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Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0

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Thanks for the update!
Some content expansion is always nice to see, specially in other tilesets!
Also Harrow deluxe, amazing!

A good quality of life enhancement would be allowing players to queue their foundry builds.
As an example, most speedrunners, eidolon hunters or orb hunters do need items such as Squad Energy Restores and Ciphers to properly do their runs. I know we do have x10 blueprints, but sometimes those x10 blueprints are not enough. In a topic has been said x100 blueprints will be available, but the playership would like a queue-based system in the foundry, maybe a foundry segment, which allows, before the crafting, how many times that item would be crafted at once. This because as players we do like to play content, star chart, defenses, eidolons, speedruns, endurance runs... and it's not a great experience staying behind the foundry every minute to get 10 items and then recraft them again, since the foundry can not be used while in mission and the mobile app disconnects not allowing players to build in foundry while playing. This way allows to schedule how many items to craft sequentially. Example: crafting 10 Ciphers asks the player 3600 Ferrite, 3600 Nano Spores and 9000 Credits. Before accepting the build costs, a popup should ask me "how many times this item will be crafted?" and upon response, as an example 8, it will ask 28800 Ferrite, 28800 Nano Spores and 72000 credits, waiting 8 minutes instead of one, this will allow players to enjoy playing the game and then redeem their items at once.

We do also have a lot of weapons, which is awesome! Everyone has a weapon for his playstyle, variety. A problem with this, is limiting this variety to hitscan weapons when it comes to Eidolon hunting. Upon spawning, any Eidolon is hittable only through hitscan weapons, and many weapons such as Lanka and Euphona Prime are limited because they can't be used, it's not a good experience forcing the player to run specific weapons such as Rubico or Vectis to perform quicker Eidolon runs. This bug came up in April and it was never fixed. Solving this would allow players to use their variety back again.

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