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A little disappointed new disruptions not dropping Axi

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Currently all the new disruption nodes drop same relics, which kinda defeats the point of having different nodes and their difference in difficulty, especially with the Lua one. I think it would be better if the difficultly of the Lua one is buffed, and the node drops Axi.

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Disruption is a solid game mode and I would like to see a similar change. The waves can be be completed fairly quickly if you find the demolyst fast and as a relic farm they are excellent.

I'd like to see the mission relic rewards tiered more.

  • Olympus/Mars 15-20: AB Lith | C Meso
  • Laomedia/Neptune 25-30: AB Lith | C Meso
  • Kelpie/Sedna: 35:40: AB Meso | C Neo
  • Apollo/Lua 35-40: AB Neo | C Axi

As it is now we have no good places to get Axi Relics without going to rotation C in interception, defense, or survival and these missions tend to get boring/frustrating after a while. Whereas disruption is a fairly dynamic mission with finding the key and then hunting the demolyst whilst dealing with crowd control in the area around the conduit.

Perhaps it's by design that Axi relics are far more time consuming to obtain, in that case, possibly dilute the Axi reward pool with 20x void traces at 40% since (in my experience) they are often in short supply as well.

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I too am disappointed that Sedna's doesn't offer axi but I can only assume they don't want people to earn axi relics too quickly.

However, you can earn up to like 4 or 5 now by doing teir 5 bounties and getting axi relics. Also, this is even more of a joke. Also if you want general axi relics theres two methods I know of. 1. Hirachon on pluto. bring two limbos to protect two diggers at a time and two frames to kill battery carriers. 2. xini on eris, max range rhino stomp you can solo the map easily. there's 100% axi in rounds 3,4, 7,8, 11,12, etc. With Neo's likely in rotations A and B. 


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I'd love to have a node in the Void after Mot where would be a disruption mission accessibile only if you completed the daily sortie and an arbitration or an x killcount on the  account or formas used where It drops axi relics only .

Axi relics are never meant to be Easy to be earned but they should be for regular players. This would increase the amount of regular players.

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