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is Gauss going to be the new Wukong 1.0? looking for input from the community

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No more than, say, Wisp is. I doubt he's going to be some 'Meta' frame since you can't take some time off to prepare a picnic, but that's another kettle of fish. He's powerful and fun.

Being a self-contained Warframe isn't really a killer for pubs. Mesa, for example, doesn't really have much team support. I mean, sure, Shooting Gallery but that support is pretty minimal. Excalibur, too, is quite self-contained. Hell, New-kong isn't exactly a support Warframe. As long as they make the player feel powerful and are powerful enough to back it up, they'll see a reasonable amount of use.

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Gauss will be pretty much the release of the week flavor style warframe. Gonna see him in a couple of leveling missions, sorties and bounties for a week or two and is gonna drop off the radar. He deserves the title of being a land Zephyr for sure.

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