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Elemental FX On Melee Weapons Aren't Showing Up In-Game


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Basically as the title states, elemental effects stopped showing up on melee weapons ever since the Saint of Altra update was released. Or, more accurately, they only show up in the arsenal after you modify the energy color. If you switch to view, say, your primary weapon, and then switch back to view your melee, the elemental effects will be gone. Not only that, but the effects don't show up in-game either. I made sure that I have enabled weapon elemental FX in my settings and tested a couple of melee weapons with elemental mods attached and can confirm that this is happening to every melee weapon.

This is the bug occurring with the Plague Kripath Zaw, which was the first melee weapon I noticed it on.


This is what it looks like immediately after I have changed the energy effects in the arsenal. The elemental effects appear normally.


This is after switching to view my primary weapon and then back to my melee. As you can see, the elemental effects have disappeared.


This is how it looks outside of the arsenal. The elemental effects are again, not present.

This is the same issue on the Hate in the same order: after changing the energy color, after switching to a different weapon and then back to melee, and outside of the arsenal.


Again, the same issue but on the Lesion.RWual06.png0apE0NX.pngIH0aoEu.png

Hopefully DE looks into this and fixes the issue. I know it's a relatively small issue but I liked my flashy blades before the update.

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