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Clan Key deleted from inventory

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For some reason, there's a bug in PS4 that deletes your clan key

No, I'm not referring to when you leave a clan you lose that clan key, no.

So, I leave my PS4 turned on in the night, and it was crafting the clan key, but for some reason, today I checked, and the key was already crafted, I tried to collect it, but it says "Unknown Error"

I restarted my game and the clan key was *Gone*, reduced to atoms, not in my inventory, not in the crafting list, and im still on the clan...

Help please!

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On 2019-09-09 at 12:26 PM, (PS4)UNK_LD said:

Nope, i can't actually, I'm still no the clan but i can't enter

Check the mobile app. Someone was posting about a similar issue yesterday. Still a bug.

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