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Ember Build



Hello everyone ! I just buy ember with some plat and i realy need an effective build for her !

i'ts maybe a mistake to  have bought her when she just got nerfed but i realy hope for a future buff :p


PS : my english is bad and i should feel bad (Actualy, i feel bad :'( )

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Ember does not need stretch as WoF has a limit of affecting only 3 enemies at a time, so the sooner one of the affected leaves the area, the sooner next enemy will take damage. And consider this: when using WoF and overheat simultaneously, tougher enemies (e.g. ancients) will be affected by both skills.

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SQLJ1wa.jpg?1 Best build! It only needs two of her moves. Oh, and decent weapons if you can't burn down enemies fast enough. The reduction to Overheat's protection made me sad, but it's still very useful.


Also, if I remember correctly, Stretch is good on ember as she can only affect 3 enemies at a time. But once they get the DoT applied, it seems to move on to other enemies within range, re-applying the DoT if the previously affected is still alive. Also, it's fun standing in the center of a room and watching Grineer run through the door to smack into a wall of fire.

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