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Long standing bug about Sword and Shields sheathing

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The Saint of Atra patch notes earlier stated: 

On 2019-08-29 at 11:35 PM, [DE]Megan said:

Reduced clipping of Silva & Aegis’s blade with the Danaus Sword & Shield Skin equipped.

I stood confused, however, because no clipping should exist at all, the blade should not even be there but it got broken eons ago by an update (at a wild guess, around the time customizable holsters positions were added). How sheathing worked before on Sword and shield weapons was that the sword was reducing its scale when sheathing it so it became invisible inside the shield part. How it is since is that every Sword and shield weapon just stays stuck awkwardly at full size into the shield model. On the other hand, take a look at Ack & Brunt as it is not bugged and sheathing seems to behave how it's supposed to.

I genuinely think that this bug has gotten so old that the staff themselves have forgot how those weapons' animations are supposed to behave and just assumed that the blade was supposed to be protruding on the Danaus skin when sheathed, hence how we got that surprising "bugfix" about clipping in the patch notes. Could anyone check the design docs and see if it can be rectified? I kinda like shield weapons and this one has been going for so long, I ended up thinking you just completely forgot about it and made my peace.

The list of weapons affected are: Silva & Aegis, Silva & Aegis Prime, Cobra & Crane, and all weapons equipping the Danau Skin. Ack & Brunt and Sigma & Octantis look unaffected.

Still, the fix list that came with the Atra update was impressive. Thanks in advance!






I marked in red the parts that do not belong to the shield model and that did not appear before the bug broke their expected behaviour.

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