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Enemy detection range incredible increasing after update.


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It's happen for a while, but after the last update i think this enemy detection range is increasing in incredible rate. As i run in PoE, I found that enemy can detect us like 100 m + aways, it's happen on ground unit not flyer one. it's start shooting even i not yet notice them. At first i think it's may got some near one enemy alert them but after try for a while it's not that problem. it's just happen sometime that enemy will found us in incredible range of sight. In the normal mission which got less space, some enemy can detect us even they on other side of room. This make almost impossible to stealth for attack of pass through if we on their sight even it so far aways. After a bit test i found that it's randomly happen to some enemy but not all of them. If i compare to what game use to like. it's like those enemy always on alert stage which will attack us on very far sight but in fact that's happen that it's never have alarm on.  

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