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Sanctuary onslaught rewards missing PS4

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I just did a match of sanctuary onslaught with a friend with the intent of farming khora's blueprint, however after zone 2 my UI froze so for the rest of the match i had no information of the match progress. Once we finished zone 8 my friend told me we had gotten khora's blueprint, however no reward showed up for me and the mission summary also had no rewards... 

I've done this mission all the way to zone 8 too many times and now that I should have finally gotten the reward the game just glitched out...

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This is unfortunately a long and ongoing issue on PS4 at least.  I and others have had this exact problem in Elite Sanctuary Onslaught as well.  All I can say is for people to keep reporting it and hope they can fix it.  For now the only advice I can give is if you aren't the host and this UI bug happens, leave and try again in a new party. I personally have almost never seen any rewards actually show up after the UI gets behind, even if it catches up and recovers.  Bounties in the open world can get the UI issue (most of the time they do) but they don't seem to affect rewards like in the Sanctuary modes.

Good luck, you could try the support desk report for this particular instance since your friend was on and knows what you missed.

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Another update on this issue...

I tried self troubleshooting by doing the following:

  • clean re-install the game
  • auto detect region / manual region changes in game settings
  • reducing / increasing ping settings in game settings
  • changing my network cables
  • changing my fiber router
  • checking my network connection several different ways

Nothing worked - I can only confirm that drops work ONLY when I'm the host, in all other scenarios UI gets stuck or out of sync very fast and that is it... xp gains are still there, but drops are non existent.

I must have annoyed a large number of teams last night while testing all scenarios and quitting after wave 2 or 4 - I apologize!


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