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Tramso 4Rares=Common?!


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This just happened with me. 4 rares transmogrified to a common mod! Made a bug report just before I did this post. This is unacceptable and DE clearly stated in the last twitch live that rare ALWAYS gives rare mods!


I'm so pissed right now because I don't have ANY rare mods to spare, ANY! If I transmo I really have to think about it hard, I don't have just a handful of rares!

OMG Seriously this is a hugh cut on me DE, you just cut my nerve system seriously!

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I don't know how many times this has been answerd now.

Either they need to do something about it ( which they do need to ), or people should try and search some more.

Transmute DOES not work if you use the same mod to transmute.

ALWAYS go for 4 different mods, 4 different rare mods will give you a rare.

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When you transmute 4 of the same mods, the game doesn't recognize the other 3 and thinks that you put in one card, just use 4 different cards and you should be fine.



I need a fking drink after reading this. Insane...

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