for the exact reason that people have bought them expressly for the stats.


My idea is to have helmets and their stats work like sentinels and their weapons.  Each helmet comes with its own stat module, which can be swapped out or removed.  That way which helmet you equip can be a purely cosmetic choice--as it should be--while still having the stats you like, and if you already bought a helmet for its stats, your purchase isn't invalidated, because the only way to get that stat module is still to get the helmet that comes with it.

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Or make it even simpler.


After you craft a helmet you can transfer it stats between ALL helms.

Or use it without stats.


For example, I really love to use the Gambit helmet (i like the look) but the power duration nerf is horrible.

I don't mind using it stat less but I can't now.

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The stats present on helms should simply be disassociated with the helms, and absorbed into a new mechanic, like Artifacts -> Auras. These items can remain in the alert system, while helms are removed as purely cosmetic, plat-only items at a price consistent with syandanas. DE needs to step up their cosmetic offerings. Reskins of existing 'frames and weapons instead of new 'frames and weapons, for instance, while they balance what they've got.

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