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Warframe is great to a certain degree but there has been too much going on that there is no longer a "warframe" focus to this game, rather it's all about the weapons and mods but not the abilities/uniqueness of each warframe.


There are certain warframes that after playing long enough you realize that it's better to just shoot your gun than to use your abilities. it's like playing serious sam only not as fun. (sorry). 


I like this game and I really hope that when you guys launch for the PS4, this game has a good solid direction. I mean where is the space ninja feel to this game when I first joined?

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Nothing wrong with playing Gears of Warframe... Everyone is different.


Didn't say there was. Just said that if you think it's better to not use your abilities, you're missing a trick.  On any warframe.  Granted, some frames have abilities that are "meh", but ALL frames have abilities that are useful.  Yes, even Excalibur, although I'd put that one bottom of the list.

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