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Host Migration at mission start?

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I'm starting to feel like all I do is complain about this game now, which sucks because apart from the bugs I really enjoy it. This one has happened to me a few times now and it leaves me scratching my head...

I start a new public mission, no squads are found so the countdown timer starts for a new mission with me being the host. I pause the countdown to wait for other players. Other players join the squad and the countdown restarts. As soon as the countdown reaches zero, before the mission even begins to load I get a "host migration in progress" message. Now keep in mind that in theory I should be the host at this point. When the game does load, I often end up as player 2 or 3 so definitely no longer the host. WTH is going on?

Like the last few bugs I have reported, this one isn't consistent.

Additional info: I am playing in the North America region even though my home region would be Oceania, which makes me wonder if the game is automatically selecting a new host based on better latency for other players. If anyone can confirm this, that would be great. This only started happening after the Wukong Prime update.

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