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Gauss Noble Animation


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I wouldn't be against the "can't stand still" concept if the loop was made more interesting and seamless, but right now, it's jarring how short the animation is, how often it plays and how out of place the end of the animation seems compared to their starting position, completely breaks the flow when it loops back. It really looks like some part of the animation is missing. I think a continuously active loop would have fit better and more naturally. As it is now, the animation feels like it just stops at some point and every limb is just going back to its starting position. 

Seriously, I usually am a patient guy but it took like 6 seconds for me to already have had enough of it and switch to agile... which is curiously way more tame. Go figure.


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Oh. I just noticed that it actually also has an "idle" animation that just breaks into there while Gauss is still in the process of jumping around, interrupting the animation right in the middle of it... yeah something feels completely off with this set but I think a lot of it derives from the fact that the each loop starts from a completely static pose so it lacks that "breathing" effect we have on the other frames.

Otherwise, that's a very cool warframe. :smile:

Edit: when looking at the fingers of the right hand, it looks like the animation is skipping ahead a bit so it may indeed be clipped and why it doesn't flow right.

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