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Lost clan ownership, how do I get it back?

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I was the owner/founder of my clan. I was working a lot for a while (12 hour shifts with an hour commute). We’re a ghost clan without a lot of people, and I guess no one logged on for a while. One of our recruits logged on and I believe it transferred the ownership to him (he’s warlord now). He logs in about once a month, but never actually plays with us or does anything with the dojo. He just logs in so he can stay warlord I believe. 

My problem is that as the founder, I put a lot of my own money into the dojo and a lot of time earning resources to build with. According to the  rank list in the dojo, he hasn’t contributed anything. As far as I know, him being warlord is entirely the result of a fluke of logging in at the right time. He won’t give ownership back to me.

I wish I had at least gotten a notification of some sort letting me know I hadn’t logged on in a while and that it would be transferring the warlord position to someone else, maybe then if I knew I wouldn’t be on in a while I could have given it to someone I knew would take care of it. 

Is there any way for me to get ownership back, or is there a way I could contact the mods to give me ownership back? I’m sure there’s some record that I was the original founding warlord. 

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The best you can do is put in a support ticket.

FWIW, I don't believe the system just grants clan ownership to people simply for logging in.  I believe that someone has to put in a support ticket in order to have clan ownership transferred.

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