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Conclave and Universal Medallions: The numbers.

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A certain, very vocal minority on twitter managed to get the Universal Medallions to be unusable for Conclave standing, the one thing a lot of players thought of doing the moment it was announced.

Steve replied that they should not be able to rank without "participation". One very, very big problem with "participation" is the obvious fact that... it's conclave, look at the playerbase. Go on, try getting a match. "Participation" in itself is NEAR IMPOSSIBLE.

Let's say, you want to get a conclave skin for one weapon, but don't want to touch conclave or simply can not find anybody to play with in conclave.

You will need to get enough medallions from rank 0 to rank 5, then pick the skin as the rank up reward.

This means you need:

  • 10k credits and 100 plastids for Rank x>0
  • 5 medallions, 30k credits and 2 neurodes for rank 0>1
  • 22 medallions, 50k credits and 1 forma for rank 1>2
  • 44 medallions, 100k credits and 1 orokin reactor for rank 2>3
  • 70 medallions, 250k credits and 1 orokin catalyst for rank 3>4
  • 99 medallions, 500k credits and 100 ducats for rank 4>5

This sums up to a total of:

240 medallions, 940k credits, 100 ducats, 1 orokin catalyst, 1 orokin reactor, 1 forma, 2 neurodes and 100 plastids. Yes, you can ignore everything that isn't the medallions because conclave players will have to pay it too, but I'm adding it in just to be complete.

You also need a further 50 medallions for every skin you want.

Universal Medallion drop rate is 5% on tier C, which means 4/4 on round 3 and at least 3/4 on every round thereafter. 

If any of you right now have even so much as 30 medallions, I will take my hat off to you. 240 medallions is an incredibly unreasonable grind, but it offers a way out. 

And, if you REALLY wanted to go at it as fast as you can, the fastest way would be to max out your conclave daily standing, then go to disruption to grind medallions. This would let them get their skins even faster, and allow conclave players an extra method of earning rep if they need it.

Much better than facing a game mode with near impossible "participation" isn't it?

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Seriously this. as somone who is a MASSIVE CONCLAVE FAN. i do not get the whine about it, i cant get a match, EVER. so at least with this i could GET the things i wanted...

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Many peoples asks for universal Vacuum for 3 years: "You think you want it, but actually you don't"©

1 person on twitter cry about "unfairnes" to conclave(which no one plays on RU region) players: "Boom. Done."

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