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1 Billion Xp? D:


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I'm a tad bit confused, I haven't looked at my profile page in a long while and just happened to notice my Dethcube has over 1 Billion experience.....



Considering since my account reset i'v only played 100 Hours , this confuses me, I'v forma'd my Dethcube once since then, and none of my other frames or weapons have NEAR this amount of experience. I understand that the value may be higher since I'v only forma'd this once, vs 8 times on my Grakata/Lex, 6 on my Nova.




Is this a bug or something, i'd appreciate any in-sight on others that have this issue.




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I'm not sure, but I have something similar. I used my Deathcube for a few missions after I got him, checked up on it to change mods and saw it was level 30. My stats showed an unreasonable amount of exp gained for that time as well. It takes me a few days to level a sentinel to 30, I only played with Deathcube for 1-5 missions so I assume it was a glitch. 

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