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Orb-Vallis/Plains-of-Eidolon Mission Progress Wipe bug

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I have encountered this bug while trying to farm for toroids in the Orb Vallis of Fortuna and I suspect it's also in the Plain of Eidolon of Cetus, I don't know exactly what it's caused by but I believe it may be lag when you Self-Revive (though I think I do recall a host claiming to have experienced the same thing), it's as if the game thinks for a second that you failed the mission or the whole squad ran out of revives and that you lost everything except your XP and credits that you earned. I've lost 40 toroids now because of this 12 of them being vega 28 of them being calda, that's from 2 missions where I spend at least 1 hour in each farming for toroids with a squad in total it's 2 hours wasted of specifically farming for toroids. I don't care about the other stuff I lost in the 2 missions where my progress was wiped while it would be nice to get all of it back, I want to be done with toroid farming and I would be happy if I only received the toriods I lost back because I do not enjoy farming for toroids at all and the fact that I still have to farm for them because of a bug is infuriating. Please fix this as soon you can or at least give me the toroids I lost because I don't want to wait to farm for toroids because of a stupid bug that severely punishes you for dying and Self-Reviving because you're not host.

P.S. lag causes my sarpa to become completely useless and I get stuck in ability cast animation forcing me to pause my game and go out and in of my warframe as the operator

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