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Conclave Enthusiastes Unite - Find Opponents


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Disclaimer: I didn't see anything like this anywhere else, and I don't know where such a thread would go, so I'm making it here. If there's a thread like it, direct me to it and let this one die.


The purpose of this thread is for conclave enthusiasts to find other people to play with; a big problem I'm noticing is that there is never anyone in any conclave, and likely because there really aren't that many and nobody wants to wait in the lobby.


Ideally, this thread would go something like this:

1.) Conclave rating ranges you want to play at

2.) Any restrictions you want to play by


Here's an example for me:

1.) Any rating, mostly focused on 1500+

2.) No restrictions, possibly no abilities


If somebody's conditions fit your interests, you add them, and you have someone to play with.


And yes, we all know conclaves need work in general, and things aren't balanced, BUT THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DISCUSS IT, as some people actually do enjoy PvP currently.


Looking forward to some good matches.




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