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Undying Flyers have bad interaction with the Rift Plane

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Undying Flyers are very annoying for Limbo players currently, or anyone teamed with a Limbo, for a few reasons.
While I'm happy they are affected by the Rift and by Stasis (something which has been annoyingly inconsistent with recent enemy additions), the WAY in which they interact with it is less than desirable. It seems during certain attacks of theirs, they become invincible. If you activate Stasis during this time, they REMAIN invincible until you let them out of stasis. Additionally, when killed, their pod, thanks to being classified as an "object" like containers, cannot enter the rift (but does seem to have its hatching stopped by Stasis, oddly), so if within a cataclysm, you need to exit the border to hit them, and kill the Flyer properly. Neither of these interactions are bugs, exactly, but things that are very annoying and could easily be remedied.

The latter issue, in particular, is something which also affects Boiler Infested Spawn Pods, which is annoying and has been for ages, but they at least can "hatch" in Stasis, and don't loop back to pods after being killed.


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