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Disruption demolisher pathing somewhat broken

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Last night I had a small problem while I was playing the Sedna disruption. Keyed one terminal during round 3 and I did not see the demolisher anywhere. Once the terminal's timer ran out, I went looking for it (was a bailiff) and found that it was stuck in this room tile near the center on the platform with a couple other regular units. I didn't get an image of it cause I wasn't thinking then. And now, as I'm playing the infested disruption on Ur, it's happened again with a demolisher juggernaut.

EDIT-1: Same tile as the first pathing problem, only the unit gets stuck in the void out area.
EDIT-2: Demolisher bursa is too fat to fit through archways. Demolisher anti-moa has a problem with the side pathways in this room tile on this end.
EDIT-3: Seems like the stereotype for grineer intelligence is correct. Demolisher Kuva guardian can't find it's way around a low-hanging structure.


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