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Survival Exploit


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I know that most people hate on players that divulge their cheap farming tips, but here is the thing.

Survival missions' alert console can be hacked as many times at the players want to. They do it once, they wait for a capsule, then trigger the alarm again, having both timer and oxygen reset, but with a Capsule spawned. Then they repeat, no need to wait, considering every time the alarm is reset, the game still considers the next capsule to be the first one.


Again, I'm not doing this against any player, but I'd rather play the legit way.

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please delete this thread and send in a support ticket instead, less public and DE still catches wind of it

Bug subforums were made for this purpose though, the sooner they know the faster they'll get to it. Imagine thousands of players sending tickets of possible or known exploits, who's got time to go through all that? Rather let people search through the forums and post if it hasn't been reported already. Just my two cents.


Good job OP.

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