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[Warframe Idea] Infested Tamer!


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The Infested Tamer is a pet frame that would constantly have a couple pets with him in battle. 




The Lotus Council has seen that they have made little progress in the battle against the Infested and that, in fact, the new push against them has riled the Infested up to do new things that have never been seen before from them. In light of this a new solution has been develop to deal with the Infested problem that isnt just brute force. That new idea is to fight fire with fire, to "hack" the Infested and use their own system against them. 




I would like him to look more bio, you know, like the Infested. When you see him you can tell he has some Infested pieces on him.


On thing i want is to have one specific thing on the frame to be used as the source of his power. Sort of like Nova with her 3 little antimatter containers on her. Originally i wanted to have a backpack-like structure which in reality was an Infested runner riding piggyback but that would affect the standard weapon placement all frames use when the weapons are on their backs. Then i though that his back could have that infested swirling cloud you always see in Infested levels but that might be annoying to constantly see spinning about so the final idea was having that shell the Ancients have.


I would rather have the Runner backpack because that would work better with a couple of the powers this frame uses.


[EDIT] I just came up with a cool idea. Have the swirling spores swirling around the left arm which is the arm used for casting the abilities (like Nyx) and then one of the other two ideas for backpacks.


Name: Coming soon!





Health- 450 max


High health is the way to go here because he is an anti-Infested frame and they take a lot of health because of melee attacks and poison.


Power- 150 max


Since he will have buddies he doesnt need that much of a pool.


Armor- 40/50


Undecided as of this moment because if he is meant to fight against the infested he should have a higher armor but since he is going to have buddies around taking up enemy focus he doesn't really need that much. I think it should just below average.




The same with Armor, it depends how the powers will function and how much attention they take away from the player. So this is really a balance that needs to be done after the power are worked out. But i would like a high shield recharge.


Sprint 1.0


With bodyguards there isnt that much of a need to run around that much.




One attack and tactic polarity.

For the Aura it should be defense because Rejuv/Infested Impedence/Physique are the preferred auras for this frame.






1. Runner


The frame materializes (or the runner jumps off his back if he has the runner backpack) an infested Runner that does what a Runner does and runs straight forward and explodes when he gets near a target knocking down or staggering them.


Rank ups make the Runner speed up and increase the explosion's AOE effect. 


2. Leaper


The frame materializes (or comes from the backpack) an infested Leaper that does what a Leaper does and jump around and melees the enemy. This Infested troop will stay with you until it gets killed.


Rank ups instead damage and health of the Leaper. And i was thinking when he gets kill at top rank the Leaper turns into a noxious crawler that when it dies a second time leaves that toxic cloud. 


3. Infect


The frame injects an enemy unit with the Infested virus turning them into an Infested troop. I was thinking that the infested troop would have a unique infested power based on who was turned. For example; normal troops get to throw a poison grenade, the melee units get a poison cloud around them,  Elite/Heavies pump out a healing wave, etc. They stay with you until they die


Rank up will have the unit cause more normal damage and boost infected abilities effects. Grenades do more poison, poison cloud gets a bigger range, etc.


This power might be a little bit too much to do so another version is just that turns troops into crazy offensive units that charge into combat that cause more damage and have a lot of health. With this version the boost in power causes them to slowly degrade. AKA there is timer before they die.


4. Golem Armor.


The warframe uses the Infested cloud he uses to normally create his pets and infect others on himself to create an Infested armor which boosts health/shields and gives him special Infested attacks.


You look like a humanoid J2000 Golem the size of an Ancient. Your left hand has that grenade launching head which you use by pressing L-mouse. Your right hand has the scythe head which launches a long melee swipe that you activate with your R-mouse.


A less simple version is that you get the three heads and the last head pops out your back like tail. Your powers get replaced by the Golem set and you use them like you use your powers normally but the Golems powers have cooldown timers you people just wont spam one.


Rank ups increase the time in Golem armor for and speeds up the cooldowns.



Now let's discuss. Add your ideas, drawings, etc!

Let's have some fun.

Will edit later for mistakes, fixes, etc.

Edited by Mak_Gohae
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It sounds a little Under Powered to me, mainly because at high levels, the Infested will be cut up.


But i like the idea though +1


For the Infect power you creating a unit from an existing one so the level is going to be the same. And maybe the for the other two it could be the same, you always create a unit based on the highest level of the units around.

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