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Saint of Altra: Update 25.7.0

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Still no fix for the Pyrana Prime dual animation... but you fix something like this:

  • Fixed missing swing trail FX on the Nikana Tekelu Skin.
  • Fixed Quatz clip disappearing if you interrupted reload at just the right time.
  • Fixed the Pataga Sugatra being unaffected by colour channels when equipped on the Ninkondi or Ninkondi Prime.

are you serious?

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15 hours ago, SpagHeddy said:

A good quality of life enhancement would be allowing players to queue their foundry builds.


This because as players we do like to play content, star chart, defenses, eidolons, speedruns, endurance runs... and it's not a great experience staying behind the foundry every minute to get 10 items and then recraft them again, since the foundry can not be used while in mission and the mobile app disconnects not allowing players to build in foundry while playing.

A much simpler and easier solution would be to stop forcing the mobile app to logout an active play session.  In other words, allow 1 game and 1 mobile login per user.  This way we could queue up builds on our phones while playing on our PCs or consoles.  I really don't see a downside to this and it would be very helpful.

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Nice Diffused Glass effect on a soft / matted metal surface.

Reflections have always looked kinda bad in Warframe, esp their point origin location but this looks awful.

EDIT:  To be a little more detailed. Specular lighting and shadows are being drawn well from what I can see.however the reflection is quite wrong for the visible surface area. This could be a texture problem in that the metal of the console looks rather plastic, well as the floor and should not be producing a reflection of this nature which is more kin to fast rippling water or a rough mirrored surface. I run at 3440x1440p so it doesn't really get more detailed than this and perhaps that's part of the flaw as I'm betting Warframe still uses lower resolution texture maps.

TLTR: The reflecting diffusion does not match the surface.

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17 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed for certain Beam weapons playing the wrong weapon hit FX when hitting enemies in the head.

Woot thank you!  Makes me happy you guys solved this issue that I reported.  Proof that DE listens.  😃

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“Grove Guardian”, kill Silver Grove Specters, will now require The Silver Grove Quest be completed.

Okay that's just BS! I was able to kill the Silver Grove Specters just fine, without having to do that horrible quest.

And why on Earth is that quest MR7 locked anyways? Aruuhg.

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18 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:



As part of the new rendering tech we showcased during TennoLive, we’ve implemented a few upgrades that are ready for your viewing pleasure! Metallic surfaces, such as gold and steel (etc), are improved across the whole game to respond better to lights and reflections. This boasts the detail and depth that were always there but hard to see. If you notice any areas or objects that are brighter than expected please let us know!





The BEFORE version looks much better!  Chrome is supposed to be shiny! Burnished aluminum is ugly!

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the new metallic texture looks great on things that are supposed to be ratty and scuffed metal- like grineer metal objects and some corpus and other stuff like that. it really looks great when its grody old scuffed metal on some ratty rough'n'tumble grineer ship! it looks disgusting though when its on, say, the gold of prime frames and items and orokin objects, which are supposed to look luxurious and glossy

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The kuva disruption is just a bad joke right? It's nowhere near the unboosted amounts for kuva survival... 50 for 1 demolyst? and 100/200/350(which are unaffected by boosters) per rotation? Sorry, this ain't it chief. And I thought the survival was horrible in terms of kuva/hour.... 
After I get all the Gauss parts and the weapons, I don't think I'll have a reason to go back to disruption. Ever.

When will you realize that you need to "revisit" your older stuff? Like arbis and eso? Is it good for you that you drop "content", then vets can just complete it about a few days, and completely abandon it afterwards? Wake up, and smell the ashes, DE! Wakey wakey!

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On 2019-08-31 at 1:08 AM, ScoutInTheNight said:

Thank you for increasing my Riven capacity to include the two daily reward increases that hadn't applied when I was already at 90!  That was a pleasant surprise.

Damn, I didn't get mine, I'll relook when I log back on, last I looked after update I was still at 90 slots even though the last milestone one I got not long ago was the 3 rivens plus the slots, which were not able to be applied because of I was already at 90 limit..

I see also the metallic and prisma skins are broke, my ship looks horrid now, DE will fix it in time I hope.

Thanks DE for the new game content, makes for a nice change, already farmed the frame and weapons. 🙂

edit: woohoo got my riven slots above 90 from my milestone thank you DE. 🙂

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Thanking DE for my riven slots
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In my opinion this rendering update is unnecessary and I'd like to see the surfaces and everything regarding the graphics as it was before the update. My ship is like a lighthouse, every interractable console (foundry, mods, incubator, arsenal etc.) and even the ship interrior is so shiny it hurts to look at them. The metallic surfaces look dirty, my frames seems to be rusty and/or filled with fingerprints. I can see how this may appeal to some people, but I'm definetely not one of them, please revert it or give me an option in settings to turn it off.

Everything else is great. mod and look link have been long anticipated. Also, I noticed, that in profile->stats the star chart progress counter has been updated, but star chart xp has not. I don't know if it was intentional, but it seems like the new node does not reward additional xp/mastery point (best of my knowledge every other node does).

Thanks for the update, but please, please revert the graphic changes.

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