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Bake My Potatoes



Along with the livestream 14 reactor, I've had 2 catalysts sitting around for a while, and it's about time to commit those potatoes to something. I currently have already supercharged:


Frames - Trinity, Rhino, Loki, Nova


Weapons - Hek, Lex, Dual Vastos


I'm somewhat interested in Nyx, Vauban, and Nekros for their CC abilities among other things, along with Volt for his synergy with the Corpus clan tech (+Synapse). I think my collection of frames already does pretty well to cover most situations, so I guess just grade on fun factor?


I recently hit mastery rank 6, so I've been collecting various high-end weapons. I currently have and ready for a potato: Flux Rifle, Ogris, Dera, Soma, Despair, and maybe as a fringe option Carrier's Sweeper shotgun. I'm pretty content with my supercharged Dual Vastos, so I'm not in a huge rush to supercharge another secondary, but I've always had the darnedest time picking a rifle. Mostly I'm looking for viable tier 3 void weapons, which I think these all are to varying degrees, but with just 2 catalysts I need to be selective. Also, just as a notice, I'm iffy on supercharging Soma, since it's just so good I feel like I'd get bored with it fast.


So yeah, 1 frame, 2 weapons, please help me out.

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You should try out the Ignis. It's arguably the best crowd-control primary in the game, save for Ogris on bundled-up enemies with an explosion radius-increasing mod (or just regular Ogris/Torid on Vortex'd enemies).


-It has an immensely wide range, allowing you to hit many, many enemies (haven't detected a limit yet) at once for full damage. Not even Supra with Pierce mods has this level of crowd-control.

-Using a Freeze mod effectively makes all of the enemies around you stop attacking (or, at worst, deal their damage in very-slow and very easy-to-dodge ways) with a simple sweep of the mouse. Along with the panicking animation that Fire has, and with the possible addition of Corpus stunlocking that an Electric mod would bring, this is an excellent way to reduce damage by drastic amounts when surrounded, allowing you to either leap out of the way, allow Shade to activate, or to keep spinning and incinerating.

-Surprisingly long range for a flamethrower. It can reach all the way down the bridge connected to the Cryopod platform in the map that Xini is in.

-There's a glitch at the moment: Shade can Cloak you while the flames are spewing, but will decloak if you release the mouse button and click again to attack.


The only cons that I see of this weapon:

-Does not ignore armor, but Armor 2.0 will likely make it more effective in this regard.

-Poor 1v1 DPS compared to many other weapons. But considering the number of enemies that it can hit at once with ease, this hardly matters in a mobbing situation, and will indeed wipe out a large group of enemies faster than just about any other weapon (an excellent combo with Loki's Invisibility). A good combo is to bring the Ignis as a CC weapon and some sort of powerful secondary (Acrid, Despair) as a 1v1 attacker for bosses and high-leveled heavy units.

-Low ammo efficiency, especially when picking off one enemy at a time-- but that's what Secondaries and Melees are for.

-Can't really aim for weak points, but hey, heavy units are much easier to take on when all of the annoying small fry around them are dead. Which is what's generally going to happen when you fire at a heavy unit.

-Speed Trigger won't work with it. Quite detrimental to DPS, but on the plus side, there's a bit more room for damage mods to make up for it slightly.



I have the Ignis and I love it.

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I think there's been a miscommunication somewhere. I have already built and raised to level 30 all the weapons I named. I have Nyx, Vauban, and Volt sitting in my foundry waiting to be claimed (still need Nekros's helmet). I'm not hunting down the stuff for anything else, so for the selections of "other", thanks but no thanks.


As such, I know that the Soma is good, bordering on too good. I mostly just bought it to skip the mastery rank issue whenever that comes into play. Too good is a turnoff for me, as noted in the first post, and no one's really refuting that? I have two catalysts regardless, and I can't fit them both on the Soma. So if I could get some more... insightful commentary than "screw clan tech", that'd be great.

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