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Severe Connection Issues: Am I The Only One?


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What exactly is happening?

Are you lagging when you are a client to a host?


Are people dropping when you invite them and start match?


Are your ports forwarded on your router and your firewall?


also little nit pick, this should be in the matchmaking bugs area if its one of these, as there are people who peruse that section and can provide better help for you.

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Naaa. is just the netcode of a Single Player game engine.


You can't play LAN, is all over the internet. even if your friend is next to you, and connected to the same switch/router. both of you "link" over the net.


Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

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I dunno about lan as it's an online game :) but even latter part is buggy as hell. I mean there are missions you can only join through Invites and even that dies 40% of the time. I have a dozen members in our (shadow) clan that I cannot join and another 6 that can't join me... oh, by the way this wasn't the case before u8 or 7... or... it was so long ago.


Anyways, the whole network stuff is waiting for an overhaul. Let's hope we will see it in our lives.

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