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Frost Prime Texture Rendering Issue


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I just recently got Frost Prime and I'm having a strange issue. I'm pretty sure he's the only warframe this stuff happens with. I've noticed that as I'm running around as him, the textures of the designs on his back start getting very splotchy and have to rerender. I do have motion blur on, but its not that. My graphics card is a laptop Nvidia Geforce 310M.

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my drivers are completely up to date.


Texture LOD going into low Mip map mode.


This happens with Frost, Frost Prime and to a lesser degree on certain other warframes regardless of graphics driver, graphics card make or detail settings in game.

Is there any way to fix it at all?

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Set texture memory pool to high.

There's nothing more you can do, if the game detects it's running low on video memory it'll automatically load lower mip maps.


It's weird though cause this seems to happen to me at times where there isn't even much around the place (including enemies). I'll show some pictures below of it happening with Ash:






When you compare both shots, you can clearly see the detail differences.

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