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Stumble upon duplicating glitch?Yes?No?Maybe?


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Greetings. I am here to report that I have stumble upon duplication glitch using the Mod:Link feature.

A clanmate of mine asked me to test some build, said clanmate has 2 max rank sets of Energise in his build. I copy it using the feature given. Knowing my Arcanes, I only have 1 max rank energise, yet the build goes through, showing i have equipped 2 sets of max rank energise. At first i consider this as a UI glitch, decided to test out in Simulacrum, the proc rate is more often. Since Simulacrum tends to glitch out too, I decided to bring it to field test, although i did not manage to proc the energize. I somehow died and given 6 revives. i did not keep the build for i have reset everything on that particular build including the arcanes. kindly investigate this bug?glitch?exploits?

if this action of mine breaking some rules, I accept the suspension.

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