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Iron Skin + Ironclad Charge Exploit/Bug

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A possible bug/exploit I’ve found while in the Simulacrum, relates to Rhino/Prime’s Iron Skin. To explain this, my Warframe at the time was equipped with the Iron Shrapnel and Ironclad Charge mods. I then generated groups of enemies to accumulate a high armor value, as the augments synergizes well with the ability.

After gaining the 10k+ armor value, I noticed that disabling and recasting the ability gave me the same 10k+ armor value as it was when I gained it from Ironclad Charge, rather than following through with his expected ability strength.

After a few tests, I learned these steps to reproduce the bug:

1.  Charging through enemies to receive an armor buff through the Ironclad Charge augment.

2. Enable Iron Skin for an enhanced value, before running into other enemies for a greater or lessened armor buff, then exiting and recasting Iron Skin again for an updated value based on the new buff.

3. After the Ironclad armor buff expires, exiting and recasting Iron Skin for the third time will show the armor value preset to the same value it was after the second step. It will remain this way until exiting the mission.

Rhino’s ability menu also reflects this change when reviewing Iron Skin, disproportionate to the Warframe’s current ability strength.

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