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Who Are The Lotus


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What are they doing in the "defenseless" (Lotus' words) towers after we exterminate.


Have you ever  wondered why some organization takes such good care of some mercenary ninjas?


And if the Lotus knows when, for example, a heavy unit is close, why can't she warn us when a very dangerous assassin comes to kill us. 

Is it because, maybe, she sent him?! 


Ever wondered who are you seling your services to?!

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Stalker is a projection of your inner self, it is your inner shame and doubt, you wake up after long time from cryosleep and without jist of hesitation follow some woman's every whim.



Sounds like what most guys do now...


Sounds like Saturday morning at my house.


Edit:  I'd like to know more about the story...but DE hasn't been very forthcoming with the goods.  Maybe they're saving it for "Full Release."

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So our inner self can actualy kill us !?

Kinda, people call it suicide.


EDIT: It doesn't explain though how your inner self can drop a f***ing scythe but at least it would explain how other Tennos can trample on the Stalker in combined effort.

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