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How Excalibur Lost His Armor [Story]


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How Excalibur Lost his warframe

All was quiet in the dojo. Most of the Tenno were meditating and focusing on how to prepare for their next mission. Excalibur was preparing for his mission on Pluto, but instead of meditating like the rest, he was practicing his acrobatics in the obstacle course. He seemed to be training to his death and Volt began to take notice. He got up out of his meditation stance and walked over to Excalibur.

Volt asked,” You know if you train too much you will start hurting yourself more than you are helping.”

Excalibur looked towards Volt and disregarded his statement as foolishness. Volt scoffed and leaned against the wall and said,” You’re worried about losing to Ambulas again… aren’t you…”

Excalibur stopped his training and glared though his helmet at Volt. Excalibur spoke in a demanding voice, “What do you know about Ambulas, Volt?”

“I know that you lost your warframe armor to that machine a long time ago, the thing I do not understand is how you lost to a mere moa.”

Excalibur let out a sigh to calm down and said,” That what I thought too when I accepted the mission from the Lotus…”

(Flashback before Excalibur fought Ambulas)

Excalibur was meditating in the grandest hall when he received a signal from the Lotus. She was explaining that she received intel from a spy that the corpus were building a more advanced version of the moa the could be very problematic for the Tenno in the field if they massed produced them. Excalibur was cocky at the time and gladly accepted the mission alone.  He landed on Hades, Pluto and began the mission. Everything was going fine in the mission; no real corpus threat came to oppose him and with the abundance of energy he had at the moment, there was no real reason to panic. Most of the corpus that came his way were killed with ease. Excalibur kept running until he arrived in an area with orange and blue shipping crates covered in pure white snow and ice. There was a little building in the center but no corpus were to be found. He expected a trap, so he crouch walked slowly across the snow listing to is break underneath his feet until he made it to the wall of the building. He heard a couple of corpus talking behind the shipping crate fixing an orange moa with skana jammed into his left leg. Excalibur figured it was one of his javelins that hit the moa. When the corpus turned their backs to grab some tools Excalibur hopped over the wall and jumped onto the shipping crate and shot the two in the head.

Their blood painted the snow red and as Excalibur watched he yelled into the sky,” Is this the best you’ve got corpus!! Is there not one person in your pathetic species that can defeat me!?”

Suddenly the ground started to shake, and the snow began to jump up and down. In the distance Excalibur saw a giant door open, so he ran over to investigate. When he arrived a black moa was staring straight at him. The moa had the words “Ambulas” written on the right side of his leg.

Ambulas spoke the words,” Incursion Probability: Negligent. Tenno Mortality Probability Inevitable.”

When Excalibur heard the moa, he gave out a light laugh. He exclaimed,” This is your solution corpus!? a moa painted black!? Fine, I will enjoy turning your toys into scrap.”

The wind blew gently between the two causing the snow to rise, and at that instance Ambulas dashed towards Excalibur and kicked him in the stomach before he had time to react. Excalibur held his stomach in pain and let out a cough. He looked up and the emotionless moa waited for him to get up. Excalibur said to himself, “hmm… fine I’ll play by your rules then.” He slowly raised his sword off his back and dashed towards Ambulas. Excalibur was sure that he slashed right through the black moa. He looked back and saw Ambulas still standing. He was astonished no corpus moa lived through his slash dash technique.

Ambulas turned around to face Excalibur and stated,” Offensive System Conclusion: Enemy Combustion.”

Immediately Ambulas pulled Excalibur toward him. It began to kick Excalibur. All he could do is block each kick with his sword. This was not going how he planned. He thought this would be just another moa, like the thousands he slain before.  Excalibur began to shoot at the moa, but every time he dodged an attack the shields of Ambulas would recharge. Everything he used was useless but he remembered one thing he could use to end this fight. Excalibur raised his sword high into the sky facing down at the ground. When Ambulas saw that, it activated the memory file of the orange moa that was killed by this technique. Ambulas had a counter to that. He pulled Excalibur towards him and smashed his foot into the ground causing Excalibur to lose his focus of energy and fly away from Ambulas. His armor and body had taken too much damage and he was lying in the cold snow facing the sky. All he could hear was the sound of that accursed robot getting closer to him. Ambulas was right over him and created a ring of fire around him that caused the snow to melt into a trickle of water all around Excalibur. Ambulas look straight at Excalibur and raised his foot to end him but suddenly the machine shut down and he could hear corpus voices surrounding him as he blacked out.

He woke up on a surgeon table strapped down. Excalibur started to panic as he realized that his armor had been taken off of him. He looked around and no corpus were to be found so he slowly wiggled out of the laser straps and looked outside a mirror and saw his warframe armor staring right back at him. His weapons were scattered around the armor and the closest to the glass was his sword. Suddenly a camera turned and caught him and the alarms went off in the entire complex. Excalibur smashed the glass with his fists and tried to grab his armor but green laser appeared and burned his arm so he quickly grabbed his sword and ran out leaving his armor behind. He feared that Ambulas might show up again so he activated a button on his arm to get his ship to track his location. He looked around in his white cloth armor trying to avoid squads of corpus heading to his original cell. When he made outside he quickly jumped into his ship and escaped before the corpus could find him.

In his ship he was trying to calm down but all he could think about was his armor and Ambulas. He fell into a deep slumber to rest off the battle wounds as the ship carried him back to base.

(Present time with Volt)

“So that’s what happed Volt, Ambulas defeated me and it’s nearing my time to get my revenge.”

“Would you like for me to assist you in this mission?”

“No, not today, I already managed to escape death once and by all means that robot should have killed me that day. However, soon I will encounter that robot and I want to prove to myself and to the corpus that I am stronger than anything that they can create by defeating it alone.”

“I respect that Excalibur, you are truly a honorable ally.”

“By the way how is the new operative doing Volt.”

“Well he is not really new, He is an old Tenno and we saw his ship floating in deep space with microscopic traces of infested on it. He does not have his warframe armor and mutters the letter, J, when alone”

“Hmm… I wonder what is wrong with him. Hopefully he will wise up soon so he can help us on the battle field.”

“Yes maybe one day, but as for now I will leave you to train for the battle ahead and I know you will defeat Ambulas.”

Volt left and Excalibur walked over to his ship and prepare a course to Hades where he would finally get his revenge.









Thanks for reading! Any constructive criticism would be deeply appriciated!

This was a little stroy i decied to writed and i hope you guys enjoyed it!


(please tell me any slepping errors so i can fix them cause i suck at spelling :p)



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As an aspiring writer, I would suggest two simple things that will cause a huge improvement. Both of them also come from my two favourite writing guides: "The Elements of Style" By E.B. White and Strunk, and "On Writing" By Stephen King. The first comes from "Elements of style" and goes: "Omit needless words."


For Example: He got up out of his meditation stance and walked over to Excalibur.

Volt asked,” You know if you train too much you will start hurting yourself more than you are helping.”
Could be revamped as: He got up out of his meditation stance, walked over to Excalibur and asked, "You know if you train too much, you'll start hurting yourself."
Secondly and this one comes from Stephen King, "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." I think it's pretty self explanatory. Other than that, it's a great story.
EDIT: removed causing from the revamped sentence. Sorry about that :P
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