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Tileset ideas for each planet?

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Currently there are many overlaps when it comes to tilesets,one examples include the corpus outpost tileset being used on Neptune and Pluto.Would be nice to have unique tilesets for each planet,each with their own unique spy vaults and sabotage missions,though is unlikely that will happen.


Mercury: Grineer Bio Lab

Given how the Once Awake quest is all on this planet and is based on the infested,it should make sense that this is where the grineer does their experiments on the infested.

Venus: Corpus Outpost (Reworked)

This tileset is being reworked along Corpus Ship if i am not wrong,according to the wiki,other than that the main tileset on venus should stay the same,given how Venus was terraformed by the orokin

Earth: Grineer Forest

Already have a unique tileset

Mars: Grineer Settlement

Can have unique spy vaults and maybe a sabotage mission as well?

Phobos: Corpus Ship (Reworked)

honestly,not much can be done on Phobos if it is just a barren rocky moon...

Ceres: Grineer Asteroid

Ceres is within the asteroid belt,so it makes sense for it to be using this tileset,add in unique spy vaults too.

Jupiter: Corpus Gas City

Already have a unique tileset

Europa: Corpus Ice Planet

Already have a unique tileset,maybe rework it to make it less confusing?

Saturn: Grineer Galleon

Don't think anyone would just want to have a grineer version of corpus gas city...

Uranus: Grineer Sealab

Already have a unique tileset

Neptune: Corpus Floating City

While grineer have a tileset that is underwater,maybe have the Corpus one fully above water as a floating city,kinda like Kamino from star wars

Pluto: Corpus Robotics Center

Given how the Ambulas is one of the most advanced robots the corpus has made,there is no doubt that they are making other highly advanced robotics and technology on this planet.

Senda: Grineer Shipyard

Not much else to say here...

Eris: Infested Ship

Already have a unique tileset,maybe rework it to make it less confusing?

As for the rest,Lua,Kuva Fortress,Void and Derelict,they already have unique tilesets.


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Would be interesting to see new mechanic in invasions,one way can be when you are siding with the grineer attacking a open air corpus tileset like Corpus Outpost,you are inserted into

the mission via airdropping from grineer Bolkors or Firbolgs 

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considering Saturn is home to Sargus Ruk, maybe it's tileset could be called the "Fire Pits". this would be a very vertical tileset, and because Sargus Ruk is known to excavate orokin artefacts, the tileset's design could be very grineer based but with some sections of white and gold built in, or have orokin crates stacked as decoration in corners and stuff, maybe even some corrupted that are being preserved in some hidden rooms? and even a disconnected node that is the Saturn Six pen, which could be a Survival node? that or a new mission type called 'Haunted' where the player must try and find certain prisoners who broke out their cell, but its dark and you can hear the movements and tortured yells of them in the distance, ending in a miniboss fight with one of many types of prisoners, the common enemy here could even be sensor drones and wardens! to make it more interesting they could even make it so that if you find a rarely spawning room with a brown and broken design (the Wolf's old pen), you can push a button to spawn the Wolf or have a 25% chance to gain a wolf beacon? just a thought considering it is saturn and wolf beacons being exclusive to nightwave offerings (to my knowledge) is pretty annoying

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phobos idea: there was always this one rare room in grineer vs corpus invasions that i really liked, it was the room that was in a rocky pathway and you had to hack those weird barriers open to enter the opposing factions ship, i loved these rooms and they inspired me for this possible tileset for phobos.
Phobos would mainly be made of carved out asteroid pathways with the occasional corpus outpost or base being along the path. these corpus outposts and bases would house sabotage, spy vaults, most of the objectives for the missions. the rocky area's would be very wide and open, but with high walls on all sides, these tiles would have the occasional crate, large boxes, craters, everything you would expect.

Tileset Secret: in hard to find underground rooms, there would be a hole straight through the planet with an unmanned corpus vessel inside a large hangar bay, this hangar bay would have a new enemy inside of them "delivery staff" and "industrial bursa's". these enemies would be challenging, however this room contains many crates that house the common recourse from corpus-controlled planet, and any Industrial Bursa's defeated and hacked will stay that way for the entirety of the mission.
Reason for choice of secret: Phobos is a desolate asteroid, not to mention small. that makes it the perfect place to transport corpus goods to and from the rest of the system... of course this also means that they have to be well hidden even on this desolate rock just incase anything does actually happen.

Enemies: the enemies of this tileset would be of the 'Fengari' variation. they would have a more grey-brown colour palette.

Enemy Changes:
Fengari Shield Osprey - this enemy would work in a very unique way, besides just giving shields to enemies it would also provide shields to the tenno, but only at 25% compared to the shields given to enemies.
Fengari Sniper Crewman - this enemy would be unable to drop a ratel spawner.

New Enemies:
Fengari Ratel - these enemies would spawn inside a tile, from the floor and would be equipped with a shield leeching weapon. for every 50 shields that one steals, it will release a pulse of shields that fully refill the shields of every robotic enemy in 10m as well as giving them invincibility for 1 second. they would be jet black in colour and give off a low pitched humming sound when they move.
Delivery Staff - these would be weak enemies with only 10 health and a pure white outfit and a tablet on their side, the tablet would have corpus text on it that reads "shipment arrivals and departures". they would be equipped with a redesigned Vandal Quanta and a redesigned Vandal Prova.
Industrial Bursa - this would be a light brown and black bursa that is capable of smashing its front-guards (the metal square things infront of it) into the ground to create a damaging shockwave. it is also equipped with a homing rocket launcher, live-ammo minigun and is 5 levels above the mission level.

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My ideas about Mars:

 I once imagined mars being a huge warzone. An open world could be great. We would finf in it fully explorable crashed galleon and obelisk, a semi-destroyed colony of locals and even underground ruins. A facet of the conflict showing the eternal territory dispute in its most brutal fashion.

My ideas about Saturn:

 With the coming of empyrean Saturn could be an immense space area full of things to do. Grineer fortifications, vigilance towers, customs station. Lots of opportunities for piracy and mayhem. We could even visit training facilities and actual cloning labs, not what we have at Uranus now.


My ideas about Eris:

Imagine a world where the infestation rules. Truly alien in many senses. Many underground parts, or semi-underground. Shifting terrain, infested hives everywhere. And the map would be full of crashed ships, mostly corpus, but others could be seen too. To spice things up, imagine a swarm type of enemy who flies around, sometimes coming from holes and you have to hide for survival...


My ideas about Neptune:

Our first glimpse of the well hidden corpus civilization. We never actually saw one of their cities(not counting Fortuna). Imagine yourself raiding a corpus bank or an indoctrination temple. the map would allow us to see common life through glassed walls (if you really care about it running like mad blowing everything up with nuke guns and frames...rant ended)


That's it for now.


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Sedna: with Sedna using 90% of grineer tilesets, i wanted to change Sedna to make it fit more with Rathuum and Kela's themes, rather than it just being an assortment with one unique room before the Kela fight. any nodes in space would be normal galleon's but with the occasional Drekar unit (to keep in touch with Sedna's water-spirit naming theme, as Drekar's are the water variants)

Idea: with this tileset being the home of Kela and Rathuum, it would reflect the harsh nature of the 'unbiased' Rathuum. any nodes on the surface of the planet would be mined out tunnels, with large holes in the ground, jagged walls, large screens and highly mobile Rathuum and lava running through cracks in the rocks. the screens on the walls would occasionally change to a speech by Kela, or a short video about one of the executioners with the crowd cheering at the end.

Room layouts: (mainly based on the room before the Kela fight). most rooms would be sets of intertwined bridges above large pits or large bodies of lava, these bridges would only have very small walls (up to Saryn's knee). there would be few rooms with a more robust feel, with spinning plates on the wall to reveal Kela's weird puzzles (the ones encountered in her boss fight). completing all of them in a room would reward the player with ramparts coming out the floor that the player can use, as well as opening the lockers in the room.

Tileset secret: after every minute the alarms are active, there is a 5% chance that a randomly chosen executioner will spawn in. This will be announced by Kela saying something along the lines of "EXECUTIONERS! THE TENNO HAVE INVADED OUR RATHUUM! LET US DRIVE THEM OUT!" followed by a pause before she says "LET'S CHEER FOR ____" and then saying the executioner that appears. this will happen until the alarms are turned off, and in a lockdown, there is a 5% chance of an executioner spawning every 15 seconds.

Honestly there isn't much to say about a possible Sedna tileset since there isn't much you can do with the place, so thats all i have for it

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