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So, was wondering does anyone else think this weapon needs a buff? If so when are they going to buff it .-.?

Got it like 2 days ago, and god.. it hurts to use.

It has decent DPS, is a Cone-Type AoE, and ignores armor.

If it had better range (20-25 meters) and Fire-Rate mods affected it it would be fine in my opinion.

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  I haven't seen the "cone" effect at all. I can only damage one unit at a time with it. Also it doesn't deal 150 damage per second like it says it does, only 8 damage maybe 5 times per 1 ammo use, so 40 damage per ammo shot. Pretty bad compared to credit bought market weapons when this is a highly expensive weapon to build and requires the highest in-game mastery to use.


 All in all,  it needs a larger degree effect radius higher then 45 (probably between 75-100), and to deal it's stated damage per second, not buffs just what it should do.

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