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Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.7.3 +

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Prime Vault: Hotfix 25.7.3



Valkyr and Saryn Prime have emerged from the Prime Vault with their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, and more!

Find their Relics in the Void or in Bounty rewards today! 
Get your Prime Vault now: https://www.warframe.com/prime-vault 

Nyx and Rhino Prime, as well as their signature Prime Weapons, Accessories, has entered the Prime Vault and have been removed from the drop tables.

*If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

Shawzin Changes:

  • You can now record Shawzin songs with up to 1000 notes, but can only Chat linked if they're 100 notes or less.
    • I wrote this change wrong! The true change is: You can now load 1000 note songs that you have recorded, but the Chat link limit of 100 notes still applies. 
  • Fixed Shawzin 'Autoplay’ always showing a score of 0 the whole time, instead it now shows "Autoplay".


  • Fixed a crash if an enemy attempted to spawn out of world bounds.
  • Fixed a functionality loss when choosing not to purchase an item from Look Link.
  • Fixed a UI lockup when Mod Link is open during a mission transition.
  • Fixed a UI lockup when selecting a Chat linked Shazin song or Mod Link.


  • Fixed an issue where "Completed Ayatan Sculpture" based Challenges couldn't be completed.
  • Fixed certain Amps no longer applying multiple instances of damage to Eidolons. This resulted in the Shwaak Prism feeling like it lacked punchthrough, when in fact it was the Eidolon who was not registering hits.
  • Fixed Gorgaricus Spores not exploding when they impact the ground.
  • Fixed sorting equipment in Arsenal by Usage for Moas, Kubrows and Kitguns.
  • Fixed an issue where some projectiles wouldn't come to a complete stop and would slowly float away (noticed on some bouncing Penta grenades).
  • Fixed Sigils not stacking in your Inventory when obtaining multiple copies.
  • Fixed teleport volume in the Corpus Ship tileset that was poking into other tiles causing players to get teleported in rare instances. As reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/cy3v5i/youre_playing_too_fast_enjoy_the_mission_for/
  • Fixed missing pillar tops in the Lua tileset. As reported here: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/cyalz5/not_really_even_a_map_hole_but_the_gold_on_this/

Prime Vault: Hotfix


  • Fixed Arsenal UI crash if you had a Moa, Kavat or Kubrow but never used a Sentinel.
  • Fixed UI breaking when attempting to search for square bracket text in Shawzin Songs.


  • Fixed not gaining any Affinity from an installed Lua Lens if the Blueprint was Rushed. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1125101-lua-lens-bug-gain-zero-or-unasigned-affinity/
    • A script is in the works to refund Blueprint Rushing costs to those affected. Script is complete!
  • Fixed Gauss Kinetic Plating not giving the minimum damage protection when his meter is completely empty.
  • Fixed the Handspring Mod not functioning for Clients. 
  • Fixed Look Link of anything equipped appearing as massive text strings when viewing the linked items screen. 
  • Fixed holes in the Grineer Galleon tileset that could cause AI to get stuck.
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Lua Lens Blueprint Rush refund is done!
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Thanks for the hotfix and the unvault!

This operator's new momentum is not a benefit at all. It came out with the mainline 25.7.
The operator gets pushed forward without any chance to redirect our void dash unless we land. Most players which does like to use their operator to speedup open world areas or long tiles can't do this anymore unless it gets fixed.

Also, after the mainline, Eidolons does not have any damage reduction on limbs anymore. Is this indended? It's not written in any patch notes of the mainline or hotfixes. 

Any news about x100 blueprints of resources or crafting queue? Would be nice to see players crafting multiple instances of the same item at once.

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Thank you for the Prime Vault. After diving into the mainline, and seeing so much awesome "Quality of Life" as we call it, it seems appropriate to comment on that.

  1. Robotic Weapon modding would be so much better if unrestricted from current weapon mods. This feature is what makes Venari and Exalted Weapons so much fun to equip. Imagine needing to re-level all the Companion Link Mods in order to use Venari and a pet.
  2. Operator momentum affecting Void Dash is weird to me. Sometimes it helps, but sometimes I find myself "overshooting" my Zenurik energy aura or missing a turn because my Operator flies in one direction from previous movements. The previous mechanic for Void Dash was not perfect, especially when playing as a client and accidentally holding down a directional key. However, the current version is much harder to use and frustrating compared to before (for me atleast).

Anyways, thanks again for the mainline and Prime Vault with the new Vaulting system!

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Dropping by to say Hi

Also is it just me or the Toroid droprates just sucked? Friend farmed for 2h for no toroids at all, she's using Nekros the whole time.

On another topic, I think Gauss' Third ability is still badly optimized, still getting FPS tanks on multiple instances of ring casts....

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Added some details.
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vor 2 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Fixed certain Amps no longer applying multiple instances of damage to Eidolons. This resulted in the Shwaak Prism feeling like it lacked punchthrough, when in fact it was the Eidolon who was not registering hits.

Amp Fix. That makes me happy DE. I think the Eidolons will not like this. ^__^

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