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Hardware Failure (Html Spam)


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Earlier I was playing Warframe and the regular hardware failure occured once again. However this time it spammed me and opened not 1 but 7 tabs of the same WF "Hardware Failure Detected" repeated.


Now before you all start suggesting how to fix the Hardware Failure problem I can tell you that's not the problem for me. Really all I thought about was the fact the game/client has bugs and they need to be reported so I need to report it. Only I'm not entirely sure wether I report it on the forums or send a ticket. I just thought I'd perhaps help DE that little bit more even if it is a small bug.

I mean it could be something stupid that I caused myself and nothing wrong with the client at all. I'm not entirely educated when it comes to clientside and bugs so that's why I'm checking here before taking it up for ticket submission.


Here is the client crash result:

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Concerning the Derelict tile set I've posted about how the vines in the Derelict are the main cause for all hardware failures. Once you even take a glance at one of the bigger vines Warframe will crash after a little bit.


Aside from that I only get hardware fail errors if I'm playing on max settings on a Void Mobile Defense mission, just cause of the sheer amount of enemies on screen.

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