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Shwaak (2) Prism does less damage / Vomvalysts' physical form got more resistance after update

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Tonight I noticed that I am no more 1-shoting Vomvies with my 227 Amp. Sometimes it even takes three shots to destroy Vomvy's physical form.

Does anyone else experience this?

What Prism is better and comfortable to kill Vomvies? I chose Shwaak because of burst damage and high range, but now it seems broken.

Edit: made a thread in PC Bugs


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There was another thread reporting something similar to this earlier.  I use 627 now.  6 is higher dps and rnge but no strike through for eidolons I'm mostly using the alt fire anyway.  The primary fire is better for something like profit taker since you can change the dmg type from further away.

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16 минут назад, (PS4)Quantaminum сказал:

Can Dragon keys affect Amp damage? Were you using one?

I'm sure, I wasn't.

9 минут назад, (PS4)Eluminary сказал:


Yeah, I was thinking about T6 prism as well. Probably gonna use exactly this. Thanks 

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I can assure you that vomvalysts are much more resistant now. My 7-4-7 amp with the big ass prism laser and the homing disks secondary attack, my primary attack that took less than a sec to kill them now takes up to 3 seconds and my homing disk which took 1 hit to break their form and 1 hit to kill afterwards, takes now 3 to 5 to break the form and another 3 to 5 to kill them.

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