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Proposed Fix For Stalker Being A Buggy Pushover


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but as it is also a proposal to fix the buggy stalker, im posting here too!


So we all know the stalker, right?

HE IS A PUSHOVER AND FULL OF BUGS!!!! seriously. here i propose a really fun and functional fix to this:

Impliment a new reward for insane high LVL void defence, im talking like the insane high LVL. only the really skilled players will be getting this (also give it a low drop %). 
Anyway, this reward is a single use key, usable by only 1 person, not a squad, that allows a player to become the stalker (and future mini-bosses). when the key is used, the player gets the load out of the stalker and is randonly entered into a mission to kill a Tenno who has killed a sector boss, just like the current stalker but as a PVP within the level.
The player controlled stalker/mini-boss will still be its own faction, thus taking damage from the AI enemies.


The player controlled stalker/mini-boss will do noticably reduced damage to other Tenno in the target's cell or have a time limit to kill the target or take minor reflected damage it deals to the others in the target's cell. No mod shanges allowed before mission starts AKA fixed gear. (obviously still giving the player controlled stalker a chance!!!!!). there should also be a lock on the target Tenno's cell/squad that stops the target from aborting the mission to make it much more intense (and so the player doesnt aste a stalker key) THERE WILL BE SOME SORT OF PENELTY FOR GAME FORCE QUITS). Also the player controlled stalker is balanced to within a fair LVL range of the target player or a LVL adverage of the target's cell. Obviously the player controloled stalker/mini-boss enters the level within a set time of the mission being started and at random spot in the map (not right at the start with the target cell but within a doable range for the timer).


The stalkers current gear.....MEH. The stalker's gear should be some of the best in the game if not the best. With the above suggestion there should also be a buff to the stalkers gear (when using it as the player controlled stalker and the blueprint once built)


Speaking of blueprints.... Reward for the player controlled stalker, i'm open for suggestions but some ideas are, special bluprints, mods, even warframe appearance rewards such as badges or some smokey presence around your frames?


For the cell (or just targeted player) if the player controlled stalker/mini-boss is killed: Again open for ideas but how about. just the buffed versions of the stalkers gear and some of the suggestions I mentioned as rewards for the stalker player.


TIMER RUNS OUT/CELL EXTRACTS: no reward either way. (maybey a good sum of credits for the stalkers efforts).


Please let me know your thoughts either good or bad =]

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