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Rifle Mod bug and some other glitches


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Security laser doors sometimes stay on permanently despite having no camera around or already being blown up..

After using your skill sometimes you get stuck in post cast delay permanently which does not allow you to use melee attacks or any more skills in general until the run is over, sometimes you can not shoot certain weapons or reload as well because of it.

Rifle mod I got +49% ammo maximum slotted into my gorgon, but the mod affected my BRONCO pistol instead and made it's ammo capacity max go up instead...pretty weird haha.

Loot boxes spawning inside walls.

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Yeah I wasn't sure if it was posted or not already as I did not read, but I added other bugs as well to not make it a waste of a thread, I am by no means complaining just listing them as I find them. I applaud the great job these guys are doing currently/ have been doing/ will do in the future :p.

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