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[QOL] Please make a few more things client side.

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Please consider the following. Either when a player connects to someone with poor internet or they themselves (through no fault of their own) just can't get super good internet but they still want to play with other people and don't want to only play solo then the following things go from not even thinking about to things you loath to do.

Swapping to and from Spoiler Mode
   (when you have high ping and press 5 only to have yer frame get locked up while sliding across the ground and then standing still for several seconds before yer spoiler pops out and you can finally move again is a pain in the ass)
Walking through Doors
   (make them open for the client, having high ping and running into doors for a few seconds before they open is a pain in the ass)
Picking up the Datamass/Conduit Keys/Ayatan Stars/Ayatan Statues/Syndicate Medallions/Etc...
   (standing on top of said things and pressing [activate] over and over only to have someone else run over and instantly pick it up because you have high ping and it didn't register is a pain in the ass)
Placing picked up items into stuff
   (such as placing the data mass into consoles, having high ping and mashing [activate] to put the datamass/conduit keys/etc into their respective consoles and waiting for a few seconds before it goes in is a pain in the ass)

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