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Basic Void Tower Mobs Bugged?


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I was derping once again into the void extermination lvling my mastery.
More to the point i ended up in void with braton (lol) with serration mod only and spotted silly bug (?) that most players may have never spotted, cuz... who the hell is going onto the void with low rank braton with no elemental dmg?! well... me :P

corrupted greneer hitboxes act like corpus crewman should!
When I shot corpus dudes in the head - i dealt proper increased headshot dmg.
When i shot greneer dudes in the head - i dealt 0 dmg (just like shooting to mentioned corpus without armor piercing/puncture or whatever mods)

So my tought is they stats are kind switched? I think this silly minor bug (i dont think it has impact on end game) was siting there quite some time and noone may noticed it. I Know there's some major works on whole armor/dmg system, so maybe this is the time to confirm (or bust) this topic, and maybe include this into upcoming major patch.
At the end of the day it's kinda silly bug and i bet it could be repaired quite easly - but i'm just guessing, im not DE, i dont know this kinda stuf ofc. :P

If anyone wants to test it itself - grab any pinpoint weapon with standard dmg. type, and just get rid of any elemental dmg for sake of one mission


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