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mastery rank 30 ? then what


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5 hours ago, Elgendy said:

So from what i heard from dev 130 what gonne  be after MR30 .... nothing ? .... just a void ..? 😢 no more warframes or weapons or no any new content ??? 

i mean MR 31 or whhhhaat ? please don't stop guys xD 


The game goes live and releases itself as a new game that came out of beta, to attract new players. It's a great strategy in my opinion.

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Once you reach Mr30 a little door will open. You can find it next to the Rank up stations.

Once you enter through that door, you wilm ascend to a higher plain of existence.

First, you will see a blue light, then , darkness.

You are somewhere familliar.

You see other tenno around you. A team of 4. But they are atacking you. You don't want to hurt your fellow tenno so you start walking away.

But they are still atacking you...

The last thing you see is a chroma with a Rubico...

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Maybe when applying for the MR30 test, that test turns out to be a quest like the War Within, this time not unlocking the operator but your true Quill godhood.  After the quest you can apply a lens to your account and you can keep on grinding again, this time for transcendence points, increasing your Quill godhood.  Focus 2.0.

Want to forma your account for more capacity?  'Kay, we'll reset it to MR1 again and the grind continues 🙂

Who said the grind couldn't be more real?

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With the ammount of grind and gameplay required for such a thing, i must say the sheer volume of actions that you need to do will make MR somewhat relevant and so after reaching MR30 a good portion of the playerbase will finally be ready for sortie missions

You wish i was joking, but i'm not, the things i see on a daily basis are atrocious.

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